Interstate H1 west
Curving through the Kahauiki Interchange, Interstate H1 passes over Interstate H201 and continues one half mile to a series of wye interchanges that bring traffic from Dillingham Boulevard and Hawaii 92 (Nimitz Highway) westbound onto the freeway. Exit 18 departs for Hawaii 92's passage under the Nimitz Viaduct traveling by Honolulu International Airport (HNL). Photo taken 01/18/11.
Four lanes of Interstate H1 join the Lunalilo Freeway with Nimitz Highway at the airport. This stretch of freeway opened in 1986 and represents the beginning of the Queen Liliuokalani Freeway. Photo taken 01/18/11.
Hawaii 92 links Waikiki and Downtown Honolulu with Interstate H1 from the east as part of a 9.26 mile route to Pearl Harbor Naval Station. Photo taken 01/18/11.
Elevating onto the Nimitz Highway viaduct (and the end of the 1986 section of H-1), the Keehi interchange serves Hawaii 92 below for industrial areas outside the airport and Puuloa Road (Hawaii 7310) north to Salt Lake. Photo taken 01/18/11.
Traveling westbound along the Nimitz Viaduct (the longest bridge in Hawaii). H-1 was built on top of the Nimitz and Kamehameha highways, and offers direct service to Honolulu International Airport. Notice the change in character of the freeway, from a dense Los Angeles style to a much more open freeway. Photo taken 01/18/11.
An interchange sequence sign that was posted one half mile east of Exit 16 to the airport terminal. The panel was missing in 2011, though the overhead assembly was still in place... Photo taken 07/07/04.
On-ramps join Interstate H1 west from both Dillingham Boulevard and Hawaii 92 (Nimitz Highway) ahead of the Exit 16 directional ramps to Honolulu International Airport (HNL). Photo taken 01/18/11.
Exit 16 claims the right-hand lane of Interstate H1 (Queen Lilioukanai Freeway) west for Honolulu International Airport. Hawaii 92 west emerges from underneath the viaduct in one mile ahead. Photo taken 01/18/11.
Continuing along the Nimitz viaduct and approaching the Pearl Harbor interchange (Exits 15A/B). Use Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) for the USS Arizona Memorial and Aloha Stadium. Photo taken 08/09/10.
In a classic sign goof that had not been corrected, the road to the USS Arizona Memorial was marked with the old route (90), when it is actually part of Hawaii 99 (the Kamehameha Highway). Hawaii 90 originally followed Kamehameha Highway west to Pearl City and Farrington Highway southwest through Waipahu. The route continued northwest along what is now Hawaii 93 through Waianae. Photo taken 07/07/04.
Exit 15B departs Interstate H1 west for the Nimitz Highway freeway spur of Hawaii 92 west to Hickam Air Force Base and Pearl Harbor Naval Station. HI-92 west defaults traffic to either gate of the respective military bases, and u-turn lanes are not available.
Note the corrected sign for Hawaii 99 (Exit 15A) and the removal of the left-hand arrow on the exit-only placard for Exit 15B. Photo taken 01/18/11.
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2 photos
Exit 15A serves the northbound beginning of Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) to the USS Arizona Memorial, Aloha Stadium and Aiea.
Approaching the Halawa Interchange, H-1 meets Interstate H201 (former Hawaii 78). Overheads were replaced with new Clearview-based panels by 2011. Photo taken 07/30/10. Second photo taken 01/18/11.
The five lane configuration of H-1 west, with a carpool lane (during peak hours). The Carpool lane and adjacent lane are turned into a single eastbound lane for HOV traffic during rush hour, with the movable barrier shown on the far left. Photo taken 07/07/04.
Beyond Pearl Harbor, H-1 motorists enter the Halawa Interchange. Exit 13B marks the start of H-3 and H-201 (here marked Hawaii 78) east. Use H-1 to continue west toward Pearl City, Wheeler AAF (via H-2) and Waianae. Photo taken 01/17/11.
Relatively diminutive in this shot, the Halawa Interchange is notable for being spread out rather than a vertical stack. Photo taken 07/07/04.
Curving under the mainline lanes of H-201, the exit for Hawaii 78 west (H-201) is a loop exit from the right lane. The Moanalua Freeway west defaults onto Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) northbound at Aiea. Photo taken 07/07/04.
An urbanized stretch of Interstate H1 as westbound motorists pass under the Aiea Heights Drive overpass. Photo taken 01/17/11.
Curving west from Kalauao Stream, Interstate H1 parallels Hawaii 99 and the East Loch of Pearl Harbor en route to the Exit 10 folded-cloverleaf interchange with Moanalua Road. Photo taken 01/17/11.
