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North Carolina State Route 16 North
N.C. 16 continues the Brookshire Freeway northwest 1.8 miles from I-77 and I-277 to Idaho Drive. Photo taken 06/01/07.
A parclo B2 interchange joins North Carolina 16 with Beatties Ford Road near Johnson C. Smith University. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Beatties Ford Road heads north to Interstate 77 at Exit 37 and south to West 5th Street outside of Downtown. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Reassurance marker posted along North Carolina 16 after Beatties Ford Road. Brookshire Boulevard provides a direct route to Interstate 85 south from Downtown Charlotte. Photo taken 06/01/07.
North Carolina 16 joins the Charlotte metropolitan area with the cities of Newton and Hickory. The Alexander County seat of Taylorsville lies further at the cross roads with U.S. 64 in 59 miles. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Brookshire Freeway downgrades from to a surface arterial at the intersection with Idaho Drive. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Idaho Drive north connects only with N.C. 16 east, eliminating cross traffic and the need for a full traffic light. Idaho Drive connects Brookshire Boulevard with Rozzelles Ferry Road nearby. Both roads represent the pre-freeway alignment of N.C. 16. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Three blocks of the city street grid tie into North Carolina 16 (Brookshire Boulevard) ahead of the single point urban interchange (SPUI) with Interstate 85. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Northbound at the ramps to Interstate 85. I-85 travels east across the city of Charlotte into neighboring Concord. The freeway southbound continues west to Gastonia and Spartanburg, South Carolina. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Motorists joining Interstate 85 north next meet Beatties Ford Road and Interstate 77 & U.S. 21. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Advancing northwest along Brookshire Boulevard, N.C. 16 enters the Hoskins and Homestead areas of Charlotte. Photo taken 06/01/07.
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2 photos
North Carolina 16 (Brookshire Boulevard) northbound at the six-ramp parclo interchange with Interstate 485. I-485 began here previously. Photos taken 06/01/07.
North Carolina State Route 16 South
North Carolina 16 leads south from Wilkesboro into the Brushy Mountains en route to Taylorsville. The state route enters Alexander County at Kilby Gap between Moore and Chestnut Mountains. Photo taken 07/09/10.
N.C. 16 enters the county seat of Taylorsville and intersects N.C. 90 (Main Avenue). N.C. 90 acts as a business route for U.S. 64, which bypasses town to the south. Photo taken 07/09/10.
North Carolina 16 follows N.C. 90 east along Main Avenue for one half mile. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Approaching the single point urban interchange with Interstate 85 on North Carolina 16 (Brookshire Boulevard) south. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Interstate 85 shield posted ahead of the SPUI. I-85 travels west to east through the city of Charlotte. Photo taken 06/01/07.
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2 photos
Ramps carry drivers onto Interstate 85 south for Gastonia and Spartanburg and north to Concord and Greensboro. Photos taken 06/01/07.
North Carolina 16 (Brookshire Boulevard) splits with Idaho Drive, the former alignment of the state route to Rozzelles Ferry Road. Photo taken 06/01/07.
Idaho Drive represents the last at-grade intersection before North Carolina 16 upgrades into the Brookshire Freeway. Photo taken 06/01/07.
A parclo B2 interchange connects NC 16 south with Beatties Ford Road in one mile. Photo taken 06/01/07.
NC 16 reaches the off-ramp for Beatties Ford Road a half mile ahead of I-77/U.S. 21 and the transition to Interstate 277. Beatties Ford Road heads south to Johnson C. Smith University and West 5th Street. Photo taken 06/01/07.


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