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Indiana 10 runs for 85.3 miles from the Illinois state line east through the small towns of Roselawn, DeMotte, Bass Lake, Culver and Argos before ending at Indiana 19 in Kosciusko County.

Indiana State Road 10 west
Heading west of U.S. 31 along Indiana 10, the town of Culver is ten miles away while Bass Lake (located at the junction with U.S. 35) is 20 miles away. Photo taken 05/30/10.
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2 photos
Indiana 10 travels for ten miles across southern Marshall County through mostly pastoral scenes that include a mixture of agricultural fields and forests. Photos taken 05/30/10.
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2 photos
Indiana 10 takes a stair stepped route to drop south one mile before resuming a westward heading to Culver. Photos taken 05/30/10.
Indiana 10 approaches the Culver area and Indiana 117 as the light towers of the Culver Academies athletic fields comes into view. Photo taken 05/30/10.
Indiana 117 heads south from Indiana 10 outside Culver to run along the east side of Lake Maxinkuckee. The 4.5-mile highway connects Indiana 10 with Indiana 110. Photo taken 05/30/10.
West of the Indiana 117 intersection, Indiana 10 passes by the Culver Academies. Photo taken 05/30/10.
Indiana 10 now enters the community of Culver (population 1,353). Up ahead is the junction with Indiana 17, a 50-mile highway that runs from Logansport north through Culver and up to Plymouth. Here, it is a 14-mile drive north to the Marshall County seat of Plymouth.
Lake Shore Drive heads south into the town of Culver by Lake Maxinkuckee. Indiana 10 & 17 combine for a mile before diverging toward North Judson and Logansport respectively. Photo taken 05/30/10.
Indiana 110 leads due west from U.S. 231, 2.54 miles to the turn of Indiana 10 west from Deer Park in Jasper County. IN 110 to IN 10 lead motorists west eight miles to Roselawn and 31 miles to Momence, Illinois via Illinois 114 Photo taken 05/13/10.
Indiana 10 continues for 3.4 miles from the end of Indiana 110 across the typical flat countryside of northern Jasper County toward the diamond interchange with Interstate 65. Photo taken 05/13/10.
Continuing west along Indiana 10, the state road travels just south of Lake Holiday. Photo taken 05/13/10.
The community of Roselawn lies two miles to the west along Indiana 10 from I-65. Photo taken 05/13/10.
Indiana 10 passes by the campground and RV park of the Lake Holiday area ahead of the intersection with County Road 600 East. Several subdivisions tie into the county road nearby to represent a little suburbanized development that formed around the interchange with Interstate 65. Photo taken 05/13/10.
Indiana 10 enters Newton County (population 14,244) at the intersection with County Road 600 East. Photo taken 05/13/10.
West of County Line Road, Indiana 10 passes through a quasi-suburban area that is the unincorporated town of Roselawn. Photo taken 05/13/10.
Indiana 10 intersects County Road 450 East ahead of the main part of Roselawn. Photo taken 05/13/10.
Indiana 10 crosses the CSX railroad track to the immediate north of Roselawn. Most of Roselawn has expanded toward Indiana 10 and Interstate 65 but the core street grid of the town resides just west of the railroad here. Photo taken 05/13/10.
West of Roselawn, Indiana 10 crosses paths with Indiana 55, a 110-mile highway that runs from Indiana 25 in Wingate north through Attica, Fowler, Goodland and Crown Point to Business U.S. 6 in Gary. Here, Indiana 55 travels north for 20 miles to the Lake County seat of Crown Point and south on a 40-mile trip to the Benton County seat of Fowler. Photo taken 05/13/10.
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2 photos
Six miles separate Indiana 55 from U.S. 41 along Indiana 10, which serves as a connector route for freight traffic bypassing congestion along U.S. 30 or the Borman Expressway (Interstates 80 & 94) corridors. Photos taken 05/13/10.
County Road 300 West travels south from Indiana 10 along the original route of U.S. 41 into the town of Lake Village. U.S. 41 bypasses the community to the west along an expressway. Photo taken 05/13/10.
Indiana 10 continues a third of a mile to intersect U.S. 41. Totaling 280 miles across the state, U.S. 41 maintains four-lane expressway standards in conjunction with Indiana 63 from Northwest Indiana south through Terre Haute, Vincennes and Evansville. A two lane portion of U.S. 41 remains through the towns of Attica and Rockville as well. Nationally, U.S. 41 goes for 2,000 miles from Copper Harbor, Michigan south to Miami, Florida.
The Newton County seat of Kentland is 30 miles to the south with the town of Cedar Lake 18 miles to the north. Indiana 10 continues west to the Illinois state line, where it becomes Illinois 114 toward the town of Momence. Photo taken 05/13/10.

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