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Indiana 8 exists in two separate segments in the northern half of Indiana. The western segment begins at U.S. 231/Indiana 8 in Hebron in Porter County and heads east through the towns of LaCrosse and Knox before ending at Indiana 17 in Plymouth. The eastern segment begins in the Noble County seat of Albion and heads east through Auburn before ending at the Ohio border in eastern DeKalb County. The western segment goes for 42 miles and the eastern segment goes for 34 miles. The following guide covers the eastern segment.

Indiana State Road 8 east
We start in Albion (population 2,349) in the center of Noble County. Albion is the county seat for Noble County and Indiana 8 begins right at the southeast corner of the square containing the Noble County courthouse, built in 1888. The western terminus for Indiana 8, which follows Main Street town, is with Indiana 9 (Orange Street). Photo taken 12/27/10.
East from the courthouse square, Indiana 8 (Main Street) goes through some residential areas on the east side of Albion. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Indiana 8 (Main Street) passes by a few commercial buildings on the outskirts of Albion. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Now outside of Albion, Avilla, at the intersection with Indiana 3 is 11 miles away and Auburn, the county seat of DeKalb County is 21 miles away. Photo taken 12/27/10.
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East of Albion, Indiana 8 is a rural two-lane highway that is lightly traveled. Regardless, it along with the Indiana 3 expressway, provides the main route between Albion and the larger Fort Wayne area. These scenes look at the stretch from Croft Ditch to Skinner Lake. Photos taken 12/27/10.
About three miles outside of Albion, Indiana 8 passes through the small community of Skinner Lake, named for the lake of the same north which lies to the north of the highway. Photo taken 12/27/10.
An Indiana 8 reassurance shield within the community of Skinner Lake. Photo taken 12/27/10.
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East of Skinner Lake, Indiana 8 resumes its eastward trajectory as it travels up and down the small hills that cover the area. Noble County is known for its small hills and many lakes, both byproducts of the glaciers that once went through the region. Photos taken 12/27/10.
Indiana 8 approaches the junction with Indiana 3. Indiana 3 exists in two segments, the first going for nearly 179 miles from Charlestown to the south through North Vernon, Greensburg, Rushville, New Castle, and Muncie before ending Markle. The second segment goes from Fort Wayne north to Kendallville and up to Indiana 120 in LaGrange County. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Kendallville, the largest community in Noble County is only three miles to the north, while Fort Wayne, the regional center for Northeast Indiana is about 25 miles to the south. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Indiana 8 turns toward the south to follow Indiana 3 for a brief two-mile multiplex. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Indiana State Road 3 south & 8 east
Reassurance shields for both Indiana 8 and Indiana 3 heading south on the four-lane expressway toward Fort Wayne. Photo taken 12/27/10.
To the right is Old State Road 3, which leads into the heart of Avilla. The Indiana 3 expressway, and Indiana 8 by extension, bypasses Avilla to the east. Photo taken 12/27/10.
We now reach the point where Indiana 8 breaks off toward the east in the direction of Auburn. To the west (left), Albion Street leads into the heart of Avilla, which has become more of a suburb to Fort Wayne in recent years. Fort Wayne is just over 20 miles away to the south. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Indiana State Road 8 east
East of the split from Indiana 3, Indiana 8 is nine miles away from Auburn, which will remain the only control city for eastbound Indiana 8. Photo taken 12/27/10.
A view of Indiana 8 heading east from Indiana 3. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Soon after leaving Indiana 3, Indiana 8 enters its final county, DeKalb County (population 42,223). Photo taken 12/27/10.
A view of Indiana 8 east of the DeKalb-Noble county line at Cedar Creek and County Road 5 West. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Now approaching the intersection with Indiana 327. Indiana 327 travels for 32 miles from the town of Garrett to the south, to the Michigan state line north of Orland. Originally, the highway continued south to Fort Wayne following the path of U.S. 27, but the route was truncated to the junction with Indiana 205 south of Garrett. The road to the south is known as Coldwater Road. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Garrett, a town of 6,286, lies just to the south along Indiana 327, while Corunna is just over five miles to the north near the junction with U.S. 6. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Now at the four-way stop intersection with Indiana 8 and Indiana 327, which carries the name of Randolph Street through the town of Garrett to the south. Interstate 69 is now only three miles to the east. Photo taken 12/27/10.
East of the junction with Indiana 327, Indiana 8 is four miles from the city of Auburn. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Entering the intersection with County Road 15 / Taylor Road. At the moment of the picture, work was beginning that would widen Indiana 8 from this intersection east to Interstate 69. Photo taken 12/27/10.
