Nevada 648 is an urban route following East 2nd Avenue from Nevada 667 (Kietzke Lane) by the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno to Glendale Avenue in Sparks. Glendale Avenue extends the state route east from the Truckee River as an industrial arterial to Nevada 659 (McCarran Boulevard).

SR 648 east
2 photos
2 photos
East 2nd Street becomes SR 648 beyond the intersection with SR 667 (Kietzke Lane) in Reno. 06/28/14
SR 648 (East 2nd Street) heads east from SR 667 (Kietzke Lane) to the city of Sparks. Missing from the initial stretch is the first confirming marker. 06/28/14
A decorative pedestrian spans East 2nd Street at Golden Lane. 06/28/14
East 2nd Street enters the Reno Sparks Indian Colony between Golden Lane and Interstate 580. The tribal land extends south along Reservation Lane and along the north side of SR 648 to the Truckee River. 06/28/14
A parclo interchange joins SR 648 (East 2nd Street) with Interstate 580 & U.S. 395. All signs for the exchange along East 2nd Street omit U.S. 395. 06/28/14
2 photos
2 photos
A loop ramp takes motorists from SR 648 (East 2nd Street) eastbound onto I-580 & U.S. 395 northa cross the Truckee River to Interstate 80. I-580 ends there, with U.S. 395 continuing the freeway northwest to Panther Valley, Stead and Cold Springs. 06/28/14
An end shield for SR 648 east precedes the intersection of Glendale Avenue and SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard) in Sparks. 07/31/12
Glendale Avenue continues beyond McCarran Boulevard (SR 659) as a city street through a warehouse distrcit to Meridth Way south. SR 659 north spans the adjacent UP Railroad to meet Interstate 80 nearby. 07/31/12
SR 648 west
The first reassurance marker for SR 648 stands just west of SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard). 07/31/12
A second shield for SR 648 appears within the median of Glendale Avenue to the immediate west of McCarran Boulevard. SR 648 ventures west with four lanes through industrial areas to Rock Boulevard. 07/31/12
Freeway entrance assembly for the on-ramp to Interstate 580 & U.S. 395 south from SR 648 (East 2nd Street) in Reno. I-580 leads south to Carson City. 06/28/14
West from I-580, SR 648 continues through the Reno Sparks Indian Colony to a pedestrian overpass spanning 2nd Street at Colony Road north and Golden Lane south. 06/28/14
SR 648 ends at SR 667 (Kietzke Lane), a commercial boulevard leading south to U.S. 395 Business (Virginia Street) at the Redfield Promenade and Firecreek Crossing retail area. SR 667 arcs northeast along Kietzke Lane across the Truckee River to end at the Sparks city line. 06/28/14

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Connect with:
Interstate 580
U.S. 395
State Route 659 - McCarran Boulevard
State Route 667 - Kietzke Lane

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