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Interstate 780 west
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2 photos
A two lane flyover separates from a left exit at the north end of the Benicia-Martinez Bridge on Interstate 680 north for I-780 west. Photos taken 07/05/13.
The initial 4.6 miles of Interstate 780 west travel through the city of Benicia. Home to 26,997 people as of the 2010 Census and incorporated on March 27, 1850, Benicia briefly served as the California state capital, from February 11, 1853 through February 25, 1854, until the capitol's relocation to Sacramento. Photo taken 07/05/13.
The freeway advances through residential areas of Benicia to Exit 4 with Southampton Road and 7th Street. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Interstate 780 parallels and overlooks the Carquinez Straits (Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta) to Southampton Bay at the west end of Benicia. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Curving northwest, I-780 enters a diamond interchange (Exit 6) with East 5th Street. 5th Street angles southwest to Turnbull Park on Carquinez Strait. Photo taken 07/05/13.
A scant tenth of a mile separate the westbound on-ramp to I-780 from 5th Street with the off-ramp (Exit 5) to East 2nd Street. Photo taken 07/05/13.
A parclo interchange joins I-780 with East 2nd Street in central Benicia. 2nd Street winds north to the Benicia Refinery. 2nd Street south to Military West and 1st Street leads to Benicia Capitol State Historic Park. Photo taken 07/05/13.
A number of subdivisions and townhome communities abut I-780 west on the ensuing stretch to West 7th Street. Photo taken 02/19/12.
7th Street stems north from Military West to become Southampton Road at the parclo interchange (Exit 4) with Interstate 780. Southampton Road loops north of the freeway to Southampton Shopping Center and Benicia Middle School. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Advancing west, hills in southeast Vallejo rise along the horizon beyond this confirming marker. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Crossing over Southampton Road, I-780 curves northwest around the periphery of Southampton Bay and Benicia State Recreation Area. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Military West merges with Interstate 780 at a partial trumpet interchange (Exit 3B). Photo taken 07/05/13.
Interstate 780 runs along the east side of wetland areas in Benicia State Recreation Area beyond Military West. Photo taken 07/05/13.
The upcoming folded diamond interchange (Exit 3) with Columbus Park and Rose Drive connects I-780 west to Benicia State Recreation Area. Signed as a state park here, hikers, RV campers, and fishermen enjoy this park, with its view of Carquinez Strait. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Columbus Parkway branches north from Exit 3A to encircle the east side of Vallejo between I-780 and I-80 at California 37. Photo taken 07/05/13.
This confirming marker precedes the Rose Drive overpass at Exit 3B. Photo taken 02/19/12.
Interstate 780 arcs westward one mile to a diamond interchange (Exit 1D) with Glen Cove Road. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Westbound travelers along I-780 enter the city of Vallejo just ahead of Exit 1D. The city incorporated on March 30, 1868 and was home to 115,942 as of the 2010 Census. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Glen Cove Parkway winds south from Exit 1D to the Glencove community in southeast Vallejo. Glen Cove Road extends north to parallel Benicia Road at Rollingwood Drive. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Interstate 780 lowers below the adjacent residential areas of Vallejo to the full cloverleaf interchange (Exits 1B/A) with I-80. Photo taken 07/05/13.
The final reassurance marker for I-780 west stands along a subtle S-curve between Glen Cove Road and the Home Acres Avenue pedestrian overpass. Photo taken 07/05/13.
An interchange sequence sign references the first intersection along Curtolla Parkway, which extends west from the ending I-780 in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Removed in 2017, this button copy sign referenced SR 37 via I-80 east. SR 37 provides a high-speed connection to SR 29 north to Napa, while joining Vallejo with the U.S. 101 corridor north to Santa Rosa and Eureka. Photo taken 07/05/13.
RIRO (right in right out) type ramps (Exit 1C) link I-780 with adjacent Reis Avenue and Cedar Street north to Benicia Road. Exit 1B follows for I-80 northeast to Fairfield and Vacaville. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Cutrola Parkway emerges from the ending I-780 as an arterial route traveling 1.5 miles west to Mare Island Way along the Napa River. Photo taken 07/05/13.
Exit 1B leaves I-780 west for Interstate 80 east to Sacramento. These overheads were affixed to the Laurel Street Bridge. With a 14 foot 10 inch clearance, the substandard crossing was replaced between May 2017 and January 2018. Photo taken 03/10/15.
Exit 1A loops away from the west end of Interstate 780 to a collector distributor roadway along I-80 westbound. I-80 generally travels southward from Vallejo to Richmond, Berkeley and Oakland. Photo taken 03/10/15.
The freeway transitions into Curtola Parkway just ahead of a signalized intersection with Lemon Street. Photo taken 02/19/12.
Curtola Parkway leads west from I-780 to meet California 29 (Sonoma Boulevard). Beyond California 29, the roadway continues as Mare Island Way and Wilson Avenue to connect to the ferry docks, Vallejo marina, Mare Island (a former naval facility), and finally California 37 (Sears Point Road). Photo taken 02/19/12.
Curtola Parkway west
Curtola Parkway constitutes a controlled access arterial 0.75 miles west from Lemon Street to Sloano Avenue in the Vallejo street grid. The four-lane roadway may have been incorporated in SR 141, which was deleted from the state system in 1988. Photo taken 02/19/12.
A pedestrian bridge spans Curtola Parkway between Wilson Lake Dalwigk Park with Lake Dalwigk Park. Managed by the Greater Vallejo Recreation District, both sites have walking paths that connect to the bridge. Photo taken 02/19/12.
Curtola Parkway navigates through an S-curve along side Wilson Lake Dalwigk Park to an at-grade railroad crossing and Solano Avenue. Photo taken 02/19/12.
Five blocks west of Solano Avenue, Curtola Parkway intersects California 29 (Sonoma Boulevard). The state route heads north into Downtown Vallejo and southeast to South Vallejo. Photo taken 02/19/12.

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