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Maryland Route 32 East
Maryland 32 descends toward its freeway beginning at the Exit 20 diamond interchange with Maryland 108 (Clarksville Pike). Photo taken 08/27/05.
Maryland 108 meets Maryland 32 at the Clarksville community. Traveling 34.23 miles, Maryland 108 begins at Maryland 27 in Damascus and ends at Maryland 175 near Interstate 95. Photo taken 08/27/05.
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2 photos
Maryland 32 widens from a two-lane rural road into a four-lane suburban freeway from Maryland 108 (Exit 20) southeast to its terminus at Interstate 97 and Maryland 3. Use Maryland 108 west to Olney and east to Columbia. Photos taken 08/27/05.
Heading east, Maryland 32 next meets U.S. 29 in three miles, followed by the directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 95 in seven miles. Photo taken 08/27/05.
A half diamond interchange joins Maryland 32 west with Great Star Drive. One mile east of that on-ramp is the Exit 17 diamond interchange with Cedar Lane north and Sanner Road south. Photo taken 08/27/05.
Cedar Lane travels north from Maryland 32 to Atholton, Hickory Ridge, and Columbia. Sanner Road continues the road southward to Holiday Hills and the John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Photo taken 08/27/05.
Exit 17 leaves Maryland 32 eastbound for Sanner Road south and Cedar Lane north. Cedar Lane provides the second exit serving the Columbia area. Sanner Road meanwhile replaced Pindell School Road as the second street mentioned on Exit 17 signs. Pindell School Road stems southwest from Guilford Road nearby to Maryland 216 near Fulton. Photo taken 08/27/05.
Maryland 32 spans the Little Patuxent River on the one-mile approach to the full cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 29 (Exits 16A/B). Photo taken 10/04/09.
A collector distributor lane facilitates the movements to U.S. 29 (Columbia Pike) from Maryland 32 east. U.S. 29 follows a freeway northward from the Patuxent River / Montgomery County line to its terminus at Mt. Hebron. Photo taken 10/04/09.
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2 photos
Traveling southwest, U.S. 29 (Columbia PIke) serves the Montgomery County suburbs to Silver Springs the District of Columbia. The freeway portion of U.S. 29 extended further south with the completion of the Inner County Connector (ICC) / Maryland 200 construction at Burtonsville. Photos taken 10/04/09.
2 photos
2 photos
Exit 16A loops onto U.S. 29 northbound ahead of Columbia. The freeway travels east of the Town Center to Ellicott City and Interstate 70. Photo taken 10/04/09. Second photo taken 08/27/05.
A modified cloverleaf interchange ties Maryland 32 in with adjacent Old Columbia Road to connect with Eden Brook Drive south and Shaker Drive north. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Exit 15 loops onto Old Columbia Road west to Eden Brook and Shaker Drives. Eden Brook Drive serves the King's Contrivance area; Shaker Drive curves northwest to Atholton. Photo taken 10/04/09.
A six-ramp parclo immediately follows with Broken Land Parkway (Exits 14B/A) on Maryland 32 east. Broken Land Parkway stems north from Guilford Road at King's Contrivance to the Owen Brown community. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Heading north, Broken Land Parkway constitutes a four-lane divided highway to Lake Elkhorn and Columbia, meeting U.S. 29 at Exit 18. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Maryland 32 next meets Interstate 95 at Exits 13B/A amid a wooded area near Savage. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Eastbound Maryland 32 expands to three lanes with a dedicated lane for Exit 13B, Interstate 95 south to Laurel, College Park, and Washington, DC. Photo taken 10/04/09.
A left exit connects Maryland 32 east with the left side of Interstate 95 north via Exit 13A. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Interstate 95 angles southwest parallel to U.S. 1 by Laurel 11 miles to the Capital Beltway. Photo taken 10/04/09.
A remaining button copy sign pictured here directs motorists onto Interstate 95 northbound for the city of Baltimore. Photo taken 10/04/09.
