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Nevada 829 provides a cutoff between Nevada 208 at Wellington and Nevada 338 (Sweetwater Road) in Smith Valley in Lyons County. The state route runs along the north side of the Wellington Hills along a 3.087 mile course.

Nevada 829 south
Nevada 208 makes a 90 degree turn at Wellington as Nevada 829 branches southeast. A begin shield marks the start of the rural route. Photo taken 09/07/09.
Agricultural areas line the east side of Nevada 829 as Wellington Road progresses southeast along the Wellington Hills. Photo taken 09/07/09.
SR 829 concludes at a rural area of Smith Valley, west of the Pine Grove Hills and 4.5 miles south of the SR 338 junction with SR 208. Photo taken 09/07/09.
SR 338 leads north to connect with SR 208 east across the Singatse Range to Mason Valley and Yerington. Southward through Smith Valley, SR 338 continues into Daizell Canyon across the Pine Grove Hills. The state route becomes SR 182 at the California state line en route to Bridgeport. Photo taken 09/07/09.

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09/07/09 by AARoads

Connect with:
State Route 208
State Route 338 - Sweetwater Road

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