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Photos covering city streets and arterials across the capital city of Montgomery.

Historic U.S. 80 east
U.S. 80 follows Maxwell Boulevard east to Catoma Street, where the route shifted southeast one block onto Bibb Street through the central business district. Lee Street stems southeast from Bibb to Court Street south, a former alignment of both U.S. 31 and 331. 10/06/12
Commerce Street intersects Bibb Street (historic U.S. 80) east at the next block. The boulevard travels just three blocks from Riverfront Park on the Alabama to the fountain at Dexter Avenue east and Court Street south. 10/06/12
Bibb Street becomes Madison Avenue at North Court Street. Court Street north from old U.S. 80 once carried U.S. 31 and later SR 143. 10/06/12
Perry Street north meets Madison Avenue at this traffic light. Perry Street represented the northern extent of U.S. 331 between 1953 and 1971.1 10/06/12
McDonough Street flows north from Clanton Avenue across Interstate 85 to Madison Avenue. North of old U.S. 80, the street connects Madison Avenue with an industrial area. 10/06/12
One block removed from the 1990-end of U.S. 331 (Union Street) at Ripley Street on Madison Avenue east. Ripley Street leads northeast to New Town and Chisholm, becoming County Road 74 beyond SR 152 (North Boulevard). 10/06/12
Madison Avenue intersects Hall Street south at Cramton Bowl, the football stadium that was home of Alabama State University Hornets until 2012. 10/06/12
Trailblazers allude the historic routing of both U.S. 80 east & 231 north along Madison Avenue at Hopper Street. As of 2011, the U.S. 80 trailblazer is off as US 80 was realigned from Atlanta Highway east from East Boulevard onto Interstate 85 to the south. 10/06/12
Capitol Parkway meets Madison Avenue at a leafy neighborhood midway between Upper Wetumpka Road and Highland Avenue. 10/06/12
Madison Avenue eastbound at California Street. 10/06/12
Madison Avenue eastbound expands to three lanes ahead of the merge with Mt. Meigs Road. Ann Street south follows to Oak Park and a diamond interchange with Interstate 85 (Exit 3). Trailblazers for U.S. 80 and 231 remain from the historic split of the two at Federal Drive and Atlanta Highway. 10/06/12
Madison Avenue merges with Mt. Meigs Road north opposite Panama Street. 10/06/12
Madison Avenue becomes Atlanta Highway at Federal Drive north. Atlanta Highway carried U.S. 80 east to East Boulevard until the mid 1960s. Federal Drive did the same for U.S. 231 north to North Boulevard. 10/06/12
Historic U.S. 231 north
Federal Drive begins from Madison Avenue west / Atlanta Highway east (old U.S. 80) and continues the historical alignment of U.S. 231 north. A trailblazer alludes to the U.S. 231 alignment and directs motorists to Wetumpka Highway northeast of North Boulevard. 10/06/12
McCarter Avenue east and Pelzer Avenue west come together at a staggered intersection with Federal Drive. 10/06/12
A second U.S. 231 trailblazer appears at the corner of Federal Drive and Pelzer Avenue. 10/06/12
Biltmore Avenue crosses Federal Drive two blocks east from Upper Wetumpka Road to residential areas east of Coliseum Boulevard. 10/06/12
Crestview Street connects Federal Drive with Fairground Road north from Upper Wetumpka Road. Fairground Road lines the west side of the Montgomery County Fairgrounds while former U.S. 231 veers northeast along the east side. 10/06/12
Coliseum Boulevard stems north from Atlanta Highway (old U.S. 80) through the Dalraida neighborhood to meet Federal Drive east of Garrett Coliseum and the fairgrounds. 10/06/12
Federal Drive travels by Gunter Annex of Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base and intersects Turner Boulevard, the main gate to the facility from old U.S. 231. 10/06/12
Federal Drive (Congressman W. L. Dickinson Drive) leaves Gunter Annex and intersects Gunter Park Drive south to Lagoon Park and Gunter Industrial Park. 10/06/12
Federal Drive next approaches the diamond interchange with East Boulevard (U.S. 231 & SR 21 south) and North Boulevard (SR 152 west). 10/06/12
U.S. 231 & SR 21 south depart Wetumpka Highway for East Boulevard around the east side of Montgomery to Interstate 85 and U.S. 82 (Troy Highway). 10/06/12
