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The Cline Avenue bridge over Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal was closed on November 14, 2009.4 Inspections discovered significant damage caused by cables, concrete, and support piers wearing out prematurely. The elevated roadway, opened in 1982. When it did, Cline Avenue carried 80,000 vehicles per day (vpd). That number dropped significantly in recent years to just 30,000 vpd.1

Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) remained open from Interstates 80 & 94 (Borman Expressway) to Michigan Avenue (Exit 5A) in east Chicago. Surface street improvements to the area steel mills and Lake Michigan casinos were be made for interests from Hammond to the west.1 A 1.39-mile stretch of roadway including Riley Road northeast from Cline Avenue to Dickey Road southeast to Michigan Avenue was added to the State Road system temporarily to provide continuity between the two freeway segments of Indiana 912 by July 2010. A $2.2-million project reconstructed the Cline Avenue on-ramp from Riley Road in conjunction with the reroute of SR 912.3

INDOT announced on July 1, 2011 that the non-bridge option was chosen to address the Indiana 912 bridge issue due to the decreased traffic volume that the route carried. However by May 16, 2012,6 East Chicago Mayor Anthony Copeland announced a plan with a private company that intends on replacing the span with a toll bridge. INDOT and United Bridge Partners, of Tallahassee, Fl reached an agreement in August 2012 to transfer the bridge right of way so that the private company can construct the replacement.5 Tolls may be as high as $2.506

Demolition of the closed structure was put out for bid in November 2011 and completed on January 8, 2013.5 The closed span was used for scenes in the 2011 movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon.6

