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Mississippi Highway 63 provides part of a four-lane corridor connecting Moss Point and the Gulf Coast with U.S. 45 north to Meridian. Measuring 106 miles in length, MS 63 originates at a folded diamond interchange with U.S. 90 and MS 611 north of Bayou Casotte Industrial Park and Pascagoula. Spanning a high level bridge across the Escatawpa River, MS 63 provides a truck route north to Interstate 10. Beyond the freeway, the state highway travels a rural course from Trent Lott International Airport (PQL) to the George County seat of Lucedale.

MS 63 bypasses Lucedale to the west along a controlled access expressway completed in November 2000. Six miles of the former alignment of MS 63 and two miles of MS 26 were turned over to George County and Lucedale city maintenance once the bypass opened.1 MS 63 previously ran along Winter and Main Streets, including overlaps with both MS 26 and U.S. 98/MS 198. Until August 22, 2011, the four lane section of MS 63 ended at a diamond interchange with U.S. 98 to the northwest of Lucedale.2 Opening at that time was the continuation of the four lane corridor north to MS 57 and MS 594 near Leakesville. MS 57 runs along the northernmost extent of the corridor to U.S. 45 at State Line.

Turning northwest from the four-lane corridor, MS 63 combines with MS 57 for 3.7 miles to the Greene County seat of Leakesville. The state highway loops westward along a rural two lane road to Avera and back east to Clara. MS 63 concludes at Turner Street and Azalea Drive (MS 184) in the city of Waynesboro.

Construction on the 25 mile long section of four-lane roadway for MS 63 and MS 57 in George and Greene Counties commenced in 2008 with the awarding of a $42.1 million contract to Tanner Construction of Ellisville. The four lane alignment of MS 57/63 was incorporated into the four lane corridor extending north along U.S. 45 to Corinth and the Tennessee state line. The 110-mile corridor through the Southern District of the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) cost $325 million overall. Initial work built the new roadway northward from the Jackson County line in 1992.3

Work started on the interchange joining the south end of MS 63 with MS 611 and U.S. 90 in December 2010.4 Funded by a $35 million Mississippi Development Authority grant, the $21 million first phase made improvements along MS 63 and MS 611, including the 711 foot long overpass spanning U.S. 90 and the adjacent CSX Railroad.5 Costing $13.6 million, the second phase widening MS 611 to five lanes from Old Mobile Highway to the Chevron refinery in Pascagoula, commenced in March 2014.6

