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LA 3081 extends north along Main Street from U.S. 11 and LA 41 (Watts Road) to a folded diamond interchange (Exit 5A) with Interstate 59 & U.S. 11 in the town of Pearl River. LA 3081 replaced the eastern extent of LA 41 Spur, which formerly looped northwest from Interstate 59 and Main Street along Pine and Hickory Streets to LA 41 along Watts Road.

Main Street north from Pine Street and LA 3081 to the dead end at Old Channel is LA 3081 Spur.

LA 3081 north
LA 3081 lines Main Street 1.25 miles north from U.S. 11 and LA 41 (Watts Road) to the Pearl River town center. 10/12/16
2 photos
2 photos
LA 3081 intersects Pine Street (former LA 41 Spur) west where it turns east to connect with Interstate 59. 10/12/16
Main Street continues north from LA 3081 and Pine Street as LA 3081 Spur for 0.3 miles to a dead end at Old Channel. 10/12/16
2 photos
2 photos
Crossing the Norfolk Southern Railroad, LA 3081 reaches the southbound ramps with Interstate 59. 10/12/16
Interstate 59 trailblazers posted along then LA 41 Spur at the folded diamond interchange with the freeway. These shields were replaced with a guide sign for New Orleans. 06/15/01
2 photos
2 photos
Continuing along the frontage of I-59, LA 3081 (Pump Slough Road) turns southward to connect with the northbound ramps with the freeway. 10/12/16
Interstate 59 crosses Pump Slough Road along bridges spanning both Old Channel and the West Pearl River. The northbound span was built in 1996, followed by the southbound crossing a year later. 10/12/16
Pump Slough Road concludes at a business just beyond the northbound entrance ramp for I-59 to Picayune and Hattiesburg, Mississippi. 10/12/16
LA 3081 south
LA 41 Spur trailblazer previously posted at the ramp end from I-59 & U.S. 11 south to Pearl River at Exit 5A. June 2001
LA 41 Spur continued west across LA 3081 (Main Street) along Pine Street to Hickory Street north. June 2001
LA 3081 (Main Street) south at LA 41 (Watts Road) north and U.S. 11. LA 41 begins here and heads northwest to LA 36 at Hickory and LA 21 at Sun. June 2001
U.S. 11 angles northwest from I-59 along Concord Boulevard to rejoin its original alignment in Pearl River south from LA 3081 on Main Street. June 2001
LA 3081 Spur north
A confirming marker for LA 3081 Spur stands along Main Street north between LA 3081 / Pine Street and Shinglemill Road. 10/12/16
Shinglemill Road branches northwest from LA 3081 Spur (Main Street) to residential areas west of Old Channel. 10/12/16
LA 3081 Spur and Main Street end ahead of Old Channel and the West Pearl River. 10/12/16
LA 3081 Spur south
Approaching LA 3081 and Pine Street (former LA 41 Spur) on LA 3081 Spur (Main Street) south. 10/12/16
LA 3081 joins the Pearl River town center with Interstate 59 across the adjacent Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks. 10/12/16
LA 3081 overtakes Main Street (old U.S. 11) south from LA 3081 Spur to U.S. 11 at LA 41 (Watts Road). 10/12/16

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06/15/01, June 2001, 10/12/16 by AARoads

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