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NC 87 travels the height of the state between Southport, near the Cape Fear River outlet to the Atlantic Ocean and the Virginia state line north of Eden. Virginia Route 87 continues the state highway north 4.1 miles to U.S. 220 at Ridgeway.

North Carolina Highway 87 South
North Carolina 87 leaves the intersection with North Carolina 11 and the town of Sandyfield by this reassurance marker. Photo taken 06/24/10.
Old Lake Wilmington Road (SR 1740) ties into North Carolina 87 from the community of Armour ahead of this shield assembly. Photo taken 06/24/10.
Southbound drivers enter the community of Riegelwood next on N.C. 87. Photo taken 06/24/10.
Waccamaw Road, a residential road, and John Riegel Road, an access road to an International Paper plant, come together at this traffic light with N.C. 87 at Riegelwood. Photo taken 06/24/10.
2.1 miles further south, North Carolina 87 approaches U.S. 74 & 76 at Delco. Photo taken 06/24/10.
U.S. 74 & 76 combine for 31 miles west to Whiteville and Chadbourn and 17 miles east to the outskirts of Wilmington. North Carolina 87 joins the four-lane divided highway east five miles through Sandy Creek and Maco. Photo taken 06/24/10.
U.S. 74 U.S. 76 East North Carolina Route 87 South
North Carolina 87 angles six miles southeast from North Carolina 11 through Riegelwood to combine with U.S. 74 & 76 east at Delco. Photo taken 06/24/10.
U.S. 74 & 76 reach Wilmington in 18 miles. North Carolina 87 drops southward to U.S. 17 at Bishop to conclude its 239-mile course in 34 miles at Southport. Photo taken 06/24/10.
Entering Brunswick County midway between Delco and Sandy Creek along U.S. 74-76 east & North Carolina 87 south. Photo taken 06/24/10.
North Carolina 87 parts ways with U.S. 74 & 76 at Maco opposite Northwest Road. Photo taken 06/24/10.
The state route winds nine miles southeast to merge with U.S. 17 south at Bishop. Northwest Road loops north from U.S. 74 & 76 to Northwest, becoming Fertilizer Road west to Acme in Columbus County. Photo taken 06/24/10.
North Carolina 87 continues south from U.S. 17 at Bell Swamp to Boiling Spring Lakes and North Carolina 211 outside Southport. Photo taken 06/24/10.

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