Six lanes of Interstate H1 westbound near the Moanalua community and the Kaonohi Street over crossing. Photo taken 01/17/11.
Interstate H1 lowers to cross Waimalu Stream on the 3/4 mile approach to Exit 10 (Moanalua Road) at Waiau. Photo taken 01/17/11.
The Waianae Range comes into view in this scene along Interstate H1 ahead of Waimalu Stream. The Zipper lane is still in use here, and will be all the way to H-2. Photo taken 01/17/11.
Moanalua Road meanders west from Interstate H201 and Aiea to Kaahele Street south of Waimalu. West of Interstate H1 and Exit 10, Moanalua Road ends at Waimano Home Road opposite Kuala Street. Photo taken 01/17/11.
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2 photos
Interstate H2 (Veterans Memorial Freeway) appears for the first time at the Kaahumanu Street overpass. Exit 10 departs as a two-lane off-ramp to Moanalua Road for interests east to Waiau and west to Pearl City. Photo taken 07/29/10. Second photo taken 01/17/11.
A lone button copy overhead once was in place at the Exit 10 ramp departure at Kaahumanu Street. Photo taken 07/07/04.
Shields for Interstates H1 and H2 reside along side the Exit 10 ramp to Moanalua Road. Photo taken 01/17/11.
Exits 8B/A depart in close proximity from west of Pearl City. Exit 8B joins Hawaii 99 (Farrington Highway) west of its split with Kamehameha Highway. The state route passes over Interstate H1 at its split with Interstate H2 before a trumpet interchange with the Kamehameha Highway (Hawaii 99) north. Hawaii 7101 begins and continues the Farrington Highway into Waipahu. Photo taken 07/29/10.
Interstate H1 elevates along a viaduct from Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) west to Waiawa Stream on the one mile approach to Interstate H2 (Veterans Memorial Freeway) north. Photo taken 01/17/11.
Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) passes under Interstate H1 one half mile east of the partial interchange of Exit 8B. Exit 8B provides access only to Hawaii 99 north (west) ahead of Hawaii 7101. Hawaii 7101 is one of a few rarely signed four-digit state highways. Photo taken 01/17/11.
Westbound Interstate H1 at the Exit 8B ramp departure to Hawaii 99 and 7101. Note the missing shields for both routes. Route signage is somewhat inconsistent throughout the Oahu freeways unfortunately.
Hawaii 99 meanwhile continues north to Waipio and Mililani Town parallel to Interstate H2. Hawaii 7101 begins and travels 3.00 miles of Farrington Highway through Waipahu to end at junction Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road). Photo taken 01/18/11.
These very old signs probably date back to original freeway construction in 1967. Photo taken 07/07/04.
The Exit 8A panel for Interstate H2 north to Mililani and Wahiawa was replaced with a Clearview sign by 2010. Interstate H2 heads 8.33 miles northwest to Wahiawa, Wheeler Army Airfield and Schofield Barracks Military Reservation. Photo taken 01/17/11.
Interstate H2, in conjunction with Hawaii 80 and 99, provides access to Oahu's North Shore. Photo taken 01/17/11.
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2 photos
Hawaii 99 (Farrington Highway) passes over Interstate H1 at the northbound beginning of Interstate H2 (Exit 8A). Interstate H2 stays east of the built up areas of Mililani Town and Waipio Acres before turning west to the junction of Hawaii 80 and 99. Photo taken 07/07/04. Second photo taken 01/17/11.
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2 photos
The Ewa side of Oahu is developing rapidly, after the closure of Barbers Point NAS and growth pressures push more and more houses onto the old plantations west of Honolulu. Sign was Clearview sign replacements occurred by 2010. Photo taken 07/07/04. Second photo taken 01/17/11.
Westbound mileage sign highlighting the distances to Kunia Road (2 miles), Kapolei (the western terminus) and Waianae (HI-93 west along Poka'i Bay). Photo taken 01/17/11.
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3 photos
3 photos
A diamond interchange joins Interstate H1 with Paiwa Street north of Waipahu and Waikele. Paiwa Street curves southward to Hawaii 7101 (Farrington Highway) and north to Waiola Regional Park. Exits 5B/A follow with junction Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) north and Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road) south. Photo taken 07/07/04. Second photo taken 01/17/11. Third photo taken 01/17/11.
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2 photos
Exit 7 leaves Interstate H1 (Queen Liliuokalani Freeway) west for Paiwa Street. Photo taken 07/07/04. Second photo taken 01/17/11.
Advance distance sign to Waianae, the end of the road. H-1 actually ends approximately 6 miles from this point, just west of Makakilo, but the control city is Waianae, further up the western shore of Oahu on the Farrington Highway (HI-93). Photo taken 07/07/04.
