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Kelbaker Road provides one of the few through routes across the Mojave Desert. Traveling 68.4 miles, the unnumbered highway heads north from Historic U.S. 66 to Kelso and west from the Marl Mountains to Interstate 15 and California 127 at Baker.

Kelbaker Road south
Leaving the community of Baker, Kelbaker Road begins and ventures southeast toward Kelso in Mojave National Preserve. The two lane highway sees some desolate beauty in the heart of the Mojave Desert. Motorist services are limited along Kelbaker Road, with the next available options not found until reaching Amboy along Historic U.S. 66. A tourist information center is located in Kelso. 11/11/08
Due to the nature of the rural highway, summer flooding due to monsoonal thunderstorms can occur along the roadway. 11/11/08
Southbound Kelbaker Road enters Mojave National Preserve. Established on October 31, 1994, the national preserve includes a great variety of unspoiled terrain generally east of Interstate 15, south of Primm, west of the Nevada-California State Line, and north of Interstate 40. 11/11/08
This series of photos follows Kelbaker Road southeast and then south through the Mojave National Preserve en route to Kelso. 11/11/08
Kelbaker Road passes under the 500kV Lugo to Eldorado power line (part of Path 46), which connects the Lugo Substation in Hesperia with the Eldorado Substation located west of U.S. 95 in Eldorado Valley, Nevada (southwest of Boulder City). This line, along with the two 230kV power lines, is owned by Southern California Edison. 11/11/08
Sliding between the Marl Mountains and Kelso Mountains, Kelbaker Road finally turns due south for the final distance to the settlement of Kelso. Continue straight ahead for Kelso Dunes or turn left on Kelso-Cima Road to the settlement of Cima. 11/11/08
Kelso Cima Road stems east from Kelbaker Road and Kelso alongside the Union Pacific Railroad to the settlement of Cima. 11/11/08
The historic Kelso Depot railroad depot serves as a visitors center. 11/11/08
Southbound Kelbaker Road crosses the UP Railroad after passing by the historic railroad depot. The Kelso Dunes lie a few miles further south. 11/11/08
Kelbaker Road advances 18 miles south from Kelso to Interstate 40 beyond the Granite Mountains. 11/11/08
Kelbaker Road approaches the turnoff to Kelso Dunes Road west to Kelso Dunes. The dunes spread over a wide area to the west of Kelbaker Road and north of the Granite Mountains. 11/11/08
Another 500kV Southern California Edison power line crosses over Kelbaker Road. This line, which is also part of Path 46, connects the Lugo Substation in Hesperia with the Mohave Substation in Laughlin, Nevada. 11/11/08
Passing between the Granite Mountains to the west and Providence Mountains to the east via Granite Pass (el. 4,020 feet), Kelbaker Road angles southwest to meet Interstate 40 (Needles Freeway). 11/11/08
The westbound on-ramp leads motorists along I-40 (Needles Freeway) to Barstow. 11/11/08
Kelbaker Road passes under Interstate 40 (Needles Freeway). Kelbaker Road continues south between the Brown Buttes to meet Historic U.S. 66 east of Amboy. 11/11/08
These I-40 freeway entrance shield assemblies are posted at the eastbound on-ramp to Kingman, Arizona from Kelbaker Road. 11/11/08
11.5 miles south of I-40, Kelbaker Road meets Historic U.S. 66 (National Trails Highway). The Mother Road ventures east to Essex and Needles and west to Amboy and Ludlow. In Amboy, southbound travelers may continue via Amboy Road over Sheephole Pass to Twentynine Palms. Note the gas sign, which provided the hours of operation of each service station in Amboy and Essex. 11/11/08

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