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Following Black Horse Pike and the North-South Freeway, New Jersey 42 stretches 14.28 miles north from U.S. 322 at Williamstown in Monroe township to Bellmawr. The state route connects the west end of the Atlantic City Expressway at Turnersville to the beginning of Interstate 76 at I-295 in Bellmawr.

The North-South Freeway portion along NJ 42 opened to traffic between I-295 and New Jersey 168 (Black Horse Pike) in 1958 and from NJ 168 south to the Atlantic City Expressway at Turnersville in 1959. Widening of NJ 42 to eight overall lanes, between Bellmawr and the NJ 55 freeway in Deptford township, took place between 1996 and August 1999.1

New Jersey 42 north
Traffic from the ending NJ 55 freeway adds a lane to NJ 42 (North South Freeway) north ahead of the split into Express and Local lanes for Interstate 76. Photo taken 09/26/09.
New Jersey 42 crosses over the NJ Turnpike ahead of Exit 14 at Bellmawr. Interests to Adventure Aquarium, formerly the NJ State Aquarium, are advised to take I-676 north to Downtown Camden. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Exit 14 joins New Jersey 42 north with Leaf Avenue and parallel Wellwood Avenue in Bellmawr. Creek Road (CR 753) travels nearby between CR 659 (Browning Road) and U.S. 130 at Brooklawn. CR 659 east to NJ 168 south leads motorists to the NJ Turnpike. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Work broke ground in March 2013 on a major reconstruction of the NJ 42 north interchange complex with I-295/76. Work underway through 2021 separates traffic at the overlap of I-295 and I-76, replacing substandard connections for I-295 with new high-speed ramps.
New Jersey 42 (North South Freeway) passes underneath the CR 753 (Creek Road) overpass just ahead of a wye interchange with I-295 entering from Westville. The two left lanes form the Interstate 76 Express lanes for the Walt Whitman Bridge into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania while the two Local lanes interact with I-295 north briefly before the freeway turns east to Barrington and Cherry Hill. Photo taken 10/13/01.
The northbound mainline of Interstate 295 passes overhead just ahead of the NJ 42 partition into Express and Local lanes for I-76 west. A thin concrete curb separates the two roadways as I-76 heads north through Gloucester City and Camden.
Access to Interstate 676 is signed on the Local lanes. However the Local/Express configuration no longer continues northward to Exit 2 and I-676 is accessible from both roadways. Photo taken 09/26/09.
A left side ramp joins the Express lanes of I-76 from I-295 north as the mainline briefly overlaps with the Local lanes to the right. New Jersey 42 ends here as Interstate 76 formally begins.
I-76 stretches nearly 435 miles from Camden west across the Keystone state, between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, to Youngstown and Akron, Ohio. Photo taken 10/13/01.
New Jersey 42 south
New Jersey 42 takes over the North Freeway from Interstate 76 and quickly approaches a folded diamond interchange with Leaf Avenue to Creek Road (CR 753). Creek Road parallels Timber Creek northwest to Brooklawn while leading east to Browning Road (CR 659) in Bellmawr. Photo taken 09/26/09.
New Jersey 42 follows the North South Freeway south to Washington township en route to its southern terminus at Williamstown. The eight-lane freeway passes over the New Jersey Turnpike beyond this sign bridge. Photo taken 09/26/09.
Southbound travelers enter Gloucester County ahead of a wye interchange with the New Jersey 55 freeway leading south to Glassboro and Vineland. Photo taken 09/26/09.
New Jersey 55 veers westward from NJ 42 south at Exit 13. The 40.54-mile long freeway was completed to NJ 47 at Maurice River township in 1989. Photo taken 12/22/11.
South of the split with New Jersey 55, NJ 42 approaches a parclo interchange (Exit 12) with Gloucester County 544 (Clements Bridge Road). Clements Bridge Road heads west to Deptford Mall and CR 534 at Gardenville in Deptford township. Eastward, CR 544 ties into NJ 41 (Hurffville Road) ahead of Runnemeade. Photo taken 10/13/01.
A loop ramp departs New Jersey 42 (North South Freeway) south to CR 534 (Church Street) at Blackwood in Gloucester township. CR 534 (Blackwood Clementon Road) heads east to the boroughs of Pine Hill and Clementon. Photo taken 12/22/11.
Three lanes of New Jersey 42 continue toward the Atlantic City Expressway. A new folded diamond interchange (Exit 7B) for CR 673 (College Drive) opened along this stretch in 2013.
Exit 7B departs for Zimmerman Drive west, a link between NJ 42 south and NJ 168 (Black Horse Pike). The interchange serves a new outlet mall. Photo taken 12/22/11.
Passing under College Drive (CR 673), New Jersey 42 is one mile out from the split with the Atlantic City Expressway. The state route overtakes Black Horse Pike south from New Jersey 168 en route to Williamstown and its end at U.S. 322. Photo taken 12/22/11.
New Jersey 42 (North South Freeway) south expands again to four lanes with two continuing onto Atlantic City. The Atlantic City Expressway (unsigned NJ 446) extends 43.74 miles southeast from NJ 42 to Madison Avenue and Christopher Columbus Boulevard in Atlantic City. Photo taken 12/22/11.
The Atlantic City Expressway parallels Sicklerville Road (CR 705) east from NJ 42 by a number of subdivisions. The toll road provides a fast route out of the Camden suburbs with limited interchanges to Hammonton. Photo taken 12/22/11.
Exit 7 joins New Jersey 168 (Black Horse Pike) north at Turnersville. NJ 168 leads back north along Black Horse Pike 10.75 miles to Camden. Photo taken 12/22/11.
The North South Freeway partitions with a two-lane ramp for the continuation of NJ 42 south into Washington township and two lanes for the tolled Atlantic City Expressway east to Egg Harbor City, Pleasantville, Absecon and AC. Photo taken 12/22/11.

  1. NJ 42 Freeway, Philadelphia Area Roads, Crossings and Exits

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