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Idaho State Highway 41 travels north from Interstate 90 and Seltice Way (former U.S. 10) at the city of Post Falls to U.S. 2 in Newport at the Washington state line. The state highway serves Rathdrum, Spirit Lake and Blanchard along the 39.06-mile route.

Idaho Highway 41 North
Idaho 41 commences from Seltice Way and Ross Point Road as the eastbound ramp for Coeur d'Alene and Missoula, Montana departs for Interstate 90. Photo taken 09/01/06.
The westbound ramp for Interstate 90 to Spokane, Washington leaves Idaho 41 north as the highway passes by Ross Point. Photo taken 09/01/06.
The first reassurance marker for Idaho 41 is posted as the five-lane arterial leaves Interstate 90. Photo taken 09/01/06.
Idaho Highway 41 South
Idaho 41 south enters a parclo interchange with Interstate 90. The freeway leads west through Post Falls to Spokane Valley and Spokane, Washington. Photo taken 09/01/06.
Traffic partitions into separate lanes for the left turn onto Seltice Way (old U.S. 10) east and the Interstate 90 on-ramp to Coeur d'Alene. The right lane continues south onto Ross Point Road beyond the ID 41 end and Seltice Way west to Post Falls. Photo taken 09/01/06.
Idaho 41 ends opposite Ross Point Road south across BNSF Railroad tracks to residential areas along the Spokane River. A small diagrammatic sign outlines the u-turn type movement that is required to access the Interstate 90 eastbound on-ramp. Photo taken 09/01/06.
Idaho Highway 41 scenes
Seltice Way is the old alignment of U.S. 10 running south of Interstate 90 between Northwest Boulevard to Post Falls. Roadways along the four lane divided highway are situated on different elevations, resulting in an unusual intersection with Grand Mill Lane near Huetter. Photo taken 09/01/06.
A left side ramp departs Seltice Way west for Grand Mill Lane south to the Mill River community and Shoreview Lane along the Spokane River. Photo taken 09/01/06.
The two roadways of Seltice Way come together at Huetter Road only to separate again westward to Post Falls. Photo taken 09/01/06.
Nearing the south end of Idaho 41, Seltice Way transitions into a five-lane arterial from Cedar Street west. Photo taken 09/01/06.
Idaho 41 begins at the intersection with Seltice Way and Ross Point Road south. Photo taken 09/01/06.
The parclo interchange between Interstate 90 and Idaho 41 utilizes eastbound side ramps with Seltice Way. Photo taken 09/01/06.

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