Oahu State Routes

Route Number Names West or South End East or North End Mileage
61 Pali Hwy; Kalanianaole Hwy; Kailua Rd HI 98 (Vineyard Bl) at Pali Hwy (CR 7505) Kaulua
Hamakua Dr (CR 6010) at Kainehe St
63 Kalihi St; Likelike Hwy HI 92 (Nimitz Hwy) at Kalihi St (CR 7430) HI 83 (Kahekili Hwy / LikeLike Hwy) 8.28
64 Sand Island Pkwy; Sand Island Access Rd end of state maintenance on Sand Island Pkwy HI 92 (Nimitz Hwy) 2.60
65 Kaneohe Bay Dr; Mokapu Saddle Rd; Mokapu Blvd HI 83 (LikeLike Hwy) at Kamehameha Hwy (HI 83 south / CR 6510)
Kalaheo Av (CR 6012) at Mokapu Rd (CR 6015) 4.15
72 Kalanianaole Hwy end of Interstate H1 and Ainakoa Dr (CR 7941) HI 61 (Kalanianaole Hwy / Kailua Rd) 18.44
76 Fort Weaver Rd; Kunia Rd end of state maintenance near Popoi Pl Exit 5 of Interstate H1 at HI 750 (Kunia Rd) 6.64
78 Moanalua Fwy HI 99 (Kamehameha Hwy) Interstate H1 and H201 0.74
80 Kamehameha Hwy Exit 9 of Interstate H2 HI 99 (Kamanaui Rd) 1.88
83 Joseph P. Leong Hwy; Kamehameha Hwy; Kahekili Hwy HI 99 (Kamehameha Hwy) at HI 930 (Kamananui Rd) HI 61 (Kalanianaole Hwy / Pali Hwy) at Auloa Rd (CR 60510) 43.92
92 Ala Moana Blvd; Nimitz Hwy; Kamehameha-Nimitz Hwy Nimitz Hwy gate to Hickam Air Force Base Kalakaua Av (CR 7612) at Niu and Pau Streets 9.26
93 Farrington Hwy Exit 1 of Interstate H1 at HI 95 (Kalaeola Bl) end of state maintenance on Farrington Hwy at Kaena Point State Park 19.53
95 Kalaeloa Blvd; Malakole St end of state maintenance on Malakole St Exit 1 of Interstate H1 at HI 93 (Farrington Hwy) 2.68
98 Olomea St; Halona St; Vineyard Blvd Exit 20B of Interstate H1 Exit 22 of Interstate H1 1.79
99 Farrington Hwy; Kamananui Rd; Kamehameha Hwy; Wilikina Dr Exit 15 of Interstate H1 at HI 92 (Nimitz Hwy) HI 83 (Kaukonahua Rd) and HI 930 (Kamananui Rd) 23.83
750 Kunia Rd Exit 5 of Interstate H1 at HI 76 (Fort Weaver Rd) HI 99 (Wilikina Dr) 8.05
901 Fort Barrette Rd Exit 2 of Interstate H1 at Makakilo Dr (CR 8810) HI 8940 (Franklin D. Roosevelt Av) at HI 8945 (Enterprise Av) 1.38
930 Farrington Hwy; Kaukonahua Rd transition to HI 93000 (Farrington Hwy) HI 83 (Joseph P. Leong Hwy) at HI 99 (Kamehameha Hwy) 7.92
7012 Whitmore Ave HI 80 (Kamehameha Hwy) Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific 1.87
7101 Farrington Hwy HI 76 (Fort Weaver Rd) at CR 7110 (Farrington Hwy) HI 99 (Kamehameha Hwy) 3.00
