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MD 282 is a rural highway traveling 12.43 miles across southern reaches of Cecil County. The state route begins at White Crystal Beach Road outside the Elk River community of Crystal Beach. Following Crystal Beach Road along Pearce Neck, MD 282 traverses agricultural areas southeast to the settlement of Earleville and town of Cecilton. Beyond Main Street in Cecilton, the state route lines Cecilton Warwick Road east to the unincorporated community of Warwick. MD 282 concludes along Main Street at the Delaware state line.

Historically MD 282 extended west along Grove Neck Road, from Crystal Beach Road near Earleville, onto the peninsula between Chesapeake Bay and the mouth of the Sassafras River. Crystal Beach Road northwest from Grove Neck Road was a part of MD 283 at that time. MD 283 became a part of MD 282 during a realignment.1

With the realignment of U.S. 301 from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore by 1960, a subsequent extension of MD 282 was made at the east end. MD 282 replaced MD 299 from Sassafras Road to the Delaware state line. Despite the renumbering, SR 299 remains in place from the Maryland line through Middletown and Odessa.

Maryland Route 282 - Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 2,541 - Crystal Beach to MD 213
  • 2,752 - MD 213 to Delaware line

Source: Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) - 2016 Traffic Volume Maps by County

Maryland Route 282 East
Leaving Crystal Beach, MD 282 (Crystal Beach Road) arcs east from White Crystal Beach Road to Elk View Shores Road. 08/10/04
The first MD 282 confirming marker stands beyond Elk View Shores Road at Peace Neck. MD 282 (Crystal Beach Road) ventures southeast 3.1 miles to Earleville and 6.6 miles to MD 213 at Cecilton. 08/10/04
Confirming marker posted east of MD 213 (Bohemia Avenue) at the Cecilton town center. MD 213 crosses the Bohemia River, Sassafras River, and Chesapeake and Delaware Canals on the 20-mile drive between Galena and Elkton. 12/29/17
MD 282 (Cecilton Warwick Road) travels 5.036 miles east from Center Street in Cecilton to the Warwick post office. 12/29/17
Continuing east from Cecilton, MD 282 (Cecilton Warwick Road) crosses Sassafras Neck. This reassurance marker appears after Christopher Road. 12/29/17
2 photos
2 photos
MD 282 (Cecilton Warwick Road) east of Worsell Manor Road. 12/29/17
Sassfras Road (former MD 299) north ties into MD 282 ahead of this shield assembly at Warwick. MD 299 was truncated southward 2.3 miles to Sassafras Road at U.S. 301. 12/29/17
Proceeding east through Warwick along Main Street, MD 282 reaches the Delaware state line. SR 299 (Warwick Road) continues the roadway northeast to the U.S. 301 toll road at Middletown. 12/29/17
Maryland Route 282 West
MD 282 reassurance shield formerly posted at the Delaware state line ahead of Warwick. 12/21/01
Construction of the U.S. 301 toll road around Middletown in 2017 realigned a portion of SR 299 preceding the Maryland state line. The state route rejoins Warwick Road just ahead of Main Street through Warwick. 12/15/17
Main Street advances west through the unincorporated community of Warwick to intersect Church Road north ahead of this shield assembly. 12/15/17
Shifting onto Cecilton Warwick Road, MD 282 leaves Warwick ahead of Sassafras Road (old MD 299) south and a nursery. 12/15/17
Farmland spreads alongside MD 282 (Cecilton Warwick Road) as the route progresses westward onto Sassafras Neck. 12/15/17
MD 282 weaves through additional agricultural areas ahead of Cecilton. 12/15/17
The lone traffic light along MD 282 operates at Cecilton with MD 213 (Bohemia Avenue). Connecting Elkton with Galena, MD 213 represents the main north-south highway in Cecil County. 12/15/17
MD 282 follows Main Street across the town of Cecilton. 12/15/17
MD 282 (Main Street) and MD 213 (Bohemia Avenue) meet in the Cecilton business district. 12/15/17
MD 213 was established in 1978 over what was U.S. 213 between Wye Mills and Elkton. The state route travels 68 miles across the Eastern Shore between MD 662 and PA 841 at Lewisville. 12/15/17
Main Street westbound after MD 213 (Bohemia Avenue) in Cecilton. MD 282 reaches Earleville in 3.5 miles along Crystal Beach Road. 08/10/04
MD 282 (Crystal Beach) ends at the intersection with White Crystal Beach Road. The community of Crystal Beach lies ahead. 08/10/04
Old Crystal Beach Road
7 photos
7 photos
7 photos
7 photos
7 photos
7 photos
7 photos
Old Crystal Beach Road represents a former alignment of MD 283 to the north of Earleville. The narrow concrete roadway loops 0.6 miles along the east side of MD 282 (Crystal Beach Road) at Glebe Road. 08/10/04

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