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Illinois Route 84 South
A multi-use trail accompanies IL 84 south from Whiteside County. The initial stretch in Rock Island County traverses agricultural areas east of the Quad Cities Generating Station. 03/12/17
Reassurance markers for IL 84 and the Great River Road south of 206th Avenue. 03/12/17
Cordova International Raceway lines the east side of IL 84 ahead of 192nd Avenue North. 03/12/17
Approaching the northern outskirts of Cordova along IL 84 south by 171st Avenue. The state route diverges from the parallel BNSF Railroad line to bypass the forthcoming village. 03/12/17
Illinois 84 enters the Cordova village limits for approximately a half mile. The residential street grid lies west along the Mississippi River via 11th Street north and Main Avenue west. 03/12/17
County Road BB ties into Illinois 84 ahead of this confirming marker from 157th Avenue North. 03/12/17
Leaving Cordova, Illinois 84 continues five miles to Port Byron and 12 miles to the city of East Moline. 03/12/17
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2 photos
The Great River Trail runs along the west side of IL 84 as the state route enters the Port Byron village limits. 03/12/17
Illinois 84 south at 11th Street in Port Byron. 03/12/17
CR 2 (94th Avenue North) travels east from IL 84 by Dorrance Park to Byron Hills Golf Course and the village of Hillsdale. The county road measures 7.7 miles from Port Byron to Moline Road (old IL 2/92) and Main Street at Hillsdale. 03/12/17
South from CR 2 and Agnes Street, IL 84 heads 0.6 miles to Lynn Street by Port Byron Village Hall. 03/12/17
Hickory Street links Illinois 84 (High Street) with parallel Main Street on the north side of the Port Byron business district. 03/12/17
County Road DD and P-15 tie into IL 84 at the south end of Port Byron from 71sth Avenue North / Barber Creek Road. A confirming marker for IL 84 stands just south of the intersection. 03/12/17
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2 photos
Illinois 84 begins a gradual southwesterly curve, crossing into the village of Rapids City from Port Byron. 03/12/17
Progressing westward along 2nd Avenue through Rapids City, Illinois 84 emerges from a short business strip and expands to four lanes ahead of Interstate 80. 03/12/17
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2 photos
Illinois 84 and Interstate 80 converge at a folded diamond interchange just west of the Rapids City village line along the east banks of the Mississippi River 03/12/17
A loop ramp joins I-80 westbound across the Fred Schwengel Memorial Bridge into Le Claire, Iowa. The freeway runs across the north side of Bettendorf and Davenport en route to Iowa City and Des Moines. 03/12/17
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3 photos
3 photos
An EF-2 tornado struck the area between Rapids City and the neighboring village of Hampton on the evening of March 15, 2016. Injuring ten people, the tornado tracked 4.8 miles from East Moline to northern Rock Island County, damaging 40 homes and destroying another four. With peak winds of 130 mph, the tornado toppled several trees and at least one guide sign at the exchange joining I-80 with IL 84.1 03/12/17
Interstate 80 travels south from IL 84 and Rapids City to East Moline, Colona and the Big X interchange with I-74/280. The freeway joins the Quad Cities with Joliet and the south Chicago suburbs.
This guide sign replaced one with Clearview font. 03/12/17
Illinois 84 reverts to two lanes beyond I-80 as it continues between the Mississippi River bluffs and the adjacent BNSF Railroad to the Illiniwek Forest Preserve. 03/12/17
Still listed at eight miles way, IL 84 south enters the East Moline city limits in 3.5 miles. The East Moline city center lies six miles to the southwest via IL 92. 03/12/17
Advancing west, IL 84 reaches the village of Hampton by the Elton E. Fawks Bald Eagle Refuge. 03/31/16
Curving south along the course of the Mississippi River, IL 84 runs between the Hampton street grid and the bluff line on State Avenue. 03/12/17
County Road N climbs eastward from IL 84 (State Avenue) and 5th Street to subdivisions above the bluff line. 158th Street North leads the route south to Babcock and IL 5 & 92. 03/31/16
Crossing the East Moline city line, Illinois 84 (State Avenue) becomes North 20th Street. 03/31/16
Speed limits reduce to 30 miles per hour as Illinois 84 (North 20th Street) approaches the East Moline residential street grid. 03/31/16
Reassurance markers are posted in both directions of Illinois 84 at the intersection with the 19th Street causeway onto Campbells Island. 03/31/16
