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Illinois Route 78 North Illinois Route 92 North
IL 78 north & 92 east overlap for 0.9 miles from 2800th Avenue to 2900th Avenue. 03/12/17
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2 photos
IL 78 and 92 part ways at a rural T-intersection in Yorktown township. 03/12/17
Resuming an eastward course, Illinois 92 crosses into Bureau County in four miles and intersects IL 40 in 13 miles. Mendota lies 43 miles to the east in La Salle County. 03/12/17
Illinois 78 continues north from Illinois 92 one mile to the Whiteside County line and seven miles to the city of Prophetstown. 03/12/17
Illinois Route 78 North
2 photos
2 photos
Confirming marker and mileage sign for Illinois 78 north beyond the split with Illinois 92 east. The Whiteside County seat of Morrison is an 18 mile drive northward. 03/12/17
The 31.1 mile route of IL 78 in Henry County concludes as the state route crosses into Prophetstown township in Whiteside County. 03/12/17
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2 photos
Bishop Road leads Illinois 78 north across agricultural areas of south central Whiteside County. 03/12/17
Northbound Illinois 78 at the Prophetstown city line. 03/12/17
Prophetstown is part of the Illinois Main Street Program. Developed in 1980 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the program assists local organizations that revitalize their communities and foster economic development.1 03/12/17
Illinois 78 angles northeast along Washington Street from a wye intersection with Bishop Road through the Prophetstown residential street grid. 03/12/17
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2 photos
Washington Street continues IL 78 north into Downtown Prophetstown. 03/12/17
IL 78 intersects 3rd Street on the north end of Downtown. 3rd Street leads east to Prophetstown State Park. Outside the city, Star Road (County Road 3) takes over en route to IL 172 south to Tampico in 7.9 miles and to IL 40 in 14 miles. 03/12/17
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2 photos
IL 78 turns west from Washington Street onto 2nd Street. 03/12/17
Johnson Drive curves IL 78 northwest from 2nd Street and College Avenue to Grove Street by Prophetstown High School. 03/12/17
North from Prophetstown, Illinois 78 continues 11 miles to the county seat of Morrison and 32 miles to Mt. Carroll (U.S. 52). 03/12/17
Illinois 78 (Bishop Road) next spans the Rock River on a 1994-built bridge. 03/12/17
Running along the west side of the Lyndon village line, IL 78 (Bishop Road) approaches Commercial Street, the former route of IL 2. 03/12/17
Commercial Street travels a short distance east from IL 78 to the Lyndon business district. East from the village, old IL 2 resumes along Moline Road toward U.S. 30 near Como. 03/12/17
Illinois 78 travels westward along Bishop Road between the Lyndon area and Hamilton Corners. 03/12/17
A northbound mileage sign for Illinois 78 lists the distances to Morrison (U.S. 30) and Mt Carroll (Illinois 40 and 64). 03/12/17
Illinois 78 turns from Former Illinois 2 / Bishop Road onto Crosby Road north at Hamilton Corners. 03/12/17
Old Illinois 2 (Moline Road) continues southwest seven miles to Erie. Illinois 2 was decommissioned with the 1974-completion of the East-West Tollway (Illinois 5). 03/12/17
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2 photos
Crosby Road leads Illinois 78 north from Hamilton Corners to Interstate 88 at Exit 24. 03/12/17
Approaching Interstate 88 & IL 110 (CKC) along IL 78 (Crosby Road) north at Mohawk Road. Mohawk Road leads east to Lyndon where the closest motorist services to I-88 in western Whiteside County are located. 03/12/17
Nearing the eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 88 & Illinois 110 (Chicago Kansas City Expressway). I-88 is a toll free route to Exit 44 (U.S. 30). 03/12/17
Interstate 88 signage uses Dixon in lieu of Chicago for its eastbound direction. Dixon is a 30-mile drive east along I-88 (Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway). 03/12/17
Illinois 78 (Crosby Road) spans Interstate 88 & Illinois 110 (CKC) ahead of the westbound on-ramp to the Quad Cities. 03/12/17
Drivers bound for East Moline and Interstate 80 depart Crosby Road north for I-88 & IL 110 west. 03/12/17
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2 photos
IL 78 continues north from I-88 & IL 110 six miles to Morrison and U.S. 30. The Carroll County seat follows in 27 miles. 03/12/17
County Road 23 overlays Black Road west from Illinois 78 (Crosby Road) three miles to the unincorporated community of Fenton. 03/12/17
Reassurance marker posted north of Black Road and CR 23 west. 03/12/17
Paralleling Rock Creek, Illinois 78 (Crosby Road) bends eastward between Wayne and Bunker Hill Roads. 03/12/17
Illinois 78 enters the city of Morrison just ahead of French Creek Road and Morrison Industrial Park. 03/12/17
Crosby Road becomes Portland Avenue through residential areas of south Morrison. 03/12/17
Clinton Street angles northeast from Winfield Street to overtake Portland Avenue as part of the route for Illinois 78 through Morrison. 03/12/17
Clinton Street carries IL 78 two blocks north to Wall Street west. 03/12/17
Wall Street dog legs IL 78 west two blocks to Cherry Street on the approach to Downtown Morrison. 03/12/17
IL 78 (Cherry Street) crosses a Union Pacific Railroad line at-grade just north of the turn from Wall Street. 03/12/17
Cherry Street (IL 78) north at Market Street in the Morrison business district. 03/12/17
Illinois 78 intersects Main Street just ahead of the merge with U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) west through Downtown Morrison. 03/12/17
U.S. 30 (Lincoln Highway) parallels the Union Pacific Railroad corridor east to Agnew and west to Clinton, Iowa. U.S. 30 bee lines east from I-88 at Rock Falls to Aurora and the west Chicago suburbs. 03/12/17
U.S. 30 West Illinois Route 78 North
U.S. 30 west & Illinois 78 overlap for 1.5 miles from Cherry Street in Downtown Morrison to Carroll Road beyond Unionville. 03/12/17
Lincoln Highway west intersects Genesee Street one block into the U.S. 30 & IL 78 concurrency at Morrison. 03/12/17
Garden Plain Road branches west from U.S. 30 & IL 78 (Lincoln Highway) at Unionville seven miles to the community of Garden Plain. 03/12/17
U.S. 30 & IL 78 advance a half mile northwest from Garden Plain Road to their separation at Carroll Road north. 03/12/17
Illinois 78 resumes a northward heading from Unionville to Morrison-Rockwood State Park and Mt. Carroll. 03/12/17
U.S. 30 continues west from IL 78 (Carroll Road) toward both Fulton and East Clinton, both of which lie on the east side of the Mississippi River. 03/12/17
Westbound Lincoln Highway at the split with IL 78. IL 78 travels another 51.8 miles in the state, becoming Wis 78 ahead of Gratiot. U.S. 30 enters Clinton, Iowa via the Gateway Bridge in 11.2 miles. 03/12/17

  1. Illinois Main Street.

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