Nevada 760 spurs 0.529 miles west from U.S. 50 along Elks Point Road to the forest service gate at Nevada Beach Campground on Lake Tahoe.

SR 760 east
Elks Avenue curves southeast from the Elk Point Country Club gate to become Elks Point Road (SR 760) at the entrance to Nevada Beach. 07/10/18
Leaving Nevada Beach Campground and Beach, eastbound SR 760 begins along Elks Point Road. 07/10/18
A milepost at Elks Avenue is the lone reference for SR 760 eastbound between Nevada Beach and U.S. 50. 07/10/18
SR 760 (Elks Point Road) arcs east around Round Mound toward U.S. 50 at Kingsbury. 07/10/18
SR 760 (Elks Point Road) east ends at an unmarked intersection with U.S. 50. Elks Point Road continues north to the Round Hill neighborhood while U.S. 50 leads northeast to Zephyr Cove, Glenbrook, and Carson City and southwest to Stateline and South Lake Tahoe. 07/10/18
SR 760 west
A lone reassurance marker for SR 760 stands along Elks Point Road just west of U.S. 50. 07/23/09
A dedicated bike lane, a part of Bike Route 1, follows Elks Point Road toward Nevada Beach. 07/23/09
Bike route 1 branches south from Elks Point Road on a separate path to Nevada Beach campground and day use area. 07/23/09
SR 760 continues along the south side of Round Mound (el. 6,717 feet) toward Nevada Beach. 07/23/09
2 photos
2 photos
The state route concludes at the entrance to Nevada Beach Campground and Beach. 07/10/18, 07/23/09
Elks Avenue extends north from the end of SR 760 into the gated community at Elks Point Country Club. 07/23/09

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