U.S. 1 (Washington Boulevard) meets Maryland 32 at a full cloverleaf interchange between Savage and Jessup. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Passing under the Vollmerhaussen Road overpass ahead of the Exit 12B/A c/d roadway for U.S. 1. U.S. 1 (Washington Boulevard) travels south to downtown Laurel and north to Elkridge outside Baltimore. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Eastbound at the Exit 12 c/d roadway departure for U.S. 1. U.S. 1 travels 81.00 miles between the District of Columbia at Cottage City to Pennsylvania north of Rising Sun. Photo taken 10/04/09.
A white Interstate shield erroneously directs motorists onto the Exit 12 c/d roadway in lieu of a standard U.S. 1 shield. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Maryland 32 bisects an industrial area dotted with warehouses between U.S. 1 (Exit 12) and Dorsey Run Road (Exit 11). Photo taken 10/04/09.
Dorsey Run Road travels south to Brock Ridge Road from the parclo interchange (Exit 11) at Annapolis Junction. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Maryland 32 eastbound at Exit 11 to Dorsey Run Road. Dorsey Run Road continues northeast to Guilford Road and Maryland 175 (Jessup Road). Photo taken 10/04/09.
Exits 10B/A serve not only Baltimore-Washington Parkway, but also Canine Road east to the National Security Agency (NSA) complex at Fort George G. Meade. Despite the shared exit numbers, these are three separate ramps. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Another in the series of full cloverleaf interchanges facilitates the movements between Maryland 32 (Patuxent Freeway) and the National Park Service-maintained portion of Baltimore-Washington Parkway. B-W Parkway leads southwest to Greenbelt, Bladensburg, and Washington, DC. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Baltimore-Washington Parkway north provides the most direct route to Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) via Interstate 195 east. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Exit 10A loops onto Baltimore-Washington Parkway northbound to Landsdowne and Baltimore. The parkway transitions to Maryland 295 north of the Maryland 175 cloverleaf interchange nearby. The Canine Road off-ramp departs just beyond Exit 10A; Canine Road connects with Colony Seven Road nearby and the NSA north parking area. Photo taken 10/04/09.
The second Fort Meade exit of Maryland 32 east connects with Canine Road north and Samford Road east via Exit 9. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Exit 9 is unusual in that it utilizes a roundabout to handle movements from Maryland 32 east to Samford Road and from Samford Road west to Maryland 32 east. This exit is otherwise restricted to government employees. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Maryland 198 (Laurel Fort Meade Road) meets Maryland 32 at the final Fort Meade interchange (Exit 8). Photo taken 10/04/09.
One half mile west of the Exit 8 diamond interchange with Maryland 198 (Laurel Fort Mead Road) west and Mapes Road north to Fort Meade. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Maryland 32 (Patuxent Freeway) eastbound at the Exit 8 off-ramp to Maryland 198 and Mapes Road. Roundabouts lie at the end of both on and off-ramps. Beginning at Exit 8, Maryland 198 constitutes a 12.98 mile route west to Maryland 650 at Spencerville. Photo taken 10/04/09.
This mileage sign along eastbound Maryland 32 is located immediately after the Maryland 198/Laurel-Fort Meade Road interchange. It is seven miles from here to the eastern terminus at Interstate 97. Crownsville is 11 miles east of here via Maryland 178/Generals Road (take Exit 5 from southbound Interstate 97), and Annapolis is 18 miles southeast of here via Interstate 97 south and U.S. 50-301 (Interstate 595) east. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Like other state route freeways in the vicinity, Maryland uses larger sized shields for Maryland 32 as it follows the freeway corridor between U.S. 29 and Interstate 97. A commuter route, Maryland 32 carries significant traffic during the morning and afternoon rush hours. As a bypass route, it also affords a controlled access route from Annapolis to Interstate 70 westbound without passing through Baltimore or using the Interstate 695 Baltimore Beltway. Photo taken 06/07/04.
