I-705 is a 1.50 mile long urban spur linking Interstate 5 with the Tacoma central business district and the Washington 509 freeway east to the Port of Tacoma. Highway guides here include coverage of the Washington 7 freeway spur heading south from I-5 / 705 to 38th Street and Schuster Parkway leading north west to North 30th Street and Ruston Way.

Interstate 705 Washington Guides

Pacific Avenue (Former SR 509)
SR 509 began in Tacoma and traveled along Pacific Avenue through the city center. Pictured here is Pacific Avenue north at S 14th Street. 14th Street carries traffic from Interstate 705 north to Pacific Avenue. 08/29/06
Interstate 5 trailblazer posted along Pacific Avenue north ahead of S 13th Street. 13th Street ends at A Street nearby, but provides a ramp onto Interstate 705 south to I-5. 08/29/06
SR 509 continued north from S 13th Street onto S 11th Street to the draw bridge across the Foss Waterway and the Port of Tacoma area. 08/29/06
S 13th Street splits with the Interstate 705 southbound entrance ramp (signed here with an I- 5 trailblazer) ahead of A Street. 08/29/06

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08/29/06 by AARoads

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