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Interstate 895 North
Travelers taking Interstate 895 north from the split with Interstate 95 in Howard County merge with traffic from Interstate 895 Spur north in the northern corner of Anne Arundel County. There are no exits from the thruway beginning to the toll plaza. Photo taken 06/25/10.
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2 photos
Interstate 895 briefly parallels the Patapsco River on the one mile approach to the Harbor Tunnel toll plaza. The advent of electronic tolling (E-ZPass) resulted in new overheads on Interstate 895 that no longer indicate the toll rates. Rates increased to $3.00 per passenger vehicle on November 1, 2011 and will agian to $4.00 on July 1, 2013. Photo taken 06/02/03. Second photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 9 provides the first departure point of Interstate 895 northbound at the toll plaza itself. The exit consists of a short ramp beyond the toll barrier to Childs Street north of Frankfurst Avenue. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 895 crosses a set of CSX Railroad tracks on a lengthy truss bridge ahead of the main line toll plaza. The forthcoming tunnel toll was 40 cents when the tunnel was first opened to traffic in 1957. This amount was doubled between June 2003 and June 2004 to $2. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Continuing along the truss bridge, Interstate 895 passes over Frankfurst Avenue and enters the industrial area that includes a massive railroad yard, several piers, and other cargo ports of entry. Photo taken 06/25/10.
A somewhat narrow toll plaza follows the truss bridge and on-ramps from Shell Road north and Frankfurst Avenue east. Frankfurst Avenue parallels Interstate 895 east from Maryland 2 (Hanover / Potee Streets) to Fairfield and Port of Baltimore facilities. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exiting the toll plaza, Exit 9 departs for Childs Street and Frankfurst Avenue. An inspection station follows for trucks using the Harbor Tunnel. All hazardous material based cargo is prohibited from the Patapsco River crossing. Photo taken 06/25/10.
The Harbor Tunnel requires a 45 mile per hour speed limit for its entire length. Much of the tunnel has no shoulders or turn outs. The Patapsco River crossing carries four lanes of travel, with two lanes in each tube.
A service road overpass, pictured here, was demolished between 2005 and 2007. Photo taken 06/02/03.
Lane markers indicate which tunnel lanes are open to northbound traffic. Constructed in 1955-1957 and opened in November 1957, the tunnel was added to the Interstate Highway System as Interstate 895. Its cousin, the Fort McHenry Tunnel (Interstate 95), is much younger, having been built in the 1980s. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Now emerging from the 1.5-mile long tunnel at a maximum depth of 101 feet, Interstate 895 again reaches open air on the north shore of the Patapsco River at Lazaretto Point. The freeway maintains two lanes in each direction, and it immediately comes into close contact with Interstate 95, even though there is no connection here between the two routes. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 895 rises onto a viaduct over industrial areas to Exit 10 (Holabird Avenue). Holabird Avenue heads due east from this interchange, connecting with Broening Highway (which leads south to Seagirt Marine Terminal) and Dundalk Avenue. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 10 drops from the viaduct to Holabird Avenue. Dundalk Avenue and Broening Highway lead into the vicinity of Dundalk, and Broening Highway ultimately connects with Interstate 695 to the southeast, just north of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Note Interstate 95 passes overhead immediately after this exit ramp. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Replaced mileage sign for the next three exits along northbound Interstate 895: Exit 11A, Boston Street; Exit 11B, O'Donnell Street; and Exit 12, Lombard Street. Photo taken 06/02/03.
Interstate 895 lowers to grade and approaches the Exit 11A off-ramp to O'Donnell Street Cutoff east to the segment of Boston Street to Dundalk Avenue. Exit 11B follows to O'Donnell Street at Interstate Avenue. Interstate Avenue provides the connection to Boston Street west. Photo taken 06/25/10.
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2 photos
Interstate Avenue passes under Interstate 895 north at the departure of Exit 11A. Boston Street ventures west toward Fells Point via Canton. The east-west road was once touted as the corridor for Interstate 83 between Fayette Street and Interstate 95. Photo taken 06/02/03. Second photo taken 06/25/10.
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2 photos
Motorists taking Exit 11B combine with traffic from Interstate 95 (Exit 57) south before intersecting O'Donnell Street and Interstate Avenue south. Ramp stubs nearby allude to the planned southern terminus of Interstate 83 at I-95. O'Donnell Street otherwise travels west to Highlandtown and Patterson Park and east to Hudson Heights. Photo taken 06/02/03. Second photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 895 lowers below the Baltimore street grid on the one half mile approach to Exit 12 with Lombard Street and John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 12 loops from Interstate 895 (Harbor Tunnel Thruway) north into the intersection with Lombard Street and Bayview Boulevard south. Bayview Boulevard provides access to Maryland 150 (Eastern Avenue). Maryland 150 consists of a vastly unsigned route west of Interstate 895 along Ponca Street, Lombard Street, and Haven Street to U.S. 40. East of the city, the signed state route follows Eastern Avenue to Essex. Photo taken 06/25/10.
U.S. 40 follows Pulaski Highway from the merge of Orleans and Fayette Streets to meet Interstate 895 at Orangeville and Exit 13. The US route provides access to Maryland 151 (Erdman Avenue), a truck route to U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road). Photo taken 06/25/10.
Reassurance shield posted for Interstate 895 north ahead of a viaduct over several railroad lines. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Construction sign for the Interstate 95 Express Toll Lanes. The HOT (high-occupancy toll lanes) are directly accessible from Interstate 895 north. Photo taken 06/25/10.
A new overhead assembly awaits sign placement for the Interstate 95 Express Toll Lanes. Associated work with the Interstate 95 expansion reconfigured the north end of Interstate 895 from that of a left side merge to a right side ramp. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Exit 14 provides direct access onto U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) east ahead of Moravia Road. A connector (Debelius Avenue) also joins parallel Maryland 151 (Erdman Avenue) to the south. Photo taken 06/25/10.
An original Interstate 95 shield was affixed to the Pulaski Highway overpass between the Interstate 895 travel lanes to advise motorists of the default connection onto I-95 north. This sign was removed by 2010. Photo taken 10/14/01.
Moravia Road has two northbound on-ramps to Interstate 895 ahead of the Harbor Tunnel Thruway merge onto I-95 north. A wye interchange lies ahead with the JFK Memorial Highway beginning. Photo taken 06/25/10.

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