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2 photos
Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) south and Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road) north come together and end at the Exit 5 partial-cloverleaf interchange of Interstate H1 at west Waipahu. Photo taken 07/07/04. Second photo taken 01/17/11.
Diagrammatical sign for the Exit 5 ramp departure to Hawaii 750 north to Kunia and Wheeler Army Airfield and Hawaii 76 south to Honouliuli, Ewa, and Ewa Beach. Hawaii 76 originally traveled north along Kunia Road, but was renumbered as Hawaii 750 north of Interstate H1. Photo taken 01/17/11.
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2 photos
Hawaii 750 travels 8.05 miles between Exit 5B of Interstate H1 and Hawaii 99 (Wilikina Drive). Much of the drive is rural outside of Kunia and the military bases near Wahiawa. Photo taken 07/07/04. Second photo taken 01/17/11.
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Drivers bound for Hawaii 750 (Kunia Road) north depart Interstate H1. Hawaii 750, Hawaii 99, and Interstate H2 provide the only routes to the north shore from the Pearl Harbor area. Photo taken 07/07/04. Second photo taken 01/17/11.
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2 photos
Hawaii 76 travels 6.64 miles south from Interstate H1 to the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and Ewa Beach Park along Mamala Bay. The arterial serves Lower Village, Fernandez Village, and Renton Village among other suburban communities. Photo taken 07/07/04. Second photo taken 01/17/11.
Kualaka'i Parkway (North South Road) ties Interstate H1 at the Exit 3 diamond interchange with the growing Kapolei community. Photo taken 01/17/11.
The Queen Liliuokanai freeway traverses open ranges and hills on the way to Makakilo. Photo taken 01/17/11.
One half mile east of the Exit 3 off-ramp to Kualaka'i Parkway (Hawaii 8930). The four-lane highway and interchange opened to traffic in February 2010. Photo taken 01/17/11.
Kualaka'i Parkway winds southwest From H-1 to Kapolei Parkway. Palehua Road ties into Exit 3 from the north as a private road. Photo taken 01/17/11.
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2 photos
Advance signage for exit 2, the Makakilo interchange. This is an interesting sign as it is the style usually reserved for freeway to freeway interchanges, rather than a city street. Photo taken 07/07/04. Second photo taken 01/17/11.
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2 photos
A half diamond interchange with a loop ramp constitute the junction between Interstate H1 and Makakilo Drive. Makakilo Drive spurs northward to Makakilo CIty and south to Farrington Highway opposite Fort Barrette Road. Kapolei lies to the west near the freeway end. Photo taken 07/07/04. Second photo taken 01/17/11.
A close-up of the exit diagram for the Makakilo exit. Use Fort Barrette Road south to Franklin D. Rooselevt Avenue and Kalaeloa Airport (JRF). Photo taken 01/17/11.
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2 photos
Approaching the final exit on H-1 west, the Palalai interchange. Photo taken 01/18/11. Second photo taken 07/07/04.
Just after the interchange, H-1 ends. This was the first warning sign that the freeway will be ending soon. Photo taken 07/07/04.
The Exit 1 partial-cloverleaf interchange doubles as the ends of Hawaii 93 (Farrington Highway) from the west and unsigned Hawaii 95 (Kalaeloa Boulevard) from the south. Hawaii 95 spurs southwest to Barbers Point Harbor and Capmbell Industrial Park. Photo taken 07/07/04.
Road work associated with Phase 1 of the Kapolei Interchange Complex was underway until November 2, 2011. Work added additional ramps to the eastbound direction of Interstate H1. Phase II focuses on changes to westbound, including a new on-ramp from the Wakea Street Extension. Work on that aspect of the project commences in mid-2013. Photo taken 01/18/11.
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2 photos
As motorists round the curve, the Palalai interchange exits and the freeway ends. Photo taken 01/17/11. Second photo taken 01/18/11.
Following the Exit 1 loop ramp, drivers intersects the original Farrington Highway alignment and the north end of Kalaeloa Boulevard (Hawaii 95). Kalaeloa Boulevard angles southwest to Campbell Industrial Park. Connections lead drivers west to Barbers Point Harbor and Barbers Point Beach Park. Photo taken 01/18/11.
End Freeway sign posted as Interstate H1 transitions into Hawaii 93 (Farrington Highway). Photo taken 01/17/11.
Hawaii 93 continues west from the H-1 freeway end 1.5 miles to the Ko Olina community and 11 miles to Waianae. A Hawaii 93 reassurance marker follows on the westbound Farrington Highway. Photo taken 01/17/11.


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