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Several branches of Mississippi 184 are posted along former sections of U.S. 84 replaced with four lane alignments. Many of these act as business routes from the U.S. 84 mainline, connecting the city center with a controlled access bypass. The segments of Mississippi 184 are as follows:

  • Meadville / Bude - a 4.7 mile route along Main Street north of U.S. 84 through Meadville and Old U.S. 84 south of U.S. 84 through Bude.
  • Monticello - 6.7 miles along Broad Street south of U.S. 84 through Monticello.
  • Silver Creek - a 4.3 mile loop north of U.S. 84 along Southern Avenue.
  • Prentiss - 3.8 miles along an older arterial bypass around the east side of the town. MS 184 overlaps with MS 13.
  • Collins - 2.8 miles south of U.S. 84 along Main Street
  • Powers / Cleo - 3.9 miles along a rural section of Highway 184 south of U.S. 84
  • Waynesboro - 5.2 miles south of the U.S. 84 expressway along Azalea Drive to U.S. 45. The route spurs one mile northeast from U.S. 45 to a dead end beside U.S. 84 via Central Road.


Mississippi Highway 184 East
What was mainline U.S. 84 in 2004 became MS 184 with the completion of the Monticello bypass in Lawrence County. MS 184 intersects MS 27 south of a diamond interchange with the realignment of U.S. 84 west of Monticello. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 27 was also realigned in the early 2000s, shifting west of Monticello along a bypass and hurricane evacuation route leading northward to Interstate 55 and Vicksburg. Photo taken 06/12/04.
U.S. 84 reassurance marker formerly posted after the intersection with Mississippi 27 on MS 184 (West Broad Street) in Monticello. Photo taken 06/12/04.
30 inch traffic signals at the MS 184 (Broad Street) intersection with F.E. Sellers Highway (former MS 27) south and Brookhaven Street north. MS 27 previously overlapped with U.S. 84 east along Broad Street to F.E. Sellers Highway, where it turned south 3.3 miles to its realignment. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Broad Street continues east from F.E. Sellers Highway through the Monticello business district. Photo taken 06/12/04.
MS 587 enters Monticello from the southeast along Washington Street. The state route concludes at MS 184 (Broad Street), five blocks east of F.E. Sellers Highway. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Mississippi 587 parallels the Pearl River south along a 30 mile course to U.S. 98 at Foxworth. Photo taken 06/12/04.
MS 184 (Broad Street) advances 0.9 miles east from MS 587 (Washington Street) to cross the Pearl River. Photo taken 06/12/04.
MS 43 combines with MS 184 for 0.7 miles northeast from the intersection with Old Stevens Road outside Monticello. The state route travels 16.8 miles southeast to MS 13 near Society Hill. Photo taken 06/12/04.

Silver Creek

Mississippi Highway 184 East
MS 43 north & MS 184 east arc 1.5 miles northeast from U.S. 84 into the town of Silver Creek. The two split at the intersection of Southern Avenue and Front Street. Photo taken 06/12/04.
MS 43 turns north from MS 184 (Southern Avenue) eight miles to New Hebron and 28 miles to Mendenhall. The state route formerly followed Front Street south from Southern Avenue as well. Photo taken 06/12/04.


Mississippi Highway 184 East
U.S. 84 bypasses Prentiss along a four-lane expressway to the north of the Jefferson Davis County seat. Widening to four lanes ahead of MS 13 and Columbia Avenue (historic U.S. 84), MS 184 follows an older bypass alignment to the south and east. Photo taken 06/12/04.
MS 13 combines with MS 184 northeast for 2.5 miles around Prentiss. The state route enters the town from Columbia 26 miles to the south. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Columbia Avenue branches northeast from MS 13/184 into Downtown Prentiss. MS 42 follows the historic alignment of U.S. 84 between St. Stephens Road and 3rd Street. Photo taken 06/12/04.
MS 42 enters Prentiss from the rural communities of Carson and Bassfield to the southeast. The state route travels 105 miles overall between the MS 43 at New Hebron and Alabama State Route 56 at State Line. Photo taken 06/12/04.
MS 13/184 and MS 43 converge at a four-way stop sign. MS 42 leads southeast to Sumrall and alongside U.S. 49 south to Hattiesburg. Photo taken 06/12/04.
MS 184 coincides with MS 13 north to a diamond interchange with U.S. 84. The former alignment of U.S. 84 northeast from MS 13 at Columbia Avenue does not connect with the four lane highway east to Collins. Photo taken 06/12/04.


Mississippi Highway 184 East
U.S. 84 circumvents Collins to the north along a controlled access expressway. The previous four-lane alignment of U.S. 84 east through the Covington County seat takes MS 184 east onto Main Street. Photo taken 06/12/04.
MS 184 descends from the city line into a diamond interchange with U.S. 49. U.S. 49 is a regionally important corridor between Hattiesburg and Jackson, carrying traffic between the Mississippi Gulf Coast and points in northern Mississippi. Photo taken 06/12/04.
MS 184 (Main Street) east at U.S. 49 south. The four lane highway travels 23.5 miles south to Intestate 59 in north Hattiesburg. Photo taken 06/12/04.
U.S. 49 passes underneath MS 184 (Main Street) along a westerly bypass of Downtown Collins. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Northbound U.S. 49 reaches Mount Olive in nine miles and Magee in 19 miles. I-20 east of I-55 in Jackson is a 59 miles drive along the US highway. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Continuing east from U.S. 49, MS 184 (Main Street) enters the Collins street grid. The succeeding traffic light is with Fir Avenue, the historic alignment of U.S. 49. Photo taken 06/12/04.
A set of flashers operate at Main Street and Beech Avenue in the Collins business district. MS 184 crosses a CN Railroad line and Okatoma Creek on the ensuing stretch. Photo taken 06/12/04.
Spanning Okatoma Creek, MS 184 leaves the Collins city limits and approaches U.S. 84. Photo taken 06/12/04.

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