Farm District Road arcs south from the roundabout joining Business Loop I-80, U.S. 50 Alternate and U.S. 95 Alternate at Main Street in Fernley to parallel the Truckee Canal east back to U.S. 50 Alternate. The state route totals 7.74 miles through a mixture of residential subdivisions, agricultural areas and the Desert Lakes golf community.

SR 828 east
Begin SR 828 assembly posted along Farm District Road south of the roundabout with Main Street and Business Loop I-80. 07/31/12
SR 828 west
Farm District Road leads north by an array of subdivisions to Villa Way and Out of Town Park, where a junction shield assembly stands for forthcoming U.S. 50 Alternate and U.S. 95 Alternate. 07/31/12
A detailed sign shows the movements within the East Fernley Roundabout that connects with U.S. 50 Alternate east, U.S. 95 Alternate north to I-80 and U.S. 50 Alternate west & 95 Alternate (Main Street) south to the Fernley business district. Omitted from signs along SR 828 are any indication of Business Loop I-80, which overlays Main Street (old U.S. 40) west and U.S. 95 Alternate north. 07/31/12
Entering the roundabout, the first right connects to U.S. 50 Alternate east to Fallon. Bypass lanes are configured into all directions of the roundabout. 07/31/12
SR 828 (Farm District Road) west ends as traffic separates for U.S. 50 Alternate east. Business Loop I-80 follows Main Street west toward Wadsworth while U.S. 95 Alternate north spans the UP Railroad to a commercial strip preceding Interstate 80. 07/31/12

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Connect with:
Business Loop I-80 / State Route 427 - Fernley
U.S. 50 Alternate
U.S. 95 Alternate

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