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2 photos
From County Road 15/Taylor Road eastward, Indiana 8 passes by some industrial parks as it approaches the junction with Interstate 69. Largely because Indiana 8 is the main highway connecting Garrett and Auburn and also because of the growing truck traffic, the highway is being expanded to better handle the traffic. Photos taken 12/27/10.
Just west of the Interstate 69 interchange, Indiana 8 widens to four lanes as highway-based retail appears along Indiana 8. The majority of Auburn's commercial businesses are along Indiana 8 around the exit with Interstate 69. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Up ahead is Interstate 69, which travels for 157 miles across Indiana from Angola to the south past Auburn, Fort Wayne and Anderson, ending at Interstate 465 in Indianapolis. The highway continues north into Michigan past Coldwater, Lansing and Flint before ending at the Canadian border in Port Huron. Fort Wayne is roughly 20 miles to the south from here, making Auburn a bedroom community for the larger Fort Wayne while still being the county seat for DeKalb County. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Heading underneath Interstate 69, an older sign designates the highway as both Interstate 69 and U.S. 27. Interstate 69 supplanted U.S. 27 as the main route from Fort Wayne north to Auburn, Angola, Coldwater and Lansing, Michigan. For awhile the two were cosigned along the entire drive between Fort Wayne and Lansing. This ended in 2002 when MDOT and INDOT successfully petitioned AASHTO for a truncation of U.S. 27 north of Lansing and an extension of U.S. 127 north from Lansing to Grayling over former U.S. 27 in 2002. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Looking east from the Interstate 69 interchange at Indiana 8, which in Auburn is known as 7th Street. Auburn (population 13,086) is the county seat and largest community in DeKalb County. Auburn is best known for its automotive heritage as the nickname for the city is "Home of the Classics." Auburn is home of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automotive Museum and the National Automotive and Truck Museum of the United States. Photo taken 12/27/10.
As previously mentioned, most of the chain restaurants and stores that are located in Auburn are located along Indiana 8 (7th Street) from between Interstate 69 and Grandstaff Road. Photo taken 12/27/10.
East of Grandstaff Road, Indiana 8 (7th Street) starts to transition from the retail-oriented corridor on the west side of Auburn into the residential heart of the city. The four-lane highway will soon collapse down to two lanes. Photo taken 12/27/10.
East of West Street, Indiana 8 (7th Street) becomes a two-lane road with a center turn lane in spots. Up ahead is the stoplight intersection with Indiana Avenue. The traffic remains relatively busy in between the interstate and downtown Auburn. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Now coming to Van Buren Street, Indiana 8 (7th Street) approaches the central business district for Auburn. Photo taken 12/27/10.
The speed limit on Indiana 8 (7th Street) reduces to 25 miles per hour as the highway enters downtown Auburn. The next stoplight is for Jackson Street. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Now heading through the heart of downtown Auburn along Indiana 8 (7th Street). The next stoplight is for Main Street, which originally carried U.S. 27 before it was moved to Interstate 69. The DeKalb County courthouse is just beyond Main Street. Photo taken 12/27/10.
The DeKalb County courthouse is to the right along Indiana 8 (7th Street) between Main and Cedar Streets. Photo taken 12/27/10.
The traffic counts on Indiana 8 (7th Street) decrease as one heads east of downtown through the residential east side of Auburn. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Heading east on Indiana 8 (7th Street) nearing the final stoplight with Duesenberg Drive, which leads to DeKalb Memorial Hospital. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Past the hospital, Indiana 8 leaves the Auburn city limits and heads into the rural environs of DeKalb County. There are no other decent-sized towns left on Indiana 8 east of Auburn, hence the reason why there is no control city. Photo taken 12/27/10.
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Scenes of Indiana 8 to the east of Auburn as the lonely two-lane highway crosses DeKalb County. Photos taken 12/27/10.
Ahead is the junction with Indiana 1. Indiana 1 exists in two separate segments. The southern segment goes for 137 miles, beginning at Greendale and Interstate 275 and heading north through the communities of Brookville, Connersville, Redkey and Bluffton before ending at Interstate 469 south of Fort Wayne. The northern segment begins at Interstate 69, north of Fort Wayne, and ventures northeast for 62.5 miles to U.S. 20 near Angola. Photo taken 12/27/10.
The town of St. Joe is 3.6 miles to the south along Indiana 1. Photo taken 12/27/10.
Indiana 1 heads to the south toward St. Joe and Fort Wayne while northbound Indiana 1 follows Indiana 8 very briefly. Indiana 8 is less than five miles away from the Ohio state line at this point. Photo taken 12/27/10.

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