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Interstate 894 forms a 9.92 mile long beltway encircling the city of Milwaukee through Greenfield and West Allis. Cosigned entirely with Interstate 41, I-894 serves both commuter traffic and long distance travelers. Interstate 43 accompanies the freeway along the south leg between the Hale Interchange near Hales Corners and the Mitchell Interchange with I-94 at Wilson Park in Milwaukee.

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Major projects rebuilt the the Mitchel and Zoo Interchanges with I-94 into high speed systems interchanges. The Mitchell Interchange was reconstructed from a three-wye exchange with left side ramps during a $300 million project completed on November 9, 2012. Prior to a $1.7 billion rebuild, the Zoo Interchange comprised overlapping three wye exchanges with I-94 at the Zoo and Cannon Park neighborhoods in west Milwaukee. The six year project at the cross roads of I-41/94/894 was completed on August 27, 2018. Associated work included reconstructing I-94 between Exit 304 and Exit 306, I-41 north to Exit 40, and I-894 south to Exit 1D. Work on the I-41 leg extends to 2023.

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