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State Road 254 forms an L-shaped route connecting NM 256 (Old Dexter Highway) with U.S. 380 (East 2nd Street) on the outskirts of Roswell. The rural collector measures 4.38 miles along Brasher Road east and White Mill Road north.

New Mexico State Road 254 East
The first confirming marker for NM 254 stands at the intersection with NM 256 (Old Dexter Highway) and CR 1-184 (Brasher Road) west. 06/21/19
New Mexico State Road 254 West
Westbound NM 254 concludes at NM 256 (Old Dexter Highway) across from CR 1-184 (Brasher Road) west. Brasher Road and NM 256 north continue to the city of Roswell while NM 256 south leads to Midway. 06/21/19

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State Road 256 - Old Dexter Highway

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