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Interstate 790 constitutes a 2.41 mile spur freeway leading into Utica from I-90 (New York Thruway) at Exit 31. Co-signed with NY 5 for its entire length, and with NY 8 and NY 12 for 1.4 miles, the freeway runs parallel with the New York Thruway for the first mile before turning southwesterly at the parclo interchange with NY 8/12. Unlike most other interstates in New York, both interchanges along I-790 are not numbered. The short interstate spur officially ends at the folded diamond interchange with NY 5A west of Downtown Utica, while the expressway portion continues southwest carrying NY 5, NY 8 and NY 12 toward the nearby town of New Hartford.

Utica, NY - 1975

1975 map showing Interstate 790 erroneously in south Utica

Interstate 790 New York Route 5 East New York Route 8 New York Route 12 North
I-790 begins its 2.41 mile stint immediately following the folded diamond interchange with NY 5S west of Downtown Utica. The interstate designation follows NY 8/12 north for the majority of its route while its cosigned with NY 5 for the entire length to I-90. 09/27/09
Motorists are advised to stay in the right lane for the upcoming departure of Interstate 790 and NY 5 eastbound at the parclo interchange with NY 8 and NY 12. 09/27/09
NY 8 and NY 12 leave the interstate at this parclo interchange and continue north. The two state routes split at a trumpet interchange 4.7 miles northeast of Interstate 790. 09/27/09
Interstate 790 New York Route 5 East
Within the confines of the interchange with NY 8 and NY 12, I-790 prepares for its ramp split with NY 49 west. There has been discussion to realign and extend the I-790 designation along a portion of the NY 49 freeway toward the city of Rome, but nothing official has been set. 09/27/09
Paralleling the New York Thruway, I-790 and NY 5 prepare to depart. Genesee Street, one of the main arterials through Utica, can be reached via both freeways. 09/27/09
Interstate 790 departs for Genesee Street south and I-90. NY 5 continues east another 0.8 miles to intersect Leland Avenue. The state route then follows Leland Avenue to Herkimer Road, where the route turns east and heads toward Herkimer and Little Falls. 09/27/09
Genesee Street south leads directly into Downtown, and serves as the other main connection between Interstate 90 and Utica besides I-790. The freeway enters the Thruway toll plaza before a trumpet interchange with I-90. 09/27/09
Interstate 790 quickly concludes beyond the toll plaza. Guide signs direct traffic onto ramps leading to the New York Thruway and I-90. Heading west along the Thruway takes motorists toward Syracuse 47 miles away. The state capital of Albany lies some 88 miles to the east along I-90. 09/27/09
Interstate 790 New York Route 5 West
Reaching I-790 west from I-90 is not a direct freeway to freeway connection but rather involves a series of right turns on surface streets. Motorists exiting from the Thruway toll plaza must make a right turn onto Genesee Street north and pass underneath I-90. 09/27/09
A second right turn must be made onto Auert Avenue before entering the on-ramp to I-790 west. Genesee Street becomes a one way couplet immediately north of the Thruway and further splits into River Road and Coventry north of the Auert Avenue and Herkimer Road intersections. 09/27/09
I-790 can be reached by using the upcoming loop ramp east of the intersection of Genesee Street and Auert Avenue. The one way Auert Avenue continues eastward, becoming NY 5 at the Leland Avenue intersection. NY 5 stems eastward from Utica running parallel with I-90 to the town of Herkimer. 09/27/09
Running parallel with the New York Thruway mainline, I-790, joined by NY 5 for the remainder of the route into Utica, travels west toward the parclo interchange with NY 8 and NY 12. The eastbound lanes of the interstate travel on the south side of the Thruway mainline. 09/27/09
The parclo interchange with NY 8 and NY 12 is the first of two unnumbered interchanges along I-790 into Utica. NY 8 and NY 12 continue north of the interchange as a freeway. The town of Poland is reached via NY 8 while NY 12 meanders up to Watertown and I-81, 76 miles northwest of Utica. 09/27/09
I-790 and NY 5 depart for Downtown via a flyover ramp over NY 8/12. Both state routes join the freeway into Utica. Motorists wanting to reach NY 49 west are directed to stay on the c/d roadway. NY 49 constitutes a freeway stemming northwest from I-90 toward the city of Rome. 09/27/09
Interstate 790 New York Route 5 West New York Route 8 New York Route 12 South
Merging onto the southbound mainline of NY 8 and NY 12, Interstate 790, now essentially non-existent, and NY 5 advance southward toward the Downtown area of Utica. The exchange with NY 5A and 5S comes into view. 09/27/09
Interstate 790 spans the Mohawk River, the Mohawk, Adirondack & Northern Railroad, and a CSX Railroad line leading into the directional cloverleaf interchange with NY 5A west and NY 5S east along Oriskany Street. NY 5S feeds directly into Downtown and continues southeastward to Frankfort. NY 5S stems west from I-790 to the villages of Yorkville and Whitesboro. 09/27/09
Interstate 790 concluded after the interchange with NY 5S and NY 5A. The Utica North South Arterial project completed in October 2017 extended the elevated roadway southward to a SPUI with Court Street. 09/27/09

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