7110 Farrington Hwy transition to CR 9107 (Farrington Hwy) west of Old Fort Weaver Rd (CR 7147) HI 76 (Fort Weaver Rd) at HI 7101 (Farrington Hwy) 0.60
7141 Iroquois Rd HI 76 (Fort Weaver Rd) at Geiger Rd (CR 7140) Iroquois Rd Gate to Pearl Harbor Naval Station 1.51
7210 Moanalua Rd transition to CR 7210 south of Puakala St Kaimakani St (CR 299005) 0.115
7239 Ulune St; Halawa Valley Rd HI 7241 (Kahuapaani St) Halawa Valley St (CR 299010) at Iwaiwa St 0.32
7241 Kahuapaani St; Halawa Heights Rd Salt Lake Bl (CR 7311) Camp HM Smith 2.32
7310 Puuloa Rd HI 92 (Nimitz Hwy) at Lagoon Dr Interstate H201 at HI 7345 (Jarrett White Rd) 1.03
7345 Jarrett White Rd Interstate H201 at HI 7310 (Puuloa Rd) Tripler Army Medical Center 0.55
7350 Bougainville Dr HI 7351 (Radford Dr) CR 7311 (Salt Lake Bl) 0.59
7351 Radford Dr HI 99 (Kamehameha Hwy) at gate to Makalapa Naval Res. Bougainville Dr (HI 7350 north / CR 211003 south) 0.23
7401 Kamehameha Hwy Exit 18B of Interstate H1 east of Kalihi Stream bridge
transition to CR 7401
7413 Liliha St Dillingham Bl (CR-7401) Interstate H1 overpass 0.35
7415 Middle St Kamehameha Hwy (HI-7401) Kaua St (CR 7346) 0.51
7526 Lunalilo St Ernest St Exit 23 off-ramp of I-H1 0.60
7601 Old Waialae Rd; King St King St (CR 7402) Kapiolani Bl (CR 7503) at Waialae Av (CR 7801) 0.41
7801 Waialae Av 17th Av 19th Av 0.12
8930 Kualaka'i Pkwy Kapolei Parkway Interstate H1 (Exit 3) 2.24
8940 Franklin D. Roosevelt Ave end of road west of Kamokila Bl (CR 8915) Essex Rd at Geiger Rd (CR 7140) 3.44
8945 Enterprise Ave Midway St / Barbers Point NAS HI 901 (Fort Barrett Road) at HI 8940 (Franklin D. Roosevelt Av) 0.98
8955 Coral Sea Rd Hamilton Rd / Barbers Point NAS HI 8940 (Franklin D. Roosevelt Av) 2.69
9107 Farrington Hwy Kalaeloa Bl at Farrington Hwy north of I-H1's west end Kamokila Bl transition to Farrington Hwy south of Makakilo City 0.67
93000 Farrington Hwy End of Farrington Hwy / transition to 4wd trail End of HI 930 (Farrington Hwy) 1.554
Interstate Route Mileage
H1 Lunalilo Freeway; Queen Liliuokalani Freeway Hawaii 93 / near Makakilo City Hawaii 72 / near Waialae 27.16
H2 Veterans Memorial Freeway Interstate H1 / near Pearl City Hawaii 99 / Wahaiwa 8.33
H3 John A. Burns Freeway Interstate H1 & 201 / Halawa Kaneohe MCBH 15.32
H201 Moanalua Freeway Interstate H1 & Hawaii 78 / Aiea Interstate H1 4.38
Source: GIS file, DOT Road Inventory (State Routes) for the main Hawaiian Islands, State of Hawaii Dept. of Transportation, August, 2011.

