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MD 268 (North Street) comprises a 0.95-mile long urban minor arterial connecting Main Street (former MD 7) in Downtown Elkton with MD 279 (Newark Avenue / Elkton Road) beyond Elkton Heights. North Street, along with MD 213 (Bridge Street), provide the two routes over the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor between the business district and points north in the Cecil County seat.

Traffic along MD 268 increases from 1,872 vehicles per day (vpd) recorded by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) in 2016 south of High Street to 5,630 vpd across the AMTRAK bridge. Two sections of old North Street below the AMTRAK overpass remain under state maintenance. Inventoried as MD 727, the 0.12 mile long south segment links MD 268 with Booth Street and Old North Road. The northern segment (MD 727A) measures just 0.09 miles from Old North Road to MD 268 (North Street).

Maryland Route 7 East at Maryland Route 268
Main Street (former MD 7) east at MD 268 (North Street) in Downtown Elkton. 04/13/04
MD 268 (North Street) stems north one block from Main Street (old MD 7) to High Street near Union Hospital of Cecil County. 12/26/17
Traffic lights at Main and North Streets were eliminated after the 2012 transfer of Main Street to town of Elkton maintenance. 04/13/04
Maryland Route 268 North
A MD 268 confirming marker stands just north of Main Street in Downtown Elkton. 12/26/17
Railroad Avenue runs west from MD 268 (North Street) to MD 213 (Bridge Street). 12/26/17
MD 268 spans AMTRAK's Northeast Corridor across a 1987-built overpass. 12/26/17
MD 268 (North Street) lowers from the AMTRAK bridge between the Elkton Heights and Gilpin Manor neighborhoods. The state route continues north to MD 279 (Newark Avenue) by Elkton Middle School. 12/26/17
Eastbound MD 279 crosses Big Elk Creek between MD 268 (North Street) and MD 316 en route to a short expressway (Elkton Road) connecting Elkton with Interstate 95. 12/26/17
MD 279 (Newark Avenue) curves southwest 1.7 miles to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) and MD 7 (Old Philadelphia Road). 01/02/19
Replaced shield assembly at the north end of MD 268. Walnut Road ties into the traffic light here from the Gilpin Heights neighborhood. 04/13/04
Maryland Route 268 South
MD 268 stems south from MD 279 (Newark Avenue) and Walnut Lane by Elkton Middle School. 01/02/19

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