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Interstate 10 passes under County Road 4 (Antioch Road) in west Crestview. Photo taken 11/23/08.

Eglin Air Force Base separates coastal Okaloosa County from Crestview, the county seat, and the rural northern half. County Roads generally exist north of Interstate 10 in a partially signed fashion. County Roads in Niceville and Destin are all unsigned with the exception of County Road 2378 (which officially exists as County Road 30). County Roads are numbered between the 100 and 300 series to coincide with State Roads 10 and 30. A few exceptions exist in the form of County Road 602 and three unsigned urban routes in Crestview.

County Road West / South End East / North End Mileage Signed?
2 Laurel Hill - CR 85A Walton County line - CR 2 6.43 Partially
2 south of Laurel Hill - SR 85 southeast of Laurel Hill - CR 2 3.10 No
2 Blackman - SR 189 south of Laurel Hill - SR 85 9.43 Yes
4 east of Milligan - US 90 southwest Crestview - Garrett Pit Rd 3.02 Partially
4A east of Cotton Bridge - SR 4 north of Baker - SR 189 2.52 Yes
4B south of Baker - CR 189 SR 4 1.21 Yes
30B Destin - US 98 Destin - Sibert Avenue 1.16 No
30F Destin - west of Main Street Destin - US 98 1.64 No
85A Laurel Hill - SR 85 east Laurel Hill - SR 85 1.26 Yes
85A Alabama state line Laurel Hill - SR 85 4.43 Yes
85A north of Garden City - SR 85 Clear Springs 4.14 No
180 Alabama state line Escambia Farms - SR 189 7.44 Yes
188 Crestview - US 90 Garden City - SR 85 12.40 Partially
189 south of Holt - I-10 Holt - US 90 1.23 Yes
189 Galliver - US 90 Baker - SR 4 4.51 Yes
189A west of Baker - Gerald Brooks Rd west of Baker - SR 4 2.52 No
190 Niceville - SR 85 Niceville - SR 285 2.05 Partially
280A Downtown Crestview - near Main Street near Shoffner City - US 90 2.67 No
280A Crestview - Pandora Drive Crestview - Anderson Street 0.68 No
285 Niceville - SR 20 near SR 85 Niceville - SR 85 at Partin Drive 0.89 No
393 Deerland - US 90 Svea - SR 85 15.70 Yes
397 Milligan - US 90 north of Milligan - Buck Ward Road 1.09 No
602 east of Oak Grove - CR 2 Almarante - SR 85 5.23 Yes
0711 Crestview - SR 85 east Crestview - US 90 1.85 No
1777 west Crestview - Griffith Avenue west Crestview - CR 280A 1.20 No
1778 west Crestview - near Bressler Street Crestview - SR 85 0.70 No
2378 east Destin - Mathew Boulevard Walton County line (CR 2378) 2.22 Partially
2378 Destin - US 98 June White Decker Park 0.24 Yes

Construction of PJ Adams Parkway replaced County Road 4 (Antioch Road) eastward from near Williams Branch. This resulted in 2.583 miles of Antioch Road, from Garrett Pit Road east to State Road 85, to be turned back in 2011.

County Road 4 West
Okaloosa County Road 4 (Antioch Road) meets U.S. 90 (James Lee Boulevard) west of Crestview. Note the oddly shaped SR 90 shield used. Not only is the shield unusual for a state road, but it is erroneous in that it should display U.S. 90 instead of SR 90. Photo taken 11/23/08.
P.J. Adams Parkway / former County Road 4 East
P.J. Adams Parkway overtakes Okaloosa County Road 4 from Antioch Road east to SR 85 (Ferdon Boulevard) through south Crestview. Traffic lights hang above the intersection of Northview Drive and Wildhorse Drive, subdivision entrances both north and south. Photo taken 11/23/08.
P.J. Adams Parkway ends at SR 85 (Ferdon Boulevard) 0.8 miles north of Okaloosa County Road 4's former east end. Photo taken 11/23/08.

Okaloosa County 4B

Okaloosa County 4B, like County Road 4A north of Baker, acts as a cutoff. Following Charlie Day Road for 1.21 miles, CR 4B links County Road 189 (Galliver Cutoff) to the west with State Road 4 to the east in a rural area west of Crestview.

County Road 4B West
County Road 4B begins and leads away from State Road 4. No shield reassurance shield is posted. Photo taken 05/02/09.
Traveling between farm fields, County Road 4B (Charlie Day Road) approaches County Road 189. Photo taken 05/02/09.
CR-189 constitutes a 4.51-mile route between U.S. 90 at Galliver