The next exit along eastbound after Maryland 198 is with Maryland 175 to Odenton and Fort Meade. Odenton is located south of Maryland 32. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Maryland 175 follows Annapolis Road southeast into Odenton and northwest into Fort George G. Meade. Between U.S. 29 and Maryland 3, Maryland 175/Annapolis Road parallels Maryland 32 along its 17.01-mile path. The state route connects the freeway with the nearby MARC commuter rail station. Photo taken 10/04/09.
As eastbound Maryland 32 reaches Exit 6 to Maryland 175, overhead signage indicates Annapolis as the control point. Although the route to Annapolis is entirely freeway from here, motorists must take Maryland 32 east to its end, then follow Interstate 97 south to U.S. 50-301 (Interstate 595) east. Photo taken 06/07/04.
Upcoming Maryland 170 (Telegraph Road) is a major arterial heading south into downtown Odenton and north to Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI). The state route culminates at the Baltimore city-county limits and Maryland 2 (Governor Ritchie Highway / Potee Street). Photo taken 10/04/09.
Maryland 170 is not to be confused with the once proposed but unconstructed Interstate 170 spur in Baltimore, which was to connect once-proposed Interstate 70 with downtown Baltimore via the Mulberry Street viaduct. Other duplications of route numbers between Interstates and state routes include Interstate 68 and Maryland 68 in the panhandle and Interstate 97 and Maryland 97 in central Maryland. Photo taken 06/07/04.
Exit 5 leaves Maryland 32 east for Maryland 170 (Telegraph Road) south to Odenton and north to Severn and Maryland 174 (Donaldson Avenue). Overall Maryland 170 totals 12.98 miles between Baltimore and Maryland 677 at Odenton. Photo taken 10/04/09.
The penultimate exit along eastbound is Exit 3, Burns Crossing Road to Gambrills and Odenton. Photo taken 10/04/09.
Burns Crossing Road meets Maryland 32 (Patuxent Freeway) at a folded diamond interchange east of the Maryland 175 roundabout with Maryland 677 and Sappington Station Road at Gambrills. Burns Crossing Road north meanders northward to Mayfield and Ridgeway. Photo taken 10/04/09.
The final exit along eastbound Maryland 32 connects with Interstate 97 and Maryland 3. I-97 heads south to Annapolis, and through lanes directly connect from Maryland 32 onto the freeway. Maryland 3 travels south to Bowie, where it meets U.S. 50-301 (I-595). U.S. 301 extends from that point south into Southeastern Maryland, then crosses the Potomac River en route to Richmond, Virginia. In addition to the two exits heading south, an exit onto northbound Maryland 3 will funnel traffic directly onto I-97 north en route to Glen Burnie and Baltimore. Photo taken 06/07/04.
One of the newer two-digit Interstate highways in the country, Interstate 97 is a fairly short route, connecting southeastern Baltimore at the Interstate 695 beltway with U.S. 50-301 (Hidden Interstate 595) in northwestern Annapolis via Glen Burnie. The highway is well traveled, and it carries four to eight lanes of traffic. Photo taken 06/07/04.
While Interstate 97 heads north to Baltimore, Maryland 3 heads south to Bowie, where it meets U.S. 50-301 (I-595) midway between the Capital Beltway (Interstates 95-495) and Annapolis (I-97). Although Maryland 3 ends here, U.S. 301 continues south.
Historically, Maryland 3 was at one time part of U.S. 301, before it was rerouted onto the Eastern Shore. Photo taken 06/07/04.
A junction sign that is more typically found on rural highways in Maryland is found along eastbound Maryland 32 as it approaches Interstate 97 and Maryland 3. Photo taken 06/07/04.
As Maryland 32 comes to its end, drivers are afforded three options: Exit 1C, Maryland 3 south to Bowie and U.S. 301; Exit 1B, Maryland 3 north to I-97 en route to Glen Burnie and Baltimore; and Exit 1A, I-97 south to Annapolis. Photo taken 06/07/04.
Eastbound Maryland 32 reaches the ramp for Maryland 3 north to Interstate 97 north. All through traffic otherwise is defaulted onto southbound I-97. Photo taken 06/07/04.

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