North Boulevard continues west from U.S. 231 & SR 21 (Wetumpka Highway) to end at Interstate 65 across the Alabama River. The controlled access highway doubles as the 6.61-mile SR 152, though signs often ignore the designation. 10/06/12
Clay Street west
Clay Street branches west from Bibb Street and facilitates traffic movements from downtown to Interstate 65 at Holt and Dickerson Streets. 11/04/09
Holt Street provides a northbound side frontage road to Interstate 65 between Clayton Street and Maxwell Boulevard. The road carries motorists from I-65 north to downtown via Herron Street east and Maxwell A.F.B. via Maxwell Boulevard west. 11/04/09
Drivers joining Interstate 65 drop from Herron and Holt Streets onto the freeway at the crossing of the Alabama River to Prattville. 11/04/09
Dickerson Street compliments Holt Street in the northbound direction between Maxwell Boulevard and Day Street. The on-ramp joins I-65 south from Herron Street ahead of Interstate 85. 11/04/09
Court Street north
Court Street heads north from the terminus of U.S. 331 and South Boulevard (U.S. 80-82 & SR 21) to the Ridgecrest neighborhood of Montgomery. Pictured here is the traffic light at Patton Avenue. 10/06/12
Delano Avenue intersects Court Street at the north end of Cloverland shopping center. 10/06/12
Edgemont Avenue crosses Court Street at the next traffic light in Ridgecrest. 10/06/12
Court Street becomes one-way southbound out from downtown to Fairview Avenue. Fairview Avenue was once a part of U.S. 31 Business & 80 Business. 10/06/12
Dexter Avenue east
Dexter Avenue eastbound at Decatur Street, with the Alabama State Capitol rising prominently from Bainbridge Street ahead. 10/06/12
Dickerson Street south
Dickerson Street comprises a southbound side frontage road to Interstate 65 between Maxwell Boulevard and Day Street. The block between Clay and Herron Streets connects the southbound on and off-ramps at Exit 172. 11/04/09
Fairview Avenue east
Fairview Avenue eastbound at Perry Street. Perry Street was once a part of U.S. 331 north to Madison Avenue (historic U.S. 80). Fairview Avenue doubled as U.S. 331 between the historic couplet of Court Street (south) and Perry Street (north) and Norman Bridge Road. 10/06/12
Holt Street north
A split-diamond interchange joins Interstate 65 with the Montgomery street grid west of downtown via Heron and Clay Streets. Holt Street northbound provides the connection between the northbound on and off-ramps. 11/04/09
Perry Street north
Perry Street (historic U.S. 331) north at Felder Avenue west of the Cloverdale neighborhood of the city. U.S. 331 shifted to a couplet of Union (north) and Decatur (south) Streets for its final run into central Montgomery. 10/06/12
A split-diamond interchange connects Interstate 85 with the Montgomery Street grid from Court Street east to Union Street. 10/06/12
Arba Street comprises the eastbound service road between the Exit 1 off-ramp of Interstate 85 north at Court Street and the on-ramp from Union Street. 10/06/12
South Street takes traffic westbound between the Union Street off-ramp (Exit 1) and I-85 southbound entrance ramp from near Court Street. I-85 ends nearby at I-65. 10/06/12
Two blocks north of Interstate 85 at the Perry Street intersection with High Street. 10/06/12
The Montgomery central business district comes into view as Perry Street lowers from Scott Street. 10/06/12
Adams Avenue flows east from Court Street to become Mt. Meigs Road through Oak Park. Mt. Meigs Road merges with Madison Avenue (old U.S. 80) ahead of the transition into Atlanta Highway. 10/06/12
Washington Avenue flows west from Jackson Street across Perry Street to Court Street. 10/06/12
Dexter Avenue heads east from a fountain at Court and Commerce Streets to the steps of the Alabama State Capitol. 10/06/12
Union Street north
Union Street northbound at Washington Avenue opposite the Alabama State House. Union Street was the final alignment of U.S. 331 north until the route was truncated to South Boulevard in 1990.1 10/06/12
Union Street continues along the back side of the Alabama State Capitol building to intersect Monroe Street at the RSA Union Building. 10/06/12
U.S. 331 north ended at the intersection of Union Street and Madison Avenue (Historic U.S. 80) here until 1990. 10/06/12

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