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North Carolina Highway 24 North Carolina Highway 27 West
NC 24-27-73 west descend into a valley west of the Pee Dee River near Strand and River Haven Drives. 07/12/05
Stony Gap Road north and Valley Drive south come together at NC 24-27-73 outside Albemarle. Stony Gap Road meanders 2.8 miles west to U.S. 52. Valley Drive winds 5.3 miles north to Morrow Mountain State Park and Henderson Street in Badin. 07/12/05
Reassurance shields for NC 24-27-73 posted after Stony Gap Road. The three routes overlap 8.3 miles between Albemarle and Lake Tillery. 07/12/05
NC 24-27-73 enter the city limits of Albemarle along E Main Street at Sweet Home Church Road. 07/12/05
E Main Street becomes commercialized wesr to the intersection with Spaulding Street south and NC 740 (Badin Road) north. NC 740 travels five miles north to Badin. NC 24-27-73 turn southwestward onto Spaulding Street to bypass Downtown Albemarle. 07/12/05
Trailblazers direct motorists bound for U.S. 52 north to Salisbury onto NC 740 (Badin Road) to the North East Connector, a bypass route of northern Albemarle. NC 24-27-73 (Spaulding Street) west leads directly to U.S. 52 south for Wadesboro. Bypassed by the state routes by 1958, E Main Street extends into the central business district.1 07/12/05
Shopping centers line each side of Spaulding Street along the 0.8 miles leading west from E Main Street to Leonard Avenue. This shield array stands beyond the south end of NC 740. 07/12/05
The first distance sign for Charlotte on NC 24-27-73 west precedes the traffic light with Henson Street 07/12/05
NC 24-27-73 (Spaulding Street) leave the commercial strip ahead of a parclo interchange with U.S. 52 south and U.S. 52 Business north. 07/12/05
U.S. 52 enters Albemarle nine miles north of Norwood and 25 miles from the Anson County seat of Wadesboro. U.S. 52 Business follows 1st Street through Downtown Albemarle while U.S. 52 north stays west of the Winston-Salem Southbound Railroad tracks along the residential west side of town. 07/12/05
U.S. 52 north joins NC 24-27-73 west for one third of a mile. U.S. 52 north and NC 73 west part ways in 0.9 miles at Main Street. NC 138 (Aquadale Road) ties into split from the south. 07/12/05
NC 138 heads 14.5 miles southwest to Aquadale and NC 742 at Oakboro. U.S. 52 continues north from Albemarle to Rockwell and Interstate 85 at Salisbury. NC 73 branches westward from U.S. 52, 22 miles to Concord. 07/12/05
Continuing west from U.S. 52, NC 73 west and NC 138 south on NC 24/27. The original route for NC 27 followed W Main Street from Downtown. 07/12/05
Coble Avenue heads south from W Main Street to meet NC 24/27 by several industrial businesses. 07/12/05
NC 24/27 reassurance shields posted after the traffic light with Coble Avenue. 07/12/05
St. Martin Road heads south from W Main Street and crosses NC 24/27 at the ensuing signal westbound. St. Martin Road continues 10.1 miles to Oakboro. 07/12/05
NC 24/27 was four laned from 2005 onward between Red Cross and Albemarle. This scene looks at the original two lane configuration heading southwest from Albemarle. 07/12/05
NC 24/27 west at Big Bear Creek during widening road work. 07/12/05
A set of flashers operate at the intersection with Frog Pond Road on NC 24/27 west. Frog Pond Road travels northwest to Austin Road and arcs southeast to St. Martin Road. Both directions take the road through farm fields. 07/12/05
Curving toward the crossing of Stony Run and the intersection with Liberty Hill Church Road south. Liberty Hill Church Road heads south to NC 205 outside Oakboro. 07/12/05
After a traffic light for a local school, NC 24/27 west meet the north end of NC 205. NC 205 travels 23 miles overall between Red Cross and U.S. 74 at Marshville. 07/12/05