Historical state route information provided by the 1970 Hawaii State Official Transportation Map and Larry Epstein.


Hawaii 61 - Pali Highway

Hawaii 61 provides one of two four-lane roadways linking urban Honolulu with the Kaneohe Bay area. The state route travels through the Pali Tunnels across the Koolau Range to end at Kailua.


Hawaii 63 - Likelike Highway

The companion to Hawaii 61 across the Koolau Range, Hawaii 63 follows the Likelike Highway through the Wilson Tunnels to Kaneohe. The state route end sat Hawaii 83 outside Kaneohe, but originally continues east along Kaneohe Bay Drive to a shared endpoint with Hawaii 61 at Kailua.

Hawaii 64 - Sand Island Access Road

Hawaii 64 spurs south from Hawaii 92 (Nimitz Highway) to Sand Island. The route is only signed at the north end.

Hawaii 65 - Kaneohe Bay Drive / Mokapu Saddle Road

Hawaii 65 utilizes a portion of old Hawaii 63 along Kaneohe Bay Drive from Kaneohe east to Kokokahi. The state route parts ways with former HI-63 onto Mokapu Saddle Road to Exit 13 of Interstate H3 and Mokapu Boulevard into northern reaches of Kailua. Hawaii 65 may have been redesignated as Hawaii 630, as signs for the interchange with H-3 alternate between the two designations.

Former Hawaii 66 - Puuloa Road

State Route 66 followed Puuloa Road north from Nimitz Highway (Hawaii 92) to Hawaii 72 (Moanalua Road) near then Tripler General Hospital. The route remains in the state system today as Hawaii 7310, but is only signed at the interchange with Interstate H201.
Jarret White Road north to Tripler Army Medical Center from Puuloa Road also remains in the system as Hawaii 7345.

Former Hawaii 67 - Salt Lake Boulevard

Hawaii 67 followed Camp Catlin Road north from Kamehameha Highway (Hawaii 90) at Hononlulu International Airport north to Arizona Road, and Arizona Road north to Salt lake Boulevard. Salt Lake Boulevard continued the state route northwest to Kamehameha Highway (HI-90) by Pearl Harbor.

Former Hawaii 69

The original access road to Honolulu International Airport from Nimitz Highway (HI-92) was designated Hawaii 69.

Former Hawaii 71 - Halawa Heights Road

Hawaii 71 followed Halawa Heights Road northeast from then Hawaii 72 (Moanalua Road) at Aiea to Camp HM Smith. A portion of Halawa Heights Road, along with Kahuapaani Street to Salt Lake Boulevard, remain in the state system as Hawaii 7241.


Hawaii 72 - Kalanianaole Highway

Once a much longer route, Hawaii 72 was vastly replaced by construction of Interstate H1 and Interstate H201 from Aiea east to Waialae in urban Honolulu. The state route remains along Kalaniaole Highway east from the Lunalilo Freeway end to Koko Head and north to Waimanalo and Hawaii 61 outside Kailua. Portions of old Hawaii 72 remain along Waialae Avenue in Honolulu.

Former Hawaii 73 - Waimano Home Road

Hawaii 73 existed along Waimanu Home Road to connect Pearl City and Hawaii 90 (Kamehameha Highway) with Waimano Training and Hospital to the north.

North / South

Hawaii 76 - Fort Weaver Road

Hawaii 76 spurs south from Farrington Highway to Ewa Beach. The state route follows all of Fort Weaver Road, a mostly four lane roadway with an expressway section at Waipahu. Originally the state route took a winding two lane road to end at Honouliuli and then Hawaii 90. This stretch is now known as Old Fort Weaver Road.

Former Hawaii 78 - Moanalua Road / Moanalua Freeway

When construction of Interstate H1 overtook Hawaii 72 through Honlulu, it orphaned a portion of the state route along Moanalua Road. This stretch was resignated as Hawaii 78, and later was incorporated into a freeway upgrade. Although signs still appear for Hawaii 78 today, the route was replaced by Interstate H201 in 2004.

Hawaii 80 - Kamehameha Highway / Kaukonahua Road

Hawaii 80 follows Kamehameha Highway through Wahiawa currently, but used to continue northwest along what is now unsigned County Route 801 along Kaukonahua Road.

Former Hawaii 82 - Kamehameha Highway

Hawaii 82 was the designation for Kamehameha Highway north from Hawaii 80 to Hawaii 83 at Haleiwa. The state route also followed Kamananui Road southwest from then HI-80 to Wilikina drive.

