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NH 1A extends Massachusetts Route 1A north 18.3 miles from Salisbury through Seabrook, Hampton and Portsmouth along the Seacoast. The state route branches east from South Seabrook to Seabrook Beach and a northerly turn along the Atlantic Ocean. A former toll bridge spans Hampton Harbor Inlet north from Seabrook Beach to Hampton Beach, where NH 1A separates into the couplet of Ocean Boulevard north and Ashworth Avenue south.

Continuing north through the town of Hampton, New Hampshire 1A remains along the coast from Hampton Beach to North Beach and Plaice Cove. The state route enters North Hampton along Ocean Boulevard ahead of Little Boars Head and the town of Rye at Rye Beach. NH 1A hooks westward in north Rye to Foyes Corner and Sagamore Avenue across Sagamore Creek into the city of Portsmouth.

NH 1A North
New Hampshire 1A (Ocean Boulevard) north runs along side Hampton Beach State Park from N Street to Great Boars Head in Hampton Beach. Photo taken 07/30/07.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Scenes of the Atlantic Ocean and Hampton Beach State Park from along side New Hampshire 1A (Ocean Boulevard) northbound. Photos taken 07/30/07.
The eastern reaches of New Hampshire 101 separate into a couplet using Highland Avenue east and Church Street west in Hampton Beach. NH 101 leads west from NH 1A (Ocean Boulevard) to Eastman Point and the Hampton town center.
This small green sign was replaced with a shield assembly by 2012. Photo taken 07/30/07.
New Hampshire 101 upgrades to a super-two expressway leading away from Hampton Beach and as a full freeway from NH 27 (Exeter Road) to Exeter and Manchester. Photo taken 07/30/07.
New Hampshire 1A (Ocean Boulevard) north at New Hampshire 101 (Church Street) west. NH 101 sees interchanges with U.S. 1 and I-95 (Blue Star Turnpike) in Hampton over the next 4.5 miles.
This sign was replaced with a shield assembly by 2012. Photo taken 07/30/07.
NH 1A South
Parking lots occupy space between separate two-lane roadways for NH 1A along Ocean Boulevard in Hampton Beach. The state route splits into a couplet just one block south of NH 101 east at Ashworth Avenue. Photo taken 07/30/07.

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