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Indiana 930 goes for 13 miles from Interstate 69 to Interstate 469 as a bypass of the north side of Fort Wayne before heading east toward New Haven. The highway serves as a "business route" for the former U.S. 30 as it went across Fort Wayne before the Interstate 469 beltway was finished in the early 1990s. Originally, U.S. 30 went through the heart of Downtown Fort Wayne and headed east through New Haven toward the southeast. Then, Coliseum Boulevard (originally Circumurban Highway) was built in 1950. Until the late 1980s, the highway served as the U.S. 30 bypass of Fort Wayne, but as with many bypasses soon became congested as Fort Wayne's retail center. When U.S. 30 was rerouted around Interstate 69 and Interstate 469 the route was to be given back to local authorities. When they turned down the offer, INDOT created a new designation (the 900 series) to keep the highway in INDOT hands, hence Indiana 930.

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    Interstate 69
    Interstate 469
    U.S. 30

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