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Indiana 445 is a 2.9-mile long state road that connects Interstate 69 to the east with Indiana 45 and Indiana 54 in rural eastern Greene County. Until December 9, 2015 the state highway was only 1.4 miles in length, connecting the previously mentioned state highways.

Indiana State Road 445 east
Coming from the west, 1.4 miles after beginning at the intersection with Indiana 54, Indiana 455 meets Indiana 45. SR 56 forms a 56-mile northeastward leading highway from U.S. 231 near Exit 87 of I-69 to Beanblossom in Brown County at Indiana 135. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Indiana 45 travels south for 19 miles to Crane and north for 15 miles to Bloomington. Interestingly, no signage mentions Interstate 69, which lies to the east, as the final destination along Indiana 445 past this intersection. Photo taken 01/02/16.
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2 photos
East of the intersection with Indiana 45, the Indiana 445 connector between SR 45 and I-69 serves as a super-two highway with hard shoulders and grade-separation between the two points. Construction of the route carved a new path between the two highways where none had existed before. Photos taken 01/02/16.
Spanning Indian Creek along Indiana 445 eastbound. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Carter Road passes below Indiana 445 prior to Interstate 69, allowing the state road to maintain controlled access standards. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Indiana 445 nears its eastern end at a dog-bone roundabout interchange with Interstate 69. I-69 runs for 114 miles between Indiana 37 in Bloomington and U.S. 41 in Evansville. A more established 157-mile stretch exists between Indianapolis and the Michigan state line. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Interstate 69 south leads travelers 107 miles from Indiana 445 to Evansville. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Traffic bound for Indiana 54 east to the unincorporated community of Cincinnati is directed onto a branch of the wye intersection. Photo taken 01/02/16.
An end sign for Indiana 445 stands at the roundabout with the north side ramps with Interstate 69. I-69 meanders northeast for the 17-mile journey to Bloomington and the 65-mile trip to Indianapolis. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Indiana State Road 445 west
Indiana 445 begins at the eastern half of the dog-bone roundabout interchange with Interstate 69. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Passing underneath Interstate 69, a guide sign directs motorists to continue around the roundabout with the south side ramps of I-69 onto Indiana 445 west. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Now west of the interchange with Interstate 69, another Indiana 445 shield guides motorists onto the two-lane concrete connector leading west to Indiana 45. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Hidden from sight, Indiana 445 passes over Carter Road before bridging Indian Creek along the nearly two-mile long stretch of highway from Interstate 69 to Indiana 45. Photo taken 01/02/16.
The Indiana 445 connector constitutes a controlled access roadway with no intersections or private driveways to Indiana 45. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Indiana 445 nears the stoplight intersection with Indiana 45, a 56-mile highway between U.S. 231 near I-69 and Indiana 135 at Beanblossom. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Indiana 45 parallels the I-69 corridor south 19 miles to Crane and 15 miles back north toward Bloomington. Bloomfield lies 13 miles to the west via Indiana 445 and 54. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Before Indiana 445 was extended, the junction with Indiana 45 was a wye-intersection, similar to what is found at the intersection of Indiana 445 and Indiana 54, 1.4 miles to the west. Photo taken 01/02/16.
A banner-less Indiana 445 shield stands to the immediate west of Indiana 45. At one time north/south direction banners accompanied the highway since it was an odd-numbered route. That is the typical practice done for north/south routes in Indiana. Banners were removed to Indiana 445 to reflect the more correct east/west direction. Photo taken 01/02/16.
The original stretch of Indiana 445 lacks shoulders. The more wider design east of Indiana 45 is reflective of more modern highway standards. Photo taken 01/02/16.
A sign directs traffic bound for the Greene County seat of Bloomfield to stay to the right. Despite that, Bloomfield-bound traffic needs to stay forward as Indiana 445 flows directly onto Indiana 54 west at a wye intersection. Photo taken 01/02/16.
Indiana 54 constitutes a 55-mile long highway that runs from U.S. 41 outside Sullivan and passes east through Linton and Bloomfield before trekking southeast toward Oolitic at Indiana 37. An end sign formally marks the conclusion of Indiana 445. Photo taken 01/02/16.

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