Indiana State Road 912 / Cline Avenue East
Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) begins from the wye interchange (Exit 3) of Interstate 90 (Indiana Toll Road) eastbound. The state road quickly meets ramp with U.S. 41 (Calumet Avenue) in northwest Hammond. Photo taken 05/24/08.
A folded diamond interchange joins Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) with U.S. 41 (Calumet Avenue) just east of Interstate 90. U.S. 41 follows Calumet Avenue north to U.S. 12 & 20 (Indianapolis Boulevard) near Whiting and south to Exit 1 of Interstates 80-94 & U.S. 6 (Borman Expressway). Photo taken 05/24/08.
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2 photos
Eastbound drivers next see a directional cloverleaf interchange with Riley Road amid a sea of petroleum storage tanks and the Indiana Harbor and Lake George Canals. Photos taken 05/24/08.
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2 photos
Riley Road links Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) with U.S. 12 & 20 (Indianapolis Boulevard) to the west and continues the 2010-surface alignment of SR 912 east to Dickey Road. U.S. 12 & 20 travel east from U.S. 41 through Whiting to Columbus Drive and their split in East Chicago. Photos taken 05/24/08.
A loop ramp descends from the Indiana 912 viaduct to Riley Road. Riley Road continues northeast to Dickey Road near its turn onto 129th Street at Mark Town Park, serving steel industries at Indiana Harbor on Lake Michigan. Dickey Road carries Indiana 912 to Michigan Avenue. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Indiana State Road 912 / Cline Avenue East - CLOSED
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2 photos
Indiana 912 continued elevated as it crossed over Indian Harbor Canal. Photos taken 05/24/08.
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2 photos
Turning northeast, Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) passed over Dickey Road and gained exit numbers ahead of its ramps to Michigan Avenue (Exit 5A) and Pastrick Marina / Jeorse Park. Photos taken 05/24/08.
Michigan Avenue stems northeast from Kennedy Avenue, separating the industrial area of East Chicago with a neighborhood street grid. The avenue directly ties into the overpass connecting with Jeorse Park and Pastrick Marina on Lake Michigan. Photo taken 05/24/08.
The East Chicago Riverboat Casino area occupies the coastal swath between Indiana 912 / Norfolk Southern Railroad line and Lake Michigan. Exit 5B served the attraction via Aldis Street south from the Inland Steel Overpass. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Exit 5B consists of a trumpet interchange with the Inland Steel Overpass (pictured in the background here). Michigan Avenue ties into the overpass from the west. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Turning southeast, Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) split with Exit 5B to ArcelorMittal Plant 2, Pastrick Marina, and Jeorse Park. Cline Avenue acquires a frontage road system next from Exit 6A south to U.S. 12 (Columbus Drive) and Indiana 312 (Chicago Avenue). Photo taken 05/24/08.
Indiana State Road 912 / Cline Avenue South
Exit 6A departs in one half mile for the Cline Avenue southbound frontage road to Guthrie Street, U.S. 12 (Columbus Drive) west and Indiana 312 (Chicago Avenue) west. Indiana 912 straddles the East Chicago and Gary city line from Exit 6A southward to U.S. 20. Photo taken 05/24/08.
The first Indiana 912 reassurance shield is posted as the cardinal direction switch from eastbound to southbound. Exit 5B along Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) west joins the freeway directly with Jeorse Park in this scene. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Industrial Highway and Chicago Avenue east into Gary were decommissioned as U.S. 12 and Indiana 312 respectively. U.S. 12 now follows Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) south to U.S. 20 (5th Avenue) east in Gary. Indiana 312 begins at Cline Avenue and travels west 5.7 miles to the Illinois state line at Hammond. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Exit 6A leaves Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) south for Guthrie Street at Buffington Harbor Drive. Buffington Harbor Drive travels east to the Gary Riverboat Casino area. Cline Avenue's southbound frontage road otherwise continues to Gary Avenue. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Industrial Highway angles southeast from Columbus Drive and U.S. 12 to Gary/Chicago International Airport (GYY) and Downtown Gary via West 4th Avenue. The route carried U.S. 12 until the 2004 relocation onto Cline Avenue.2 Photo taken 05/24/08.
U.S. 12 East Indiana State Road 912 South
U.S. 12 east & Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) south next see a slip ramp onto the adjacent frontage road for Gary Avenue. Gary Avenue constitutes a four-lane roadway connecting the freeway with Interstate 90 (Indiana Toll Road). There is no direct access to the turnpike from Cline Avenue otherwise. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Exit 7 leaves U.S. 12 east & Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) south for Gary Avenue. Interstate 90 bends northwest from Exit 10 to Hammond and Chicago and continues east to downtown Gary and Lake Station. Photo taken 05/24/08.
A slip ramp provides return access onto Cline Avenue south from Indiana 312 (Chicago Avenue). Gary Avenue mainly provides the route to Interstate 90, but also spurs into a storage tank facility west of U.S. 12 & Indiana 912. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Southbound motorists pass over the Grand Calumet River and Interstate 90 on the approach to Exits 8A/B with U.S. 20 (Michigan Street). The cloverleaf interchange represents the departure point of U.S. 12 east onto Michigan Street and the tripoint where Gary, East Chicago, and Hammond meet. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Indiana 912 southbound shield sans U.S. 12 at the Indiana East West Toll Road under crossing. Photo taken 05/24/08.
U.S. 20 follows Michigan Street along the Hammond and East Chicago line to Indiana 152 and the northerly turn onto Indianapolis Boulevard. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Exit 8A splits with U.S. 12 east & Indiana 912 south for U.S. 20 (Michigan Street) west. U.S. 12 parts ways with Indiana 912 via Exit 8B for U.S. 20 (5th Avenue) east into Gary. Photo taken 05/24/08.
