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Indiana State Road 3 south
Indiana 3 is called the Veterans Memorial Drive through Rush County. Photo taken 04/19/10.
Indiana 3 shifts slightly east on its southward trajectory to Rushville, but otherwise follows a straight path to the south. Photo taken 04/19/10.
Ahead is the intersection with County Road 900 North, leading to the towns of Mays and Raleigh to the east and Carthage to the west. Photo taken 04/19/10.
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2 photos
Views of Indiana 3 south of the intersection with County Road 900 North. Indiana 3's trip through Rush County follows with very predicable Indiana scenery consisting of flat farmlands surrounding the central county seat of Rushville. Photos taken 04/19/10.
Nearing the intersection with County Road 600 North on Indiana 3 south. CR-600 North ventures east to the town of Sexton. Photo taken 04/19/10.
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3 photos
3 photos
South from County Road 600 North, Indiana 3 continues six miles to downtown Rushville and the Rush County Courthouse. The state road takes one final jaunt to the west at Gings Road (County Road 400 North) before reaching Rushville. Photos taken 04/19/10.
Indiana 3 enters the city of Rushville (population 6,341). Rushville is the county seat and largest city in Rush County. Photo taken 04/19/10.
Indiana 3, called Main Street in Rushville, crosses a spur of the CSX railroad by an industrial zone on the north side of the city. Photo taken 04/19/10.
The top of the Rush County courthouse rises over a sea of trees as Indiana 3 (Main Street) descends into a commercial stretch on the north side of Rushville. Photo taken 04/19/10.
Indiana 3 (Main Street) nears the intersection with Park Boulevard, a local road connecting SR 3 with the Rush County Fairgrounds to the southwest. The signalized intersection beyond that is with Conrad Harcourt Way. Photo taken 04/19/10.
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2 photos
South of Conrad Harcourt Way, Indiana 3 (Main Street) south becomes a residential corridor across the middle of Rushville. In the late 2000s, the highway was rebuilt in the city to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The improvements included a center turn lane, new sidewalks, curbs, signals and signage. Photos taken 04/19/10.
A CSX railroad crossing marks the transition between the north side neighborhoods and Downtown Rushville along Indiana 3 (Main Street). Photo taken 04/19/10.
Passing through the heart of Downtown Rushville along Indiana 3 (Main Street) south. This view shows the newly rebuilt highway through the downtown area between 3rd and 2nd Streets. Photo taken 04/19/10.
Indiana 3 (Main Street) approaches the intersection with U.S. 52 west and Indiana 44 (2nd Street). U.S. 52 travels Indiana for 171 miles from west of Kentland, through Lafayette, Lebanon, Indianapolis, Rushville and Brookville before leaving along Interstate 74 near Harrison, Ohio. Nationally, U.S. 52 goes for 2,072 miles from the Canadian border in Portal, North Dakota to the Atlantic Ocean in Charleston, South Carolina. Photo taken 04/19/10.
Now at the intersection of Indiana 3 (Main Street) south and U.S. 52 west and Indiana 44 (2nd Street). Indiana 44 runs for 90 miles from Indiana 37 in Martinsville east through Franklin, Shelbyville, Rushville, Connersville and Liberty before leaving at the Ohio border. U.S. 52 east will follow Indiana 3 (Main Street) to their split south of Downtown Rushville. Photo taken 04/19/10.
U.S. 52 east & Indiana State Road 3 south
The next intersection along U.S. 52 east & Indiana 3 south (Main Street) is with 1st Street. 1st Street doubles as a truck route for Indiana 44 and U.S. 52 west, which is rare concept for Indiana. Like business routes, the truck route designation is merely a local designation meant to keep semis off of 2nd Street (Indiana 44 & U.S. 52) through Downtown Rushville. Photo taken 04/19/10.
The final stoplight in Downtown Rushville along U.S. 52 east & Indiana 3 (Main Street) south is with Water Street. Photo taken 04/19/10.
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2 photos
Button-copy guide signs direct traffic south of the bridge over the Flatrock River to the split of U.S. 52 east from Indiana 3 south. U.S. 52 east continues along a 30-mile journey to the Franklin County seat of Brookville while Indiana 3 curves southwest en route to the Decatur County seat of Greensburg. Photos taken 04/19/10.
Indiana State Road 3 south
Leaving Rushville, the interchange with Indiana 3 and Interstate 74 is 17 miles away with Greensburg at 19 miles. Photo taken 04/19/10.
Entering the Greensburg area, Indiana 3 expands to four lanes at the cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 74. I-74 travels for 171.5 miles across the state, from the Illinois border near Danville east to Crawfordsville, Indianapolis, Shelbyville and Greensburg before crossing into Ohio near Cincinnati. Nationally, the highway goes for 428.8 miles from Davenport, Iowa to Cincinnati, Ohio plus another section in North Carolina. Photo taken 03/10/10.
South of Interstate 74, Indiana 3 enters a commercial area for the city of Greensburg, the county seat of Decatur County. The first intersection is with Freeland Road, which serves a couple of shopping centers adjacent to the interstate interchange. Photo taken 03/10/10.
Lincoln Street partitions from the Indiana 3 expressway toward Downtown Greensburg. Indiana 3 bypasses most of the city to the northwest on a southwesterly trajectory toward its junction with Indiana 46 west of town. Lincoln Street represents the original routing of Indiana 3 to Indiana 46 (Main Street). From there, Indiana 3 went west along Main Street to its current routing with SR 46. Photo taken 03/10/10.
Indiana State Road 3 south & 46 west
A couple of miles further south, Indiana 3 joins Indiana 46 west for a five mile multiplex southwest of Greensburg. Indiana 46 travels for about 154 miles from U.S. 40 in Terre Haute southeast through Spencer, Bloomington, Nashville, Columbus, Greensburg and Batesville before ending at U.S. 52 near the Ohio border. Photo taken 12/17/11.
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Southwest of Greensburg and Craig, Indiana 3 south & Indiana 46 west journey along an lightly-traveled divided highway. Photos taken 12/17/11.
The four-lane expressway ends as Indiana 3 prepares to leave Indiana 46 to continue its southward journey. Photo taken 12/17/11.
Indiana 46 continues west for a 27 mile trek to the Bartholomew County seat of Columbus and Interstate 65. Indiana 3 heads south toward Westport and North Vernon. Photo taken 12/17/11.
Indiana State Road 3 south
South of Indiana 46, Indiana 3 is six miles from the southern Decatur County town of Westport and 24 miles from the Jennings County city of North Vernon. Photo taken 03/10/10.

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