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SR 197 is an east-west highway traveling between Litchfield Corners, Richmond Corner, Richmond, and Dresden in south central Maine.

SR 197 East
Maine 197 and Interstate 295 meet at a diamond interchange (Exit 43) outside of Richmond Corner. The north-south freeway travels between Gardiner and Portland, parallel to the U.S. 201 and U.S. 1 corridors. Augusta lies 15 miles to the north via I-295 and I-95 (Maine Turnpike). 06/28/05
Leaving the junction with Interstate 295 on Maine 197 eastbound. Maine 197 travels 3.5 miles between the freeway and the Richmond town center. 06/28/05
SR 24 North SR 197 East
Maine 197 east combines with Maine 24 north briefly along Front Street through Richmond. Pictured here are northbound reassurance markers for the 0.4-mile overlap. 06/28/05
Nearing the split with Maine 197 (Ferry Road) east on Maine 24 (Front Street) north. Maine 197 resumes an eastward course across the Kennebec River to Dresden. 06/28/05
Maine 24 follows River Road northward on the 10.5-mile course to Gardiner and U.S. 201. Maine 197 (Ferry Road) ends 2.6 miles east at Maine 27 at Dresden. 06/28/05
SR 197 East
Continuing east along Ferry Road, one mile ahead of Maine 128 on Maine 197 east. 06/28/05
The Kennebec River comes into view on Maine 197 (Ferry Road) eastbound. The river flows southward from Skowhegan, Fairfield, Augusta, and Gardiner to Richmond. 06/28/05
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3 photos
3 photos
A narrow metal deck truss bridge built in 1931 carried Maine 197 across the Kennebec River between Richmond and Dresden until 2014. This bridge was closed when the new 1,500 foot long Maine Kennebec Bridge opened to traffic on December 5, 2014. Construction broke ground on the $18.6-million project in July 2013.1 06/28/05
SR 197 West
Westbound Maine 197 at the former swing truss bridge across the Kennebec River. Clearances ranged from 15'2" above the center line to 11'0" over the lane outsides. The replacement span travels at a height of 80 feet above the river with concrete supports and no superstructure. 06/28/05
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3 photos
3 photos
Historical view of the 1931-bridge for SR 197 west across the Kennebec River. The river represents the boundary between Lincoln and Sagadahoc County lines. 06/28/05
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Maine 197 (Ferry Road) westbound nears Maine 24 (River Road) north of Richmond. Maine 24 follows River Road south from Gardiner and South Gardiner along the Kennebec River. 06/28/05
Maine 197 west joins Maine 24 south for a 0.4-mile overlap along Front Street in Richmond. Maine 24 travels 9.4 miles north to South Gardiner. 06/28/05
SR 24 South SR 197 West
Maine 24 south & Maine 197 west on their 0.4-mile overlap along Front Street in Richmond. Maine 197 west joins Maine 24 south from Ferry Road and a truss bridge over the Kennebec River. 06/28/05
Descending toward the Richmond town center on Maine 24 south & 197 (Front Street) west. The two part ways ahead on respective courses to Bowdoinham and Richmond Corner. 06/28/05
Travelers bound for Interstate 295 should use Maine 197 (Main Street / County Road) west 3.5 miles to a diamond interchange (Exit 43) with the freeway. I-295 travels a parallel routing to Maine 24 from Gardiner south to Brunswick. 06/28/05
SR 197 West
Leaving the Richmond town center along Maine 197 (Main Street) westbound. Maine 197 ends 15.4 miles westward at Maine 9 & 126. 06/28/05
Interstate 295 trailblazer posted along Maine 197 (County Road) westbound near the intersection with Carding Machine Road. 06/28/05
Older style reassurance shield posted along Maine 197 (County Road) west near White Road. 06/28/05
A diamond interchange connects Interstate 295 and Maine 197 (County Road) at Exit 43. I-295 north continues eight miles to West Gardiner and the merge with Interstate 95 (Maine Turnpike). 06/28/05
Maine 197 passes over Interstate 295 and approaches the southbound on-ramp to Brunswick and Portland. 37 miles separates the interchange with the city of Portland. 06/28/05
Westbound at the Interstate 295 southbound ramp departure. Maine 197 (County Road) continues a short distance to Maine 138 and U.S. 201 at Richmond Corner. 06/28/05
SR 197 scenes
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3 photos
3 photos
Riverside views at the old truss swing bridge for Maine 197 over the Kennebec River at Richmond. The Kennebec flows southward into Merrymeeting Bay and eventually the Atlantic Ocean. 06/28/05

  1. "New Kennebec River bridge linking Dresden and Richmond opens Friday, 8 months ahead of schedule." The Bangor Daily News, December 4, 2014.

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