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Maryland Route 2 South
Maryland 2 departs the greater Annapolis area for rural environs in southern Anne Arundel County. The state highway reduces to two lanes south of Maryland 214 near Londontown. Pictured here is the approach to Maryland 255 (Owensville Road) on Maryland 2 (Solomons Island Road) southbound. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Southbound at the western terminus of Maryland 255 (Owensville Road). Maryland 255 entails 4.21 miles of roadway between Maryland 2 (Solomons Island Road) and Galesville at the West River. The state highway enters the settlement of West River in one mile. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Continuing south one mile to the junction with Maryland 408 (Marlboro Road) & 422 (Bayard Road) at Mt. Zion. A roundabout joins the three highways at the Maryland 2 (Solomons Island Road) southeasterly turn toward Tracys Landing. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Maryland 2-408-422 guide sign posted ahead of the roundabout between the three highways. Maryland 422 stems northwest via Bayard Road 3.04 miles to Bayard. Maryland 408 travels 5.62 miles west from Maryland 2 to Maryland 4 at Waysons Corner. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Maryland 422 (Bayard Road) departs the roundabout with Maryland 2 & Maryland 408. Maryland 408 departs next via Marlboro Road. Marlboro Road links the Maryland 4 freeway with Maryland 2. Maryland 2 otherwise continues south along Solomons Island Road 11 miles to its merge with Maryland 4 near Sunderland. Photo taken 09/25/04.
Maryland 2 (Solomons Island Road) merges onto Maryland 4 (Southern Maryland Boulevard) from Sunderland. The two highways converge just south of the Maryland 262 (Lower Marlboro Road) intersection. Pictured here is a Maryland 2-4 hyphenated sign for traffic entering the scene from Solomons Island Road. Photo taken 09/25/04.

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