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Interstate 895 Spur A links I-97 north with I-695 (Baltimore Beltway) west and the Harbor Tunnel Thruway. The 0.71 mile freeway combines with Interstate 895 Spur B north of the Beltway. 2.67 miles in length, Spur B connects MD 2 (Governor Ritchie Highway) with I-895 north ahead of the K-Truss Bridge in Baltimore.

Interstate 895 Spur Branch A - North
I-895 Spur - Branch A extends northeast from I-97 and the Baltimore Beltway to merge with Branch B. The freeway partitions into single lane ramps for the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway and Interstate 695 west. 06/02/03
Branch A combines with Branch B at a wye interchange. A loop ramp joins Interstate 695 west ahead of the exchange with MD 648 (Baltimore-Annapolis Boulevard) north of Ferndale. 06/25/10
Interstate 895 Spur Branch B - North
I-895 Spur departs from MD 2 (Ritchie Highway) northbound ahead of a ramp for I-695 (Baltimore Beltway) west. 10/13/04
Vehicles carrying hazardous materials and those exceeding height and width restrictions are directed off I-895 Spur to the Baltimore Beltway. 10/13/04
A loop ramp joins I-895 Spur B with Interstate 695 west ahead of I-97 and Linthicum Heights. 10/13/04
Interstate 695 arcs northwest from I-895 Spur five miles to I-95 at Halethorpe and ten miles to I-70 at Woodlawn. 10/13/04
I-895 Spur defaults onto I-895 northbound 1.7 miles beyond Exit 3B. The Harbor Tunnel toll plaza lies 4.8 miles to the northeast. 10/13/04
A trailblazer for Interstate 895 stands along I-895 Spur B north of the Hammonds Lane overpass at Arundel Gardens. 06/25/10
I-895 Spur B converges with I-895 at a wye interchange by Patapsco Valley State Park. The Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway runs along the Patapsco River northeast toward the K-Truss Bridge at Brooklyn. 06/02/03
Interstate 895 Spur - South
Removed by 2007, the lone confirming marker for I-895 Spur appeared just beyond the separation from the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Thruway southbound. 10/13/04
I-895 Spur A southbound branches west from Spur B to directly connect with Interstate 97 south to Annapolis and U.S. 50/301 to Bowie. MD 170 (Belle Grove Road) passes below I-895 Spur B here. 10/13/04
One mile ahead of the wye interchange with I-895 Spur A south to Interstate 97. 10/13/04
Interstate 97 extends south from I-895 Spur A along the Glen Burnie Bypass (former MD 3). MD 2 (Governor Ritchie Highway) parallels through Glen Burnie business district to the east. 10/13/04
I-895 Spur A arcs west from Spur B to meet I-97 at the Baltimore Beltway. Interstate 97 runs 17.5 miles south to U.S. 50/301 (I-595). 10/13/04
Interstate 97 superseded most of MD 3 between Glen Burnie and Millersville. MD 3 Business remains designated through Glen Burnie. 10/13/04
Two lanes continue southeast along I-895 Spur A to MD 2 (Ritchie Highway) ahead of Arundel Plaza and Governor Plaza shopping centers. 10/13/04
I-895 Spur B concludes 0.99 miles south from Spur A at a wye interchange with MD 2 (Governor Ritchie Highway) at Glen Burnie. 10/13/04

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