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Indiana State Road 37 is separated into two different segments, the first, a small 15 miles section from Fort Wayne to the Ohio State Line. The more important segment, going for 218 miles, goes from Marion southwest through Elwood, Noblesville, Indianapolis, Martinsville, Bloomington, Bedford, Paoli, English, and Tell City. For around 110 miles, the highway is at least 4-lanes, existing as an expressway around Noblesville in Hamilton County, a multiplex with Interstates 69 and 465 through the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area, and an expressway south through Martinsville, Bloomington, and Bedford. This stretch of highway goes through the scenic hills of Southern Indiana along this stretch of four lane highway. South of Bedford, it remains an important two-lane link to Paoli, English, and Tell City, continuing its trek through the southern Indiana hills all the way to the Ohio River.

The segment from Indianapolis to Bloomington is among the most important, non-interstate routes in the state, providing an important link between the capital city and the home of Indiana University. The highway to the northeast of Indianapolis has become less important since Interstate 69 was built from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne. Ironically, this is to become the role of the southern part of Indiana 37, as the future southern extension of Interstate 69 will use the stretch of Indiana 37 from Bloomington to Indianapolis. The future of this segment is in doubt as Indiana has had a history of decommissioning routes that use a long multiplex. But for now, Indiana 37 remains an important highway.

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Indiana State Road 37 scenes
The shields for southbound Indiana 37 and Indiana 58 at the Main Street/Patton Hill Road intersection outside of Oolitic. Photo taken 12/18/11.
An Indiana-shaped Indiana 37 shield, located on the top of the dam for Monroe Reservoir, along Monroe Dam Road. Photo taken 06/13/09.
A guide sign directs traffic off of Monroe Dam Road onto southbound Indiana 37 in southern Monroe County with Bedford as the control city. Photo taken 06/13/09.
A Business Indiana 37 highway shield, located at the intersection of South Walnut Street and Church Lane in southern Bloomington. Photo taken 06/13/09.
Northbound on Bloomfield Road at the interchange with Indiana 45 and Indiana 37. Indiana 45 joins Indiana 37 north for a few miles as part of its overlap around Bloomington. Photo taken 06/27/09.
Guide sign at the Indiana 45 South (Second Street/Bloomfield Road) interchange with Bedford and Indianapolis as control cities. Photo taken 06/27/09.
Indiana 45/Indiana 46 westbound at the Indiana 37 interchange. Guide signs again indicated Indiana 37 North to Indianapolis and Indiana 37/Indiana 45 South to Bedford. Indiana 46 continues west along a four-lane highway for a few miles to Ellettsville, a suburb of Bloomington in northwestern Monroe County. Photo taken 06/27/09.

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06/13/09, 06/27/09, 12/18/11 by Thomas Decker

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