Illinois 84 shifts onto 19th Street south away from the Mississippi River. Continuing south, the state route intersects Morton Drive. Morton Drive angles northwest to the John Deere Harvester Works plant and east to the Illinois 5 & 92 expressway. 03/31/16
South across a BNSF Railroad line, IL 84 (19th Street) approaches IL 92 (18th Avenue west / 1st Avenue east). 03/31/16
IL 92 joins Rock Island, Moline, East Moline and Silvis along an urban route west to the Centennial Expressway and east to IL 5 at Carbon Cliff. 03/31/16
The Great River Road National Route accompanies IL 92 west through Downtown East Moline and overall to Muscatine, Iowa. The Great River Road historically followed what was IL 2 (19th Street) south and west to U.S. 67 at Rock Island. 03/31/16
Illinois Route 84 South Illinois Route 92 East
IL 84 south & 92 east overlap for 1.3 miles along 1st Avenue east to IL 5. 03/31/16
1st Avenue takes the state route tandem southeast through the city of Silvis. 03/31/16
IL 84 south & 92 (1st Avenue) east run through the Silvis city center south of the nearby IAIS and Iowa Interstate Railroad lines. The residential street grid spreads to the south on the adjacent hillside. 03/31/16
9th Street provides the main through route south from IL 84 & 92, in conjunction with 4th Avenue and 10th Street, to Avenue of the Cities in south Silvis. 03/31/16
Curving southward, IL 84 & 92 expand to four lanes through the parclo interchange with the IL 5 (John Deere Expressway). 03/31/16
The John Deere Expressway (IL 5) loops south between Silvis and Carbon Cliff, and west by the Deere & Company World Headquarters to south Moline and Interstate 74. 03/31/16
Illinois 92 east splits with Illinois 84 (2nd Avenue) south to combine with Illinois 5 east along an expressway through outer reaches of the East Moline city limits. 03/31/16
IL 5 & 92 east lead directly to the cloverleaf interchange joining Interstates 80 and 88. Beyond the partition with IL 92, I-88 east connects the Quad Cities with the twin cities of Sterling and Rock Falls in Whiteside County. 03/12/17
A loop ramp takes IL 92 east onto IL 5 (John Deere Expressway) east. IL 5 ends in 3.2 miles at the transition to I-88, while IL 92 extends another 61.3 miles to U.S. 34 at La Moille. 03/12/17
Illinois Route 84 South
IL 84 (2nd Avenue) turns southward from IL 5 & 92 through the village of Carbon Cliff. 03/12/17
The state route narrows to two lanes through Carbon Cliff. A series of residential streets tie into the east side of IL 84 (2nd Avenue) while forested bluffs rise to the west. 03/12/17
Illinois 84 rises from 10th Street to intersect Colona Road. A discontinuous road, 10th Street is the former alignment of Illinois 84 east to the Rock River. 03/12/17
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2 photos
Illinois 84 combines with Colona Road east from Carbon Cliff to the city of Colona. 03/12/17
Colona Road extends east from the Avenue of the Cities in Silvis as a four-lane divided highway to IL 84. IL 84 continues the highway east across the Rock River on a 1981-built span. 03/12/17
Entering Henry County, speed limits reduce and IL 84 narrows to two lanes ahead of 1st Avenue in Colona. 03/12/17
IL 84 (1st Avenue) wraps around the north side of Colona to Cleveland Road. 03/12/17
Traffic lights operate along IL 84 (1st Avenue) at 5th Street south and a mobile home park entrance to the north in Colona. 03/12/17
1st Avenue arcs southward to become 1st Street at the forthcoming intersection with Cleveland Road east. Cleveland Road connects the city of Colona with I-80 one mile to the east of IL 84. 03/12/17
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2 photos
Cleveland Road continues beyond the exchange with I-80 & IL 110 (CKC) to the village of Cleveland in three miles. 03/12/17
Crossing Hennepin Canal, IL 84 (1st Street) enters the Colona residential street grid. 03/12/17
Poppy Garden Road extends east from 9th Avenue and IL 84 (1st Street) two miles to the community of Green River. 03/12/17
IL 84 crosses a BNSF Railroad at-grade and then spans the Green River in southern reaches of the Colona city limits. 03/12/17
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2 photos
Advancing 0.6 miles south from Green River, Illinois 84 approaches U.S. 6 and East 400th Street south. 03/12/17
Paralleling I-74/280 to the west, U.S. 6 provides a local route from Colona to Coal Valley and Moline. East from IL 84, U.S. 6 travels a short distance north of I-80 to Geneseo. 03/12/17
Illinois 84 concludes with an end shield at U.S. 6. East 400th Street South extends south from the traffic light with U.S. 6 toward the settlement of Warner. 03/12/17

  1. "NWS: EF-2 tornado hit Rapids City area." Quad City Times (Davenport, IA), March 16, 2016.

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