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Routed wholly within Henry County, Illinois Route 82 is a mostly rural route stretching 28.8 miles north from Route 17 near Nekoma to Route 92 east of the Rock River. The state route overlaps with U.S. 6 through Geneseo, connecting both the US highway and city with Interstate 80 at Exit 19. Route 82 also overlaps with Route 81 as it dog legs one mile west to the village of Cambridge.

Illinois Route 82 North
Lowering from the bluffs south of the Rock River, IL 82 drops 74 feet in elevation from Ebenezer Road to a drainage ditch emptying into nearby Shadow Lake. 03/12/17
The state route flattens out across farm land east of Shadow Lake. Milepost 28 for IL 82 the last northbound. 03/12/17
IL 82 concludes at a rural T intersection with IL 92. IL 92 plies across agricultural areas west to Joslin and east to IL 78 near Hooppole. 03/12/17
Illinois Route 82 South
Part of a nearly 900 mile multi state route, IL 92 extends 47.3 miles east from IL 82 to U.S. 34 at LaMoille. U.S. 34 continues seven miles from the end of IL 92 to the city of Mendota. 03/12/17
Illinois 82 begins south from a rural intersection with Illinois 92 near Shadow Lake in northern Henry County. 03/12/17
Northbound end shield for IL 82. IL 92 west crosses the Rock River and merges with Interstate 88 west toward the Quad Cities in 4.6 miles. 03/12/17
Following a linear course, IL 82 ventures seven miles south from IL 92 to the city of Geneseo. 03/12/17
U.S. 6 East Illinois Route 82 South
Confirming markers for U.S. 6 east & IL 82 south ahead of Center Street on West Main Street. Center Street north two blocks to North Street is a former alignment of IL 82. 03/31/16
U.S. 6/IL 82 continue three blocks east on Main Street. State Street leads north into the Geneseo business district. 03/31/16
Oakwood Avenue leads U.S. 6/IL 82 south from East Main Street. 03/31/16
Interstate 80 passes south of Geneseo, meeting Illinois 82 at an exchange 1.2 miles south of Main Street. 03/31/16
Heading south on Oakwood Avenue, U.S. 6/IL 82 pass through residential areas of south Geneseo. 03/31/16
A series of shields precede the south split of Illinois 82 from U.S. 6 east. 03/31/16
Illinois 82 remains on Oakwood Avenue along a commercial strip leading to Interstate 80. 03/31/16
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2 photos
South from Geneseo, IL 82 continues 9.9 miles to combine with IL 81 west to the village of Cambridge. U.S. 6 resumes an eastward course 40 miles to Princeton. 03/31/16
Illinois Route 82 South
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2 photos
Illinois 82 (Oakridge Avenue) makes an S-curve south from U.S. 6 to Interstate 80 in south Geneseo. 03/31/16
Several motorist services and a big box store line IL 82 leading into the diamond interchange with Interstate 80. 03/31/16
West from IL 82 and Geneseo, Interstate 80 travels nine miles to the Big X interchange with I-74 and 280 outside the Quad Cities. 03/31/16

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