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SR 659 outer
Spanning the Union Pacific Railroad, SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard) approaches the parclo interchange with Interstate 80. Note the erroneous green shield for I-80 ... to add to the confusion, Business Loop I-80 begins after this exchange. 07/31/12
Interstate 80 east continues through two additional east Truckee Valley interchanges before exiting Sparks across the Virginia Range. The freeway continues across northern Nevada to Fernley, Lovelock, Winnemucca, Battle Mountain, Carlin and Elko. 07/31/12
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A loop ramp provides a free flow movement onto Interstate 80 west toward Downtown Reno from McCarran Boulevard north. The ensuing signal connects with Victorian Avenue west (old U.S. 40 and Business Loop I-80). 07/18/09, 09/09/05
The 6.30 milepost for SR 650 preceded the McCarran Boulevard intersection with Victorian Avenue east. 09/09/05
Victorian Avenue parallels the north side of Interstate 80 west as Business Loop I-80 between the westbound off-ramp to McCarran Boulevard and Prater Way. Only one shield was posted along the entire business loop through Reno-Sparks as of July 2017. 09/09/05
Nichols Boulevard arcs north from Victorian Avenue to intersect SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard) ahead of Sparks Marina Park. 09/05/10
A reassurance marker for SR 650 was previously posted at Nichols Boulevard. 07/19/09
Lincoln Way circles northwest from the Legends at Sparks Marina retail area to meet McCarran Boulevard at the succeeding northbound signal. Lincoln Way continues west into residential areas, becoming F Street beyond 4th Street. 09/05/10
McCarran Boulevard has three lanes to the commercialized intersection with Prater Way by Silver State Station shopping center. 09/05/10
Prater Way constitutes a five lane boulevard east from SR 659 to Vista Boulevard and the Pagni Ranch neighborhood and west to the Green Brae Terrace community. Prater Way was formerly SR 646 west to Business Loop I-80 (Victorian Way). 09/05/10
A milepost for SR 646 appeared at the southeastern corner of McCarran Boulevard and Prater Way. SR 646 was decommissioned by January 2011, but this marker was still posted as of October 2016. The last state maintained section of Prater Way was just 0.9 miles long, from SR 659 westward. 09/05/10
McCarran Boulevard narrows to two lanes per direction beyond Prater Way. 09/05/10
The next traffic signal of SR 659 north operates at Greenbrae Drive. Greenbrae Drive is a collector road east through the Sierra Meadows neighborhood and west to Greenbrae Terrace and Sierra Heights. 09/05/10
An unprotected left turn pocket connects McCarran Boulevard north with Mongolo Drive west to the Mongolo subdivision. 09/05/10
York Way curves northeast from the succeeding northbound signal into the Century Glen neighborhood and west to Yorktown, Sierra Estates and Vista Del Oro among other subdivisions. 09/05/10
SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard) curves northwest by Shelly Park. 09/05/10
Baring Boulevard comprises a divided four-lane arterial from the northeast corner of McCarran Boulevard to Vista Boulevard at the D'Andrea golf course community. 09/05/10
McCarran Boulevard retains a raised center median and two lanes in each direction, with access controlled at signalized intersections on the east-west quadrant through north Sparks. 09/05/10
Probasco Way connects McCarran Boulevard with the Sierra Estates neighborhood both north and south of SR 659. 09/05/10
Milepost 15.00 for SR 659 appears just west of Probasco Way. The zero milepost stands below the center line of I-580 & U.S. 395, just west of U.S. 395 Business (South Virginia Street). 09/05/10
McCarran Boulevard passes between subdivisions of the Vista Del Loro community to 4th Street. Speed limits are posted at 45 miles per hour on this stretch. 09/05/10
4th Street meets SR 659 at the ensuing traffic light north from neighborhood areas of Green Brae Terrace and south from Vista Del Oro. 09/05/10
SR 445 (Pyramid Way) crosses paths with SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard) at a busy intersection by the Sparks Mercantile retail plaza. SR 445 originates at I-80 by the Nugget Casino and constitutes a commuter route north to Spanish Springs. The state route travels overall between Sparks and Pyramid Lake. 09/05/10
Major construction underway from 2015 through spring of 2018 expands the busy intersection of McCarran Boulevard and Pyramid Way. The &72 million Pyramid-McCarran Intersection Improvement Project adds a second left turn lane for Pyramid Way south and three turn lanes from SR 659 east to SR 445 north. Additional work adds multi use paths and sidewalks. 09/05/10
SR 659 remains unmarked as it progresses west from SR 445 (Pyramid Way). Prior to the renumber of McCarran Boulevard in 2010, a shield for SR 650 appeared at Pyramid Way. 09/05/10
Traffic pattern changes due to the Pyramid-McCarran Intersection Improvement Project extend west along SR 659 to Rock Boulevard. 09/05/10
Rock Boulevard stems south from SR 659 as a tree lined parkway south through the Green Brae Terrace community to Oddie Boulevard. 09/05/10
Wedekind Road winds west through residential areas from Farr Lane to cross paths with SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard) along Wildcreek Golf Course. Wedekind Road is partly SR 880, a short unsigned route to the east. Historically Wedekind Road was a part of SR 33 west to Sutro Street and east to Pyramid Way. 09/05/10
