Maui State Routes

Route Number Names West or South End East or North End Mileage
30 High St; Honoapiilani Hwy; Kahekili Hwy HI 32 (Main St) at Iao Valley Rd (CR 3200) transition to CR 340 (Kahekili Hwy) 41.67
31 Piilani Hwy HI 310 (Kihei Rd) at HI 311(Mokulele Hwy) Wailea Ike Dr (CR 3137) 7.15
32 Main St; Kaahumanu Ave transition to Iao Valley Rd (CR 3200) west of HI 30 HI 32A (Hobron Av) 2.85
32A Hobron Ave HI 36 (Hana Hwy) end of state maintenance at Kahului Harbor 0.41
32B Wharf St HI 32 (Kaahumanu Av) end of state maintenance at Kahului Harbor 0.17
36 Hana Hwy HI 32 (Kaahumanu Av) HI 360 (Hana Hwy) at Kaupakalua Rd (CR 365) 16.23
36A Haleakala Hwy; Keolani Pl HI 36 (Hana Hwy) end of state maintenance on Keolani Pl 0.51
37 Haleakala Hwy; Kula Hwy transition to county maintenance on Pillani Hwy north of Ulupalakua HI 36 (Hana Hwy) 21.39
310 North Kihei Rd; Piilani Hwy HI 30 (Honoapiilani Hwy) HI 31 (Piilani Hwy) at HI 311 (Mokuele Hwy) 3.60
311 Puunene Ave; Mokulele Hwy HI 31 (Piilani Hwy) at HI 310 (Kihei Rd) HI 380 (Kuihelani Hwy / Dairy Rd) at HI 3500 (Puunene Av) 6.42
340 Kahekili Hwy HI 3400 (Walehu Beach Road) at Kahekili Hwy (CR 3405) transition to county maintenance north of Waihee 4.29
360 Hana Hwy; Keawa Pl HI 36 (Hana Hwy) at Kaupakalua Rd (CR 365) end of state maintenance of Hana Bay wharf 34.93
377 Haleakala Hwy; Kekaulike Ave HI 37 (Haleakala Hwy) HI 37 (Haleakala Hwy) at Old Haleakala Hwy (CR 367) 9.17
378 Haleakala Crater Rd HI 377 (Haleakala Hwy / Kekaulike Ave) Puu Nianiau mountain 10.15
380 Dairy Rd; Kuihelani Hwy HI 30 (Honoapiilani Hwy) HI 36A (Haleakala Hwy / Keolani Pl) 6.18
3400 Kahului Beach Rd; Waiehu Beach Rd HI 32 (Kaahumanu Av) HI 340 / CR 3405 (Kahekili Hwy) 2.62
3500 Puunene Ave HI 380 (Dairy Rd / Kuihelani Hwy) at HI 311 (Mokulele Hwy) HI 32 (Kaahumanu Av) 1.11
Source: GIS file, DOT Road Inventory (State Routes) for the main Hawaiian Islands, State of Hawaii Dept. of Transportation, August, 2011.

Historical state route information provided by the 1970 Hawaii State Official Transportation Map and Larry Epstein.

Hawaii 30 - Honoapiilani Highway

Hawaii 30 represents the main access road between the tourist areas of Lahaina, Kaanapali and Kahana with Kahului and Kahului Airport via Hawaii 380 (Kuihelani Highway). The state route generally hugs the coastline from Kaanapali southward to Maalaea. This stretch includes a tunnel between Kamaohi and Mokumana Gulches.

Hawaii 31 - Piilani Highway

Hawaii 31 consists of just 7.15 miles of the Piilani Highway from Kihei south to Keawakapu. Piilani Highway east from Ulupalakua is an unpaved roadway designated as unsigned County Route 31, though the highway was originally Hawaii 31. Hawaii 31 also followed Kihei Road west to Hawaii 30 (Honoapiilani Highway), but that stretch was renumbered to Hawaii 310.

Hawaii 32 - Kaahumanu Avenue

Hawaii 32 connects downtown Wailuku with the central business district of Kahului along Main Street and Kaahumanu Avenue. The short state route is essentially unchanged from its original signing.

Hawaii 32A - Hobron Avenue

Hawaii 32A constitutes a short spur along Hobron Avenue, linking Hawaii 32 and 36 (Hana Highway) with the Port of Kahului.

Former Hawaii 33 - Kahekili Highway

Hawaii 33 was the designation for the Kahekili Highway that meanders northwest from Wailuku to Waihee and Honokohau. The unpaved section of this route is now a part of County Route 340, the paved portion was renumbered to Hawaii 340.

Former Hawaii 34 - Lower Main St / Kahului Beach Rd

Hawaii 34 originally comprised a loop north from Hawaii 32 along Lower Main Street to Kahului Beach Road. The Kahului Beach Road portion was retained in the state system as the eastern half of Hawaii 3400. Lower Main Street was turned back completely.