East/ South
North / West

Hawaii 83 - Kamehameha Highway

Traveling almost 44 miles, Hawaii 83 is by far the longest route on Oahu. The state route straddles the North Shore from the Haleiwa area to Laie and Kahanna east of the Koolau Range. Hawaii 83 diverges from Kamehameha Highway at Kahaluu for Kahekili Highway, a bypass of Kaneohe to the west, while Kamehameha Highway continues along the coast as the former Hawaii 83.

Former Hawaii 90 - Farrington Hwy / Kamehameha Hwy

Hawaii 90 was the original designation for all of the Farrington Highway southward from the road end near Kaena Point to Waipahu. The state route doubled as the Kamehameha Highway east from Pearl City to Lakihi, and followed Dillingham Boulevard in Honolulu toward downtown.
Portions of the old Hawaii 90 along Farrington Highway remain in the state system today as Hawaii 7101 and 7110.


Hawaii 92 - Nimitz Highway / Ala Moana Boulevard

Hawaii 92 joins Honolulu International Airport with Kalihi Kai, Downtown and Waikiki in Honolulu. The state route is quite busy, being the main route tourists take to Waikiki.
West of the airport, the state route spurs from H-1 to gates for Pearl Harbor Naval Air Station and Hickam AFB.

East / West

Hawaii 93 - Farrington Highway

Hawaii 93 replaced all of Hawaii 90 along the Farrington Highway when it was designated, but the state route has since been turned back to conclude at the west end of Interstate H1. HI-93 remains along the West Shore of Hawaii from H-1 to the end of the route at Kaena Point State Park.

North / South

Hawaii 95 - Kalaeloa Boulevard

An unsigned state route spurring southwest from Interstate H1's west end to James Campbell Industrial Park near Barbers Point.

East / West

Hawaii 98 - Vineyard Boulevard

Hawaii 98 follows all of Vineyard Boulevard as a defacto business loop of Interstate H1 north of downtown Honolulu. Both ends of the state route default traffic onto the Lunalilo Freeway.


Hawaii 99 - Kamehameha Highway

The second longest route on Oahu, Hawaii 99 bisects the island along most of Kamehameha Highway from near Haleiwa south to Pearl Harbor. The state route replaced Hawaii 90 northwest from its beginning at Interstate H1 to Pearl City. The original Hawaii 99 began at Farrington Highway and traveled northward to Waipio and Schofield Barracks as it does today. North from there, Wilikina Drive and Kaukonahua Road carried the HI-99 designation northwest to Farrington Highway and Waialua. Then Hawaii 99 used present-day Hawaii 930 west toward Kaena Point.

Former Hawaii 742 - Waipio Point Access Road

Hawaii 742 spurred south from Farrington Highway and Waipahu onto Waipio Peninsula and a Naval Reservation.

North / South

Hawaii 750 - Kunia Road

Hawaii 750 replaced Hawaii 75 along Kunia Road, beginning at Interstate H1 and ending at Hawaii 99 by both Wheeler Air Force Base and Schofield Barracks. The two-lane highway doubles as a commuter route between the bases and Waipahu.

Former Hawaii 764 - Iroquois Road

Hawaii 764 followed Iroquois Road east from Hawaii 76 (Fort Weaver Road) to a Naval Reservation along the West Loch of Pearl Harbor. Iroquois Road remains in the state system as Hawaii 7141.
Heading west from Fort Weaver Road, Geiger Road (which some maps still show as HI-764) becomes Frankin D. Roosevelt Road, 3.44 miles of which is unsigned Hawaii 8940.

Former Hawaii 804 - Whitmore Avenue

Hawaii 804 was the designation for Whitmore Avenue east to the Naval Reservation beyond Whitmore Village. Whitmore Avenue remains in the state system today as Hawaii 7012.

Former Hawaii 821 - Haleiwa Road

Haleiwa Road angling southwest from Kamehameha Highway in Haleiwa to Waialua Beach Road was originally designated as Hawaii 821.