NC 205 heads four miles southeast to Oakboro. NC 742 begins there and runs 24 miles to U.S. 52 at Wadesboro. 07/12/05
NC 205 links NC 24/27 with NC 218 at New Salem in 12 miles. Oak Ridge Road extends north from NC 24/27 to the split of Ridgecrest and Jacob Roads outside Red Cross. Both rural highways continue to Austin Road south of Lambert. 07/12/05
Heading west from Red Cross during four lane construction of NC 24/27. Downtown Charlotte is 30 miles away. 07/12/05
Bethel Church Road heads northwest from NC 24/27 ahead of this shield assembly to NC 200 (Central Avenue) south of Georgeville. 07/12/05
Four lane construction along NC 24/27 west at Brattain Road. 07/12/05
Advancing into Locust, NC 24/27 (E Main Street) westbound converges with NC 200 (Central Avenue) at the city center. 07/12/05
NC 200 curves northwest from Locust, 8.21 miles to U.S. 601 west of Georgeville. Southward NC 200 leads into the town of Stanfield before shifting southwest to U.S. 74 in Monroe. 07/12/05
Confirming markers for NC 24/27 formerly posted along W Main Street beyond NC 200 (Central Avenue) in Locust. 07/12/05
Redbridge Boulevard stems north from NC 24/27 to big box retail and Red Bridge Golf Club. 05/31/21
NC 24/27 west enter Cabarrus County through the intersection with Redbridge Boulevard. 05/31/21
NC 24/27 span the Rocky River west of Reed Mine Road (SR 1100). 05/31/21
The Midland municipal limits extend eastward along NC 24/27 to the Rocky River. 05/31/21
Advancing west into Midland, NC 24/27 comprise a five lane commercial boulevard to U.S. 601. 05/31/21
U.S. 601 generally bypasses Charlotte to the east between Monroe and the Concord and Kannapolis area. 05/31/21
U.S. 601 meets NC 24/27 in Midland, ten miles south of Concord and 8.5 miles north of NC 218 at Fairview. 05/31/21
Downtown Charlotte lies 21 miles west via NC 24/27 from the Midland Town Office and U.S. 601. 05/31/21
Bethel Church Road (SR 1125) heads north from Cabarrus to a signalized intersection with NC 24/27. 05/31/21
Pioneer Mill Road (SR 1134) runs 2.82 miles north from NC 24/27 to Pioneer Mills and Lower Rocky River Road (SR 1136). 05/31/21
Curving southwest, NC 24/27 cross the Mecklenburg County line just beyond Alvin Hough Road (SR 1133). 05/31/21
Reassurance markers posted after the intersection with Arlington Church Road (SR 3110) south and Brooks Mill Road north. 05/31/21
NC 51 (Blair Road) runs 1.51 miles south from NC 24/27 (Albemarle Road) near Allen to meet Interstate 485 at Exit 43 in the town of Mint Hill. 05/31/21
NC 51 constitutes a suburban arterial encircling Charlotte southwest from NC 24/27 at Mint Hill to Matthews and Pinehill. 05/31/21
The sign assembly for NC 51 south was removed when Blair Road was extended north in 2008/09. 22.21 miles in length, NC 51 forms a multi state highway with S.C. 51 to U.S. 21 near Fort Mill. 07/12/05
A distance sign referencing Charlotte at 13 miles away was removed with the addition of a sidewalk west of NC 51 (Blair Road) in 2016. 05/31/21
The succeeding traffic signal on NC 24/27 (Albemarle Road) west is at Rocky River Church Road (SR 2810) north and Clear Creek Commerce Drive south. 05/31/21
Constructed in 2018, Cresswind Boulevard is the main entrance road to the Cresswind development. 05/31/21
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 41) joins Interstate 485 with NC 24/27 (Albemarle Road) along the Mint Hill town line, east of Charlotte and Mint Hill. 05/31/21
The Charlotte Beltway, Interstate 485 travels north to I-85 near University Research Park and Harrisburg. Southwest from NC 24/27 and Mint Hill, I-485 passes through Matthews and Pineville to I-77 near the South Carolina line. 05/31/21

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