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U.S. 70
Sunset scene along westbound U.S. 70 west of Safford. Photo taken 05/23/03.
Arizona 89
Northbound Arizona 89 approaching Arizona 69 in Prescott late at night. Arizona is a multi-lane divided highway that leads from Prescott southeast to Interstate 17 near Agua Fria National Monument. Photo taken 05/23/03.
Arizona 89 south approaching Yavapai County 70 between Chino Valley and Prescott. Photo taken 05/23/03.
Arizona 89 south at Arizona 69 south in Prescott. Photo taken 05/23/03.
Miscellaneous Bisbee
Bisbee's Brewery Gulch is located just east of the main downtown strip along old U.S. 80. This narrow street used to have a trolley system, thus precluding the use of other vehicular traffic. That of course has changed since Bisbee's early population boom has faded. Photo taken 03/27/04.
Miscellaneous Tombstone
2 photos
2 photos
Views of the Tombstone Courthouse State Park. Photos taken 03/27/04.
Allen Street, which is the main street through Tombstone, has been closed off to most vehicular traffic, making the road walkable and ideal for strolling. Most of the town's shops and museums are located on Allen Street or a block or two removed. Photo taken 03/27/04.
This old guide sign along westbound Allen Street points the way from Allen Street to Arizona 80, which is situated one block north of east-west Allen Street. Photo taken 03/27/04.
Westbound Allen Street at the cutoff to Sierra Vista. This cutoff road connects Tombstone with Sierra Vista, and it is used by several who make their homes in Tombstone and work in Sierra Vista. Photo taken 03/27/04.

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05/23/03, 03/27/04 by AARoads

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