Former Hawaii 835 - Pupukea Road

Pupukea Road east from Hawaii 83 near Waimea Bay was designated Hawaii 835 to Camp Pupukea and the Kahuku Training Area.

Hawaii 901 - Fort Barrette Road

Hawaii 901 spurs south from Interstate H1 to John Rodgers Field. The state route originally ended at Farrington Highway (former Hawaii 90) to link it with Barbers Point Naval Air Station. Today the route is unsigned, with the portion south of Franklin D. Roosevelt Avenue (Enterprise Avenue) renumbered to unsigned Hawaii 8945.

Hawaii 930 - Farrington Highway / Kaukonahua Road

Hawaii 930 replaced Hawaii 99 west from Thomson Corner to Waialua, Mokuleia and Dillingham Airfield. The state highway uses Kaukonahua Road northward to Weed Circle and Hawaii 83 east and 99 south.

Hawaii Route 930 West
Hawaii 930 carries Kamehameha Highway briefly between the joint termini of Hawaii 83 (Joseph P. Leong Highway) south and Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) north. Hawaii 930 enters a roundabout nearby with Kamehameha Highway north to Hale'iwa where the state route turns southward to Kamo'oloa via Kaukonahua Road. 07/29/10
Hawaii 930 (Kaukonahua Road) meets Kamehameha Highway north and Waialua Beach Road west at Weed Circle south of Haleiwa. Shields posted in this scene direct Kamehameha Highway traffic onto Hawaii 930 east to make the connection with Hawaii 99 south, which is the continuation of Kamehameha Highway. 01/18/11
Hawaii 930 exits Weed Circle for Kahukonahua Road south to Thomson Corner. 01/18/11
Reassurance shield posted for Hawaii 930 along Kahukonahua Road south at the Kamooloa community. 01/18/11
Hawaii 930 turns west onto Farrington Highway at County Route 803. Hawaii 803 continues Kaukonahua Road southeast to Hawaii 99 by Schofield Barracks. 01/18/11
A flasher and stop sign handles the movements between Hawaii 930 and CR-803 at Thomson Corner. Hawaii 930, signed erroneously here with a TO banner, follows Farrington Highway west to Waialua and Dillingham Airfield. 01/18/11

County Route and Other Hawaii Road Scenes

Kaukonahua Road

Hawaii Route 801 South
Hawaii 801 connects Hawaii 803 (Wilikina Drive) with Hawaii 99 and 80 north of Wahiawa. The county highway is scenic, traveling through low rolling pasture land. 01/17/11
Lowering toward the intersection with Hawaii 99 (Kamananui Road) along County Route 801 (Kaukonahua Road) east. Kaukonahua Road originates at Thomson Corner and Hawaii 930 Farrington Highway) as Hawaii 803. 01/17/11
Intersecting Hawaii 99 (Kamananui Road) along Hawaii 801 south. Hawaii 99 overtakes Kamehameha Highway from Hawaii 80 nearby en route to Haleiwa. Southward, the state route bypasses Wahiawa to Wilikina Drive and Schofield Barracks. County Route 801 ends ahead at Hawaii 80 (Kamehameha Highway) south into Wahiawa. 01/17/11

