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Interstate 785 forms the easternmost section of the beltway around Greensboro, traveling 6.81 miles between I-40/85 and U.S. 29. I-785, along with the Greensboro Urban Loop, begins at the confluence of I-40 and 85 in eastern Greensboro proceeding north to U.S. 70. The loop bends northwest at Huffine Mill Road (Exit 17) to a cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 29 (Ohenry Boulevard) northeast of Lakeview Memorial Park.

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I-785 was initially signed along the Greensboro Urban Loop in December 2016 between I-40/85 and U.S. 70 (Exit 18), and extended to U.S. 29 by Spring 2018. Future plans will advance I-785 northeast along U.S. 29 to Danville, Virginia.

Once the Greensboro Urban Loop is completed in 2022, I-840 will run concurrent with I-785 along the eastern leg between U.S. 29 and I-40/85. This pairing will make it only the second instance of two branch routes following the same segment of freeway in the Interstate Highway System, the first being I-271/480 near Cleveland, Ohio. Once I-587 is made official around Wilson in North Carolina, it's overlap with I-795 will represent the third.

    Connect with:
    Interstate 40
    Interstate 85
    U.S. 29
    U.S. 70

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