Nevada 756 connects Nevada 88 (Woodfords Road) with the unincorporated town of Gardnerville and U.S. 395 via Centerville Lane in Carson Valley. The state route loops 3.98 miles east from Centerville Road along a stair stepped route north by the Gardnerville Ranchos community and across the East Fork of the Carson River.

Construction started on April 23, 2018 converted the intersection joining Nevada 88 with the west end of Nevada 756 (Centerville Lane) at Centerville into a roundabout. Costing $1 million, work on the 80-foot diameter roundabout wrapped up by Memorial Day weekend.1

SR 756 east
SR 756 (Centerville Lane) north after the intersection with Waterloo Lane by Henningson Slough. 09/05/09
SR 756 (Centerville Lane) crosses the East Fork of the Carson River on a 173-foot long bridge built in 1956 (per the NDOT Structure Index). 09/05/09
The next intersection along SR 756 north is with the eastern branch of Waterloo Lane. Waterloo Lane links Centerville Lane with U.S. 395, allowing motorists to avoid Downtown Gardnerville. 09/05/09
Entering Downtown Gardnerville at Sharkey's Casino, northbound SR 756 (Centerville Lane) concludes at U.S. 395. 09/05/09
U.S. 395 travels north from Gardnerville to Minden, Genoa, Carson City and Reno. South from SR 756, the US highway continues to Topaz Lake, Bridgeport, Bishop, and San Bernardino, California. Known as the Three Flags Highway, U.S. 395 is the most important route through the Eastern Sierra in California and Nevada. 09/05/09
SR 756 west
Begin SR 756 shield assembly posted along Centerville Lane south after U.S. 395 in Downtown Gardnerville. 09/05/09
Centerville Lane veers southward from Douglas Avenue and across Cottonwood Slough to leave Downtown Gardnerville. 07/25/09
SR 756 crosses Cottonwood Slough at mile 3.68 on a 1935 bridge that was widened in 1951. 09/05/09
Advancing 0.75 miles south from Cottonwood Slough, Centerville Lane crosses the East Fork of the Carson River on a 1956-built bridge. 09/05/09
Waterloo Lane stems west from SR 756 (Centerville Lane) to SR 88 at Mottsville Lane. Mottsville Lane extends west from SR 88 to SR 206, where it becomes SR 207 (Kingsbury Grade). 07/25/09
SR 756 makes the first of three 90-degree turns at Dresslerville on the north side of the Gardnerville Ranchos community. The state route formerly navigated along a sweeping curve here. 07/25/09
The realignment of SR 756 at Dresslerville Road ties into Drayton Boulevard south into Gardnerville Ranchos. Dresslerville is a settlement to the southeast along the East Fork of the Carson River. 07/25/09
SR 756 turns due west from Dresslerville Road (Riverview Drive). Monument Peak in the Carson Range rises along the horizon. 07/25/09
The stair stepped route of SR 756 (Centerville Road) turns southward one half mile west of Dresslerville Road. 07/25/09
Centerville Lane heads south one quarter mile along the Rocky Terrace subdivision to intersect Rubio Way south and Pleasantview Drive east. SR 756 resumes westward from here. 07/25/09
With the Carson Range again dominating the view, Centerville Road travels another 1.25 miles west toward the SR 756 end at SR 77 (Woodfords Road). 07/25/09
An end shield for SR 756 precedes SR 88 at the settlement of Centerville. Centerville Lane extends 2.8 miles west from the forthcoming junction to SR 206 between Sheridan and Mottsville. 07/25/09
NDOT converted the west end intersection with SR 88 into a roundabout during the spring of 2018. SR 88 forms a multi state route with California 88 south to Alpine Village and Markleeville. 07/25/09
Woodfords, California lies 10 miles to the south along MSR 88. SR 88 north concludes in 3.5 miles at U.S. 395 in Minden. 07/25/09

  1. "NDOT to Install Traffic Roundabout at Intersection of State Route 88 and Centerville Lane." Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), news release. April 18, 2018.

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