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The western most 0.146 mile segment of Dayton Valley Road is state maintained and designated as SR 822. The snippet includes Bridge #B-637 over the Carson River. The span was built in 1956 and reconstructed in 1991. Dayton Valley Road otherwise spurs east to Dayton High School, Dayton Airpark (A34), and suburban development including the Dayton Valley Golf Course community and the Quail Ridge subdivision.

Nevada 822 east
2 photos
2 photos
A begin shield for SR 822 stands along Dayton Valley Road between U.S. 50 (Lincoln Highway) and the Carson River. Dayton Valley Road extends northeast as a four-lane arterial for 2.8 miles to Palmer Court. Photos taken 07/31/12.
The span over the Carson River is the primary reason why this segment of Dayton Valley Road is in the state route system. The remainder of the road is county maintained. Photo taken 07/31/12.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 822 officially ends 0.017 miles east of the Carson River Bridge. Ricci Road ties into Dayton Valley Road here from ranch areas to the south. Photos taken 07/31/12.
Nevada 822 west
Nevada 822 commences along Dayton Valley Road between Ricci Road and the Carson River. The short route is well sign for being one of the shortest in the state system. Photo taken 07/31/12.
Dayton Valley Road meets U.S. 50 (Lincoln Highway) at a signalized intersection just beyond the Carson River. Partially obscured by foliage, an end shield for Nevada 822 is posted here. U.S. 50 heads west from Dayton to Carson City and northeast to Silver Springs and Fallon. Photo taken 07/31/12.

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