McCarran Boulevard advances west between Wildcreek Golf Course and the Village at Wildcreek apartment community. 09/05/10
Sullivan Lane curves northward from Oppio Park to cross McCarran Boulevard ahead of the Wildcreek Golf Villas and El Rancho Drive. Sullivan Lane was once designated as SR 442 north from Prater Way. 09/05/10
The Wildcreek Townhomes community fronts the north side of McCarran Boulevard to El Rancho Drive. 09/05/10
With a lack of development along the south side of McCarran Boulevard, motorists can catch a glimpse of the Reno skyline. 09/05/10
El Rancho Drive loops northward to SR 443 (Sun Valley Boulevard) at Dandini Boulevard. South from SR 659, the arterial heads to Teglias Paradise Park and Kietzke Lane (old SR 667) near I-80. 09/05/10
Northtowne Lane follows as the signalized entrance to Northtown Shopping Center and additional big box retail on the north side of McCarran Boulevard. 09/05/10
A small guide sign precedes the diamond interchange joining SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard) with U.S. 395 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Highway). 09/05/10
A freeway entrance assembly provides the lone reference of U.S. 395 north at the on-ramp to U.S. 395 for Panther Valley, Stead and Silver Lake in northwest Reno. 09/05/10
Crossing over the U.S. 395 freeway, SR 659 approaches the southbound on-ramp to Downtown Reno and I-580 south to Carson City. This was the point where SR 650 west changed to SR 651 west prior to 2009. 09/05/10
Unmarked from SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard), Clear Acre Lane north doubles as SR 443. The state route spurs 3.2 miles north to 7th Street in the community of Sun Valley. 09/05/10
SR 443 was previously acknowledged along McCarran Boulevard west at Clear Acre Lane. July 1999
Clear Acre Lane sees a half diamond interchange with U.S. 395 just north of McCarran Boulevard. The street extends south with just two lanes to the North Valley neighborhood. Historically SR 443 continued south along Clear Acre Lane to Wedekind Road (SR 33). 09/05/10
SR 659 remains unposted as it continues west from SR 443 (Clear Acre Lane). 09/05/10
Sutro Street leads north from the Washoe County Administration complex and the Reno-Sparks Livestock Event Center to meet McCarran Boulevard at the succeeding westbound traffic light. 09/05/10
McCarran Boulevard makes an S-curve to the southwest by the Sierra Gardens Mobile Home community and a power substation. 09/05/10
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2 photos
A Union Pacific Railroad line spans McCarran Boulevard just ahead of Socrates Drive. This line takes a circuitous path northwest along the U.S. 395 corridor to Sierra County, California. 09/05/10
Socrates Drive north is the main access road to the University Ridge community. Evans Avenue ties into the signalized intersection with SR 659 from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) campus. 09/05/10
SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard) travels along the north side of the UNR Campus to North Virginia Street. Marked as SR 430 for the 3.2 mile state maintained portion northward, Virginia Street is U.S. 395 Business north to Panther Valley and south to Downtown Reno. 09/05/10
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2 photos
Open space spreads to the north and south of McCarran Boulevard to the west of Virginia Street as part of Rancho San Rafael Regional Park. 09/05/10
Keystone Avenue meanders northwest from I-80 and the west end of Business Loop I-80 through a bevy of subdivisions to meet SR 659 opposite Leadership Parkway west. 09/05/10
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2 photos
West from Victory Lane, McCarran Boulevard begins the gradual southwesterly turn ahead of Sky Country Park and the Sky Country Estates neighborhood. 09/05/10
Kings Row links McCarran Boulevard with an array of subdivisions including Silverado Ranch Estates to the northwest and Sierra Heights to the southeast. 09/05/10
SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard) crosses Peavine Creek ahead of the subsequent southbound signal at 7th Street. 09/05/10
Big box stores and retail shopping centers line both sides of McCarran Boulevard south from 7th Street. 7th Street makes a sweeping arc west from the Sierra Heights community to Sapphire Ridge and Robb Drive. 09/05/10
May Anne Avenue stems west from McCarran Boulevard and the entrance to Canyon Center shopping center. The four to five lane boulevard heads west beyond Coit and Ridgeview Plazas to the Sierra Highlands and Northgate communities. 09/05/10
A diamond interchange connects SR 659 (McCarran Boulevard) with Interstate 80 west to Verdi and Truckee and east to Downtown Reno and Sparks. 09/05/10
A folded diamond interchange lies to the immediate south of I-80 with Summit Ridge Drive. Summit Ridge Drive serves several apartment communities both west and east of McCarran Boulevard. 09/05/10
SR 659 south drops around 200 feet in elevation from Interstate 80 to Fourth Street. Fourth Street parallels the Truckee River as the historic alignment of U.S. 40 west to Verdi and east to Downtown Reno. 07/19/09
SR 647 overlays 4th Street west for 3.22 miles to Lawton and a wye interchange (Exit 4) with Interstate 80. 07/19/09
Fourth Street east is locally maintained throughout Reno. Business Loop I-80 accompanies the street east from Keystone Avenue.
The end shield for the western terminus of SR 651 was removed by 2010. 07/19/09

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