Former Hawaii 35 - Puunene Avenue / Mokulele Highway

Hawaii 35 was the designation for Puunene Avenue south from central Kahului to Mokulele Highway and Kihei. This route today exists as Hawaii 3500 north from Hawaii 380 (Kuihelani Highway) to Hawaii 32 (Kaahumanu Avenue) and Hawaii 311 along the Mokulele Highway.

Hawaii 36 - Hana Highway

Hawaii 36 follows the western third of the Hana Highway from Kahului eastward to Lower Paia, Pauwela and County Route 365 (Kaupakalua Road). The state route used to continue all the way to Hana and the north end of Hawaii 31, but that portion of the Hana Highway was renumbered to Hawaii 360.

Hawaii 36A - Haleakala Highway / Keolani Place

Hawaii 36A entails the westernmost section of Haleakala Highway that links Keolani Place (Hawaii 380 south) with Hana Highway (Hawaii 36 west) and Keolani Place entering Kahului Airport.

Hawaii 37 - Haleakala Highway

Hawaii 37 ventures southward from the Kahului Airport area along the western slopes of Puu Nianiau and Haleakala. The state route includes a recently upgraded expressway portion to Pukalani.
Historically Hawaii 37 continued west from its current end point at Hana Highway to Hawaii 36 by Kanaha Ponds. A portion of Haleakala Highway through the airport was removed due to runway expansion at the airport. A stretch of Haleakala Highway remains west and east from Keolani Place ahead of the airport terminal. This includes a signed stretch of Hawaii 36A.

Former Hawaii 38 - Dairy Road

Hawaii 38 connected Hawaii 380 / former 35 (Mokulele Highway) with Hawaii 36 (Hana Highway) along Dairy Road in Kahului. Dairy Road is now a part of Hawaii 380.
Another portion of Hawaii 38 followed Baldwin Avenue through Paia and Olinda Road south from Makawao. Baldwin Avenue is now County Route 390.

Former Hawaii 40 - Waiko Road

Hawaii 40 existed in two segments on Maui. The first was an unpaved road connecting Hawaii 30 (Honopiilani Highway) at Waikapu with Mokuele Highway (Hawaii 35 at the time). A portion of this road remains today as Waiko Road.

The eastern Hawaii 40 followed Makawao Avenue northeast from Pukalani and Hawaii 37 to Makawao, Kokomo and Hawaii 360 (Hana Highway), east of Ulumalu. This route was renumbered to Hawaii 400 and later to County Route 365.

Hawaii 310 - Kihei Road

A two-lane road straddling farm land, marsh land and Maalea Bay between Hawaii 30 (Honoapiilani Highway) and Hawaii 311 north and 31 south (Piilani Highway).

Hawaii 311 - Mokulele Highway

Linking Kihei with Kahului, Hawaii 311 is one of two expressways (Hawaii 380 being the other) leading north-south through agricultural central Maui.

Hawaii 340 - Kahekili Hwy

County Route 330 (Kahekili Highway) and Hawaii 3400 (Waiehu Beach Road) come together at Waiehu to form the south end of Hawaii 340. HI-340 continues Kahekili Highway northwest 4.29 miles to become an unsigned county route en route to Honolua.

Former Hawaii 341 - Waiehu Beach Road

Hawaii 341 was the designation for Waiehu Beach Road leading north from Kahului Beach Road / Lower Main Street (former Hawaii 34) to Kahekili Highway (old Hawaii 33 / current Hawaii 340). Waiehu Beach Road is now a part of Hawaii 3400.

Hawaii 360 - Hana Highway / Keawa Place

Hawaii 360 is the renumbered stretch of Hawaii 36 east along the Hana Highway from Kaupakalua Road to Hana. The state route spurs east in unsigned fashion to end at the wharf by Hana Beach Park.

Hawaii 377 - Haleakala Highway / Kekaulike Avenue

A winding route along the slopes of Puu Nianiau mountain, Hawaii 377 loops east from Hawaii 37 (Haleakala Highway) to Hawaii 378 (Haleakala Crater Road) from south of Waiakoa to Pukalani.

Hawaii 378 - Haleakala Highway / Haleakala Crater Road

Zigzagging east from Hawaii 377 to Puu Nianiau mountain, Hawaii 378 comprises the first half of the route upwards to Haleakala peak.

Hawaii 380 - Kuihelani Highway

Hawaii 380 angles southwest from Kahului Airport to end at a four-lane section of Hawaii 30. Much of the state route is an expressway.

Hawaii 3400 - Kahului Beach Road / Waiehu Beach Road

Hawaii 3400 links downtown Kahului with Waiehu along the former routes of Hawaii 34 and Hawaii 341.

Hawaii 3500 - Puunene Avenue

Puunene Avenue between Hawaii 32 (Kaahumanu Avenue) at the Kahului central business district, and Hawaii 380 (Dairy Road) and Hawaii 311 (Mukulele Highway) carries the designation of Hawaii 3500. The commercial avenue was originally a part of Hawaii 35.

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