U.S. 12 & 20 follow 5th Avenue to a one-way street couplet through downtown with 4th Avenue. The tandem continue along the Dunes Highway east to Interstate 65's north end and the Aetna section of east Gary. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Indiana State Road 912 South
Next in line for Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) southbound motorists is the Exit 9 modified diamond interchange with 15th Avenue east to Gary and 169th Street west to Hammond. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Indiana 912 reassurance shield posted by the Ivanhoe community of west Gary. Photo taken 05/24/08.
15th Avenue leads east to the Tolleston section of Gary. 169th Street continues the road west to Hessville and U.S. 41 (Calumet Avenue) in Hammond. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Exit 9 joins a southbound side frontage road at Tennessee Avenue before intersecting 169th Street west of 15th Avenue and the Gary city line. The frontage roads continue south to 173rd Street and 21st Avenue. Indiana 912 continues south one mile to a directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstates 80-94 & U.S. 6 (Frank Borman Expressway). Photo taken 05/24/08.
Interstates 80 & 94 share 18.53 miles of the Kingery and Borman Expressways between Lansing, Illinois and Lake Station, Indiana. U.S. 6 joins the pair between Lake Station and Torrence Avenue in Illinois. Photo taken 05/24/08.
A two-lane ramp carries motorists to Interstates 80-94 west to Chicago and Joliet and Interstates 80-94 east to South Bend and Michigan City. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Exit 10B appears on the left panel for Interstates 80-94 & U.S. 6 east. A flyover shuttles drivers onto the eastbound Borman Expressway. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Indiana State Road 912 North
Distributor roadways collect traffic from the Interstates 80 & 94 (Borman Expressway) off-ramps independent of the Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) mainline. Flyovers exist in both directions of SR-912 to the Borman. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Indiana 912 straddles the Hammond and Gary city line northward from the Little Calumet River to the Grand Calumet River and East Chicago municipal boundary. The distributor roadway from Interstates 80 & 94 merges onto the SR-912 mainline over the Norfolk Southern Railroad and 177th Street / West 25th Avenue in this scene. A modified-diamond interchange (Exit 9) follows in 0.75 miles with East 169th Street (Hammond) and West 15th Avenue (Gary). Photo taken 11/04/11.
One half mile south of the Exit 9 off-ramp to 169th Street west and 15th Avenue east on Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) north. 169th Street links a mixture of industrial and residential neighborhoods at SR-912 with Hessville, Osborn, Woodmar and U.S. 41 (Calumet Avenue). Photo taken 11/04/11.
Reassurance marker for Indiana 912 north posted north of the NS Railroad under crossing. Frontage streets parallel the six-lane freeway to 173rd Street / 21st Avenue and Exit 9. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Exit 9 claims the right lane for 169th Street west into Hammond and 15th Avenue east into Gary. West 15th Avenue continues east toward the Telleston neighborhood of Gary and Grant Street. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Northbound drivers next meet U.S. 12 east (West 5th Avenue) and U.S. 20 (Michigan Street) at a cloverleaf interchange (Exits 8B/A) in three quarters of a mile. Exit 9 follows onto Gary Avenue with a connection to Interstate 90 (Indiana Toll Road). Photo taken 11/04/11.
Closure of the Indiana 912 viaduct over Indiana Harbor Canal is referenced on this construction sign posted ahead of Exit 8A. U.S. 12 is the through route detour of choice mentioned on this sign. SR-912 is continuous however, having been rerouted from the removed viaduct to a combination of Dickey Road west and Riley Road south. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Indiana 912 approaches Gibson Woods Nature Preserve and a series of railroad lines ahead of U.S. 12 & 20 (Exits 8B/A) and the Grand Calumet River. Photo taken 11/04/11.
U.S. 12 & 20 combine along West 5th Avenue from Exit 8B of Indiana 912 into Gary. Originally U.S. 12 followed Industrial Drive northwest to Exit 6. The US highway was rerouted to use Cline Avenue between West 5th Avenue and Columbus Drive in 2004. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Exit 8B leaves Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) north onto U.S. 12 & 20 (West 5th Avenue) into Gary. The tandem share pavement through downtown to a split near the Aetna area in east Gary. Beyond the split, the two parallel one another through Portage, Burns Harbor and Michigan City. Photo taken 11/04/11.
U.S. 20 follows Michigan Street west into Hammond from the Exit 8A loop ramp of Indiana 912 north. The US route overtakes Indianapolis Boulevard from SR-152 northward onto East Chicago, reuniting with U.S. 12 in north Hammond. Photo taken 11/04/11.
U.S. 12 West Indiana State Road 912 North
U.S. 12 west & Indiana 912 north pass over the Indiana Toll Road on the 0.75-mile approach to Exit 9 (Gary Avenue). Gary Avenue stems northwest from a directional interchange with Interstate 90 to a storage tank field and Parrish Avenue in East Chicago. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Indiana 912 reassurance marker posted by Interstate 90. U.S. 12 is only acknowledged along guide signs along its overlap with Cline Avenue. Photo taken 11/04/11.
A loop ramp drops from U.S. 12 west & Indiana 912 (Cline Avenue) north onto Gary Avenue in one quarter mile. Frontage roads begin at Gary Avenue and lead north to Indiana 312 (Chicago Avenue) and the U.S. 12 turn onto Columbus Drive (Exit 6). Photo taken 11/04/11.
All traffic to Interstate 90 west to Chicago and east to South Bend and Toledo, Ohio depart in unison via Exit 7B of U.S. 12 west & Indiana 912 north. Interstate 90 follows all of the Indiana Toll Road and the tolled Chicago Skyway northwest into Chicago and the Ohio Turnpike east to Elyria. Photo taken 11/04/11.
Shields for Interstate 90, the Indiana East-West Toll Road, and SR-912 south reside at the end of the Exit 7B ramp on Gary Avenue. Much of the area surrounding the cross roads consists of industrial or wet land areas associated with the nearby Grand Calumet River. Photo taken 11/04/11.

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