Mississippi 63 north
The first confirming marker for Mississippi 63 northbound stands between the folded diamond interchange with U.S. 90 and Mississippi 611 and Short Cut Road. 11/20/15
Short Cut Road was realigned northward due to construction of the grade separation between MS 63/611 and U.S. 90. 11/20/15
The succeeding traffic light along MS 63 north in Moss Point is with Frederick Street. 11/20/15
Northbound MS 63 at Martin Luther King Boulevard in Moss Point. 11/20/15
2 photos
2 photos
Continuing north from the high level bridge over the Escatawpa River, MS 63 approaches Interstate 10 alongside frontage roads with a variety of traveler services. 03/29/09
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 10 leads east from the diamond interchange with MS 63 to Grand Bay and Mobile, Alabama. 04/05/12
2 photos
2 photos
Heading west from MS 63 and Moss Point, I-10 crosses the Pascagaoula River en route to D'iberville, Biloxi, Gulfport and New Orleans, Louisiana. 03/29/09
MS 63 shifts west onto the expressway bypass of Lucedale ahead of MS 26. MS 26 concludes east in Lucedale and travels west to Wiggins, Poplarville and LA 10 east of Bogalusa. 12/11/00
MS 63 passes over Big Creek and MS 198 (Main Street) one mile ahead of U.S. 98. 12/11/00
2 photos
2 photos
Connecting Mobile County, Alabama with Interstate 59 at Hattiesburg, U.S. 98 bypasses Lucedale to the north along a four lane, divided highway. 10/06/11
A diamond interchange joins MS 63 with U.S. 98 southeast of McLain and northwest of Wilmer, Alabama. 10/06/11
Confirming marker for MS 63 posted north of U.S. 98. 10/06/11
Opened to traffic in August 2011, the four-lane alignment of MS 63 travels 13.7 miles north to MS 57, where MS 63 rejoins its previous two-lane route northwest into Leakesville. 10/06/11
MS 63 north of Ernest Pipkins Road. 10/06/11
Entering Greene County along MS 63 northbound ahead of Evans Creek. 10/06/11
Highway 63 bee lines northward across hilly terrain and timberland east of the Chickasawhay River. 10/06/11
Reassurance marker posted beyond the intersection with Winburn Chapel Road. 10/06/11
Lowering toward Gin Creek along Highway 63 northbound. 10/06/11
MS 63 undulates across Wilson and Sandy Creeks. 10/06/11
A diamond interchange joins MS 63 with MS 57 southeast from Leakesville and MS 594 (Old Highway 63) north from Pisgah. 10/06/11
Although unmarked on guide signs, MS 594 was extended 2.2 miles northwest along Old Highway 63 from its former end point. The state highway leads east to the Alabama state line, where it becomes CR 96 (Beverly Jefferies Highway). 10/06/11
Mississippi 57 south & 63 north
MS 63 north overlaps with MS 57 south for 3.7 miles into the town of Leakesville. 10/06/11
2 photos
2 photos
MS 63 north and MS 57 south previously combined just east of the Chickasawhay River. This shield assembly marked the beginning of the 1.6 mile overlap west to Main Street in Leakesville. 08/21/01
Following Main Street through the Leakesville business district, MS 57 south and MS 63 north split at Lackey Street. MS 57 continues west 13.9 miles to U.S. 98 and McLain, while MS 63 arcs northwest 19.4 miles to MS 42 at Sand Hill. 08/21/01
Mississippi 57 north & 63 south
Prior to completion of the four lane corridor between Lucedale and State Line, MS 57 north and MS 63 south split just east of the Chickasawhay River and the town of Leakesville. Old Highway 57 provides a local route north 5.8 miles to the realignment of MS 57. 08/21/01
2 photos
2 photos
MS 57 north & 63 south advance two miles southeast from Old Highway 57 to their separation. 10/06/11
MS 57 turns north from MS 63 and MS 594 (Old Highway 63) 22.9 miles to MS 42 at the town of State Line. 10/06/11
Old Highway 63 was eventually signed as an extension of MS 594 east from the northbound on-ramp for MS 57 to Pisgah. MS 594 travels 5.7 miles east to Mobile County, Alabama. 10/06/11
Mississippi 63 south
Approaching Interstate 10 along MS 63 south in Moss Point. 09/12/10
Interstate 10 travels across the Mississippi Gulf Coast, connecting Moss Point with Biloxi and Gulfport to the west. 09/12/10
MS 63 south at the eastbound entrance ramp for I-10 to Mobile, Alabama. 03/29/09
Amoco Drive connects MS 63 with the adjacent service roads south of I-10 in Moss Point. 10/24/09
A U.S. 90 trailblazer stands along MS 63 south between Amoco Drive and Dutch Bayou Road. 09/12/10
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
The high level bridge taking MS 63 across the Escatawpa River extends 1.1 miles over Elder Ferry Road, Elder Street and Earl Boulevard. 05/29/04, 09/12/10
Advancing south from the Escatawpa River, MS 63 enters the Moss Point residential street grid at Grierson Street. 09/12/10
Grierson Street leads west from MS 63 to Elder Street and McInnis Avenue toward Moss Point city hall. 09/12/10
The succeeding traffic light along MS 63 south is at Martin Luther King Boulevard. 09/12/10
A folded diamond interchange joins the south end of MS 63 with U.S. 90 opposite MS 611 (Industrial Road) in one half mile. 11/20/15
The $36.6 million grade separation project at MS 63/611, U.S. 90 and the CSX Railroad included expansion of MS 63 to six lanes south from Frederick Street. Work wrapped up in 2016. 11/20/15
Short Cut Road was relocated to a new signalized intersection with Mississippi 63 during construction of the exchange at U.S. 90. Short Cut Road angles soutwhest to Jefferson Avenue and MS 613 in Moss Point. 11/20/15
Southbound MS 63 separates with a two-lane ramp connecting with U.S. 90. MS 611 extends south along Bayou Casotte to the Chevron Pascagoula Refinery and other industrial businesses. 11/20/15
U.S. 90 parallels a CSX Railroad line southwest to Downtown Pascagoula and east to Mobile County, Alabama. 11/20/15

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