North Carolina Highway 152 runs 25.66 miles east from Mooresville in Iredell County to Rockwell in Rowan County. The state route begins northwest of Downtown Mooresville at NC 150 (E Plaza Drive) alongside NC 3 on W Iredell Avenue. NC 3/152 overlap for 0.85 miles to N Main Street. NC 152 continues east along Main Street to Landis Highway to NC 150 again on Oakridge Farm Highway, before crossing into Rowan County.

Winding southeast, NC 152 bypasses the town of Landis to the north, arcing into the city of China Grove along W Church Street. NC 152 passes by the city center and combines with U.S. 29 northeast for 0.58 miles to a rebuilt exchange and adjacent dumbbell interchange with Interstate 85. NC 152 advances from there to U.S. 52 at Rockwell.

NC Highway 152 East
NC 3 south and NC 152 east begin along Iredell Avenue south from NC 150 (E Plaza Drive) at Limerick Street in the town of Mooresville. 05/27/17
NC 152 east splits from NC 3 (E Iredell Avenue) one block south of NC 115 (Broad Street) to follow N Main Street through Downtown Mooresville. 05/27/17
U.S. 29 North NC Highway 152 East
NC 152 branches east from U.S. 29 to an adjacent dumbbell interchange with I-85/U.S. 601. The forthcoming split was rebuilt during construction from Fall 2016 to Summer 2020. 12/15/16
Beyond I-85/U.S. 601, NC 152 continues 8.89 miles to U.S. 52 (Main Street) in Rockwell. 12/15/16
The US 29/601 Connector directly linking U.S. 29/NC 152 with I-85/U.S. 601 northbound was removed during the 2016-20 widening of Interstate 85. 12/15/16
U.S. 29 north and NC 152 previously separated at a cloverleaf interchange with SR 2664 (US 29/601 Connector) north to I-85. 12/15/16

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    12/15/16 by AARoads. 05/27/17 by Carter Buchanan.

Connect with:
Interstate 85
U.S. 29
U.S. 52
Highway 115

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