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North Carolina 132 travels 15.1 miles from U.S. 421 between Silver Lake and Myrtle Grove south of Wilmington to Castle Hayne, wholly within New Hanover County. Only the southern 4.23 miles of the state route travel independent of U.S. 117. The two overlap northward from Shipyard Boulevard in Wilmington along College Road to North Carolina 133 at Castle Hayne.

NC Highway 132 North
NC 132 (College Road) extends north from the westerly turn of U.S. 421 (Carolina Beach Road) beyond Monkey Junction in south New Hanover County. 06/01/05
Numerous residential streets and apartment complex entrances tie into NC 132 (South College Road) between U.S. 421 and the Wilmington city line. A brief reprieve from development lines the east side of the four-lane arterial after the J-turn for Pine Hollow Drive. 06/01/05
NC 132 (College Road) combines with U.S. 117 north at Shipyard Boulevard. U.S. 117 leads west to the state port. 06/01/05
Long Leaf Hills Drive ties U.S. 117 (Shipyard Boulevard) and NC 132 (South College Road) from neighborhoods east to Pine Grove Drive. 06/01/05
U.S. 117 NC Highway 132 North
Crossing over U.S. 17 Business (Market Street), U.S. 117 advances north by these confirming markers. 12/31/17
U.S. 117/NC 132 (N College Road) next approach the signalized intersection with U.S. 74 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway). Completed in 2005, Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway is an expressway leading U.S. 74 leading west by Wilmington International Airport (ILM) to U.S. 421 across the NE Cape Fear River. 12/31/17
U.S. 74 (Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway) provides direct access to Downtown Wilmington via 3rd and Front Streets south. The at-grade expressway east ends nearby at U.S. 76 (Eastwood Road) and U.S. 17 (Market Street). Eastwood Road carries U.S. 76 east to Wrightsville and the merge with U.S. 74 ahead of Wrightsville Beach. 12/31/17
Confirming markers for U.S. 117/NC 132 north of the J-turn for Spring View Drive. 12/31/17
U.S. 117/NC 132 (N College Road) partition with I-40 east via a wye interchange (Exit 420B) toward Castle Hayne. A parclo interchange joins the three highways with Gordon Road at Exit 420A. 06/24/10
U.S. 117 NC Highway 132 South
Reassurance shields for U.S. 117/NC 132 stand just beyond the eastern end of Interstate 40 at the J-turn for Kings Grant Road. 12/31/17
NC 132 extends nine miles south from I-40 to U.S. 421 (Carolina Beach Road) between the Silver Lake and Myrtle Grove communities. U.S. 421 continues from there to Carolina Beach and Kure Beach. 01/19/19
N College Road intersects Kings Drive at the Kings Grant community. 12/31/17
Leaving Kings Grant, U.S. 117/NC 132 (N College Road) advance south to intersect U.S. 74 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway). U.S. 74 bypasses Downtown Wilmington along an expressway west to Wilmington International Airport (ILM) and U.S. 421 near the USS North Carolina. 12/31/17
U.S. 74 concludes a cross-state route 7.42 miles to the east at Wrightsville Beach. The US highway joins Wilmington with Whitesville alongside U.S. 74 to the west. 12/31/17
Shields for U.S. 117/NC 132 preceding U.S. 74. 12/31/17
Southbound traffic reaches U.S. 74 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway). Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway opened to traffic in 2005 as a new alignment of U.S. 74 between U.S. 17 (Market Street) at Eastwood Road and U.S. 421 across the NE Cape Fear River. 12/31/17
Continuing south along N College Road, U.S. 117/NC 132 meet U.S. 17 Business (Market Street) in 0.75 miles. 12/31/17
Paralleling the Atlantic Coast, U.S. 17 leads northeast from Wilmington toward Jacksonville, connecting with U.S. 74 nearby to Wrightsville Beach. West from New Hanover County, U.S. 17 continues to Bolivia, Shallotte and the Grand Strand in South Carolina. 12/31/17

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U.S. 74
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