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MD 286 spurs 2.09 miles east from George Street in south Chesapeake City along 2nd Street and Bethel Road to the Delaware state line. SR 286 (Bethel Church Road) extends the route another 1.73 miles to SR 15 near Summit Bridge. The multi state route was established in Delaware by 1993.

The 0.49 mile connection between MD 213 (Augustine Herman Highway) and MD 286 along George Street in Chesapeake City is inventoried as MD 537C. MD 537C (George Street) links with MD 342 (St. Augustine Road) south, Basil Street (unsigned MD 537D) and ramps with the Chesapeake City Bridge.

Maryland Route 286 Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 2,485 - Basil Street (MD 537D)
  • 2,720 - George Street (MD 537C)
  • 1,485 - MD 286 (2nd Street) east of George Street (MD 537C)

Source: Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) - 2016 Traffic Volume Maps by County

Basil Street / Maryland Route 537D North
The 0.25 mile segment of MD 537D along Basil Street connects the southbound ramps of MD 213 at the Chesapeake City Bridge with MD 286 (George Street) and MD 342 (St. Augustine Road). The tied arch bridge across the C & D Canal was built between 1946 and 1949. 12/26/17
Basil Street intersects MD 286 (George Street) at the northbound ramps with the Chesapeake City Bridge. George Street (MD 537C) angles northeast to the Chesapeake City business district. 12/26/17
MD 537D extends east to meet MD 342 south to St. Augustine directly. MD 342 comprises a rural route 2.82 miles south to MD 310 at St. Augustine. 12/26/17
Maryland Route 286 East
Inventoried as MD 537C but signed as MD 286, George Street stems north from the MD 213 off-ramp to south Chesapeake City. Basil Avenue (MD 537D) links George Street with adjacent MD 342 (St. Augustine Road) south. 12/21/01
George Street (historic U.S. 213) angles northeast from the Chesapeake City Bridge to the Chesapeake City business district. MD 286 turns east along 2nd Street just ahead of the C & D Canal waterfront. 12/26/17
One block east of George Street, MD 286 (2nd Street) intersects Bohemia Avenue at Chesapeake City town hall. 12/26/17
Passing by the Chesapeake Inn Restaurant and Marina along MD 286 (2nd Street) eastbound. 12/26/17
MD 286 encircles the mooring basin opening north from Back Creek to the C & D Canal. 12/26/17
Spanning Back Creek, MD 286 approaches Bethel Road. 12/26/17
Bethel Road carries the remainder of MD 286 east to the Delaware state line. A levee system parallels the north side of the state route on this stretch. 12/26/17
Entering New Castle County, Delaware, 0.25 miles beyond Bethel Cemetery Road north and Old Telegraph Road south. SR 286 (Bethel Church Road) advances east by a number of large lot subdivisions to SR 15 (Choptank Road). 12/26/17
Maryland Route 286 West
A trailblazer appears for MD 213 at the implied turn of MD 286 (2nd Street) west onto George Street (unsigned MD 537D) south in Chesapeake City. 12/26/17
George Street (MD 537D) leads south from 2nd Street (MD 286) across 3rd and 4th Streets. 12/26/17
MD 342 (St. Augustine Road) branches south from George Street adjacent to the Chesapeake City Bridge. The route is not acknowledged here. 12/26/17
George Street advances south from St. Augustine Road to Basil Avenue (MD 537D). George Street links with MD 213 northbound directly via a loop ramp ahead. 12/26/17
Basil Avenue arcs southward below the Chesapeake City Bridge to a ramp for MD 213 southbound. A vintage shield for MD 213 previously directed motorists to Augustine Herman Highway. 01/15/00

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