Kaukonahua Road / Wilikina drive

Hawaii Route 803 North
County Route 803 consists of a rural route continuing Wilikina Drive northwest from Hawaii 99 (Kamananui Road) to Kaukonahua Road. CR-803 joins the Schofield Barracks area with Farrington Highway near Waialua. 01/17/11
Hawaii Route 803 South
Heading southeast from Thomson Corner and Hawaii 930 (Farrington Highway) along County Route 803. 01/18/11
2 photos
2 photos
Hawaii 803 (Kaukonahua Road) bisects agricultural lands to Hawaii 99. Bot dots and flashing beacons often accompany the sharper curves along the route. 01/18/11
Kaala peak, at 4,030 feet above sea level, rises to the west of the farm land along Kaukonahua Road. An FAA radar installation is visible on the summit. 01/18/11
A straight stretch of Kaukonahua Road lies ahead of the gated Poamoho Street. 01/18/11
Foothills of Kaala peak rise along the west side of Kaukonahua Road southbound as County Route 803 approaches the Wahiawa area. 01/18/11
Several more curves await drivers along Hawaii 803 southbound as the route diverges from Kaukonhahua Stream into more farm land. 01/18/11
County Route 803 splits with Kaukonahua Road for Wilikina Drive, with County Route 801 continuing Kaukonahua Road directly to Wahiawa and Wilikina Drive turning more south to Schofield Barracks. 01/18/11
Hawaii 803 (Wilikina Drive) approaches Hawaii 99 (Kamananui Road). Hawaii 99 overtakes Wilikina Drive southward to Schofield Barracks and the south side of Wahiawa. 01/18/11
Southbound at the end of County Route 803, where Hawaii 99 turns south from Kamananui Road. Kamananui Road carries the state route northward to Kamehameha Highway (Hawaii 80). 01/18/11

Unsigned Hawaii 8300 / Kamehameha Highway

Hawaii Route 8300 North
An original section of Hawaii 83, Kamehameha Highway through Hale'iwa includes this concrete arch bridge constructed in 1921. Hawaii 83 shifted from the Kamehameha Highway to Joseph P. Leong Highway in 1993. 07/29/10
Hawaii Route 8300 South
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Kamehameha Highway crosses Anahulu Stream at Haleiwa along a concrete arch bridge constructed in 1921. 01/18/11
Heading south from Haleiwa, Kamehameha Highway enters an agricultural area between Achiu Lane and Paalaa Road. A seasonally operated traffic light lies at a farm access road amid the fields. 01/18/11
Back to back bridges dating from 1928 carry Kamehameha Highway across Opaeula and Helemano Streams ahead of Weed Circle. 01/18/11
Mile 0 of Kamehameha Highway stands along County Route 8300 at Weed Circle. Weed Circle joins Kamehameha Highway south with Route 930 (Kaukonahua Road) and Waialua Beach Road west. 01/18/11
A lone Hawaii 99 shield posted at the one way traffic split of Kamehameha Highway into Weed Circle. Hawaii 930 east end at the joint terminus of Hawaii 83 west and Hawaii 99 south. This shield conveys little without a banner or arrow placard. 01/18/11
Motorists enter Weed Circle ahead of the turn onto Waialua Beach Road (County Route 9262 / former Hawaii 82) west to Mokuleia. A Hawaii 83 shield is posted at the circle, though that state route was moved to bypass Haleiwa in 1993. 01/18/11

Kulalakai Parkway / Kapolei North-South Road

I-H1 at Hawaii Route 8930
Southward view of Kulalakai Parkway from Interstate H1. Photo taken January 17, 2011.

Kulalakai Parkway is a new state route completed by February 2010 to join Interstate H1 (Exit 3) with Kapolei Parkway. The arterial was built for planned development in the area.

Hawaii Route 8930 North
Hawaii 8930 northbound shield posted along Kulalakai Parkway after the signalized intersection with Farrington Highway. This stretch of roadway opened in February 2010. 01/18/11
Approaching a diamond interchange (Exit 3) with Interstate H1 on Hawaii 8930 (Kulalakai Parkway) at a pedestrian signal. 01/18/11
Exit 3 of Interstate H1 opened in February 2010 to open rural lands along new Kulalakai Parkway for development. The freeway stretches five miles east to Interstate H2 at Waipahu. 01/18/11
Temporary style signage directs motorists from the Kapolei North-South Road onto Interstate H1 east. 01/18/11
Kulalakai Parkway passes under Interstate H1 and nears the westbound on-ramp to Kapolei, Barbers Point, and Waianae. 01/18/11
Traffic turns onto the Interstate H1 westbound ramp and continues a mile to the Makakilo interchange. A private road ties into the north side of the interchange. 01/18/11

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