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Indiana State Road 1 North
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2 photos
Indiana 1 nears the interchange with Interstate 74 in northern Dearborn County, which travels for 171.5 miles from the Illinois border near Danville, Illinois to Crawfordsville, Indianapolis, Shelbyville and Greensburg to Ohio outside Cincinnati. Nationally, the highway goes for 428.8 miles from Davenport, Iowa to Cincinnati, Ohio plus another section in North Carolina. Photos taken 03/19/12.
East from SR 1, Interstate 74 is 32 miles from the Queen City of Cincinnati and the freeway end at Interstate 75. Photo taken 03/19/12.
Westward, Interstate 74 continues toward Batesville, Greensburg and Indianapolis. Photo taken 03/19/12.
Indiana 46 travels for about 154 miles from U.S. 40 in Terre Haute southeast through Spencer, Bloomington, Nashville, Columbus, Greensburg and Batesville before ending at U.S. 52 near the Ohio border. Photo taken 03/19/12.
A four-way stop marks the intersection between Indiana 1 and Indiana 46, which has been replaced by Interstate 74 to the immediate south as the main highway across northern Dearborn County. Photo taken 03/19/12.
North of the Indiana 1 intersection, Indiana 1 enters the town of St. Leon (although the town limits have been extended to the south to include the Interstate 74 interchange). Photo taken 03/19/12.
Indiana 1 bypasses the main part of the town of St. Leon to the west. St. Joe Drive to the east of Indiana 1 represents the original alignment of the highway through the town. Photo taken 03/19/12.
Indiana 1 enters Franklin County (population 23,087). Photo taken 03/19/12.
North of the Franklin County line, Indiana 1 passes the intersection with St. Peter's Road, which goes to the town of Klemmes Corner five miles to the west. The intersection resides within in the very small town of South Gate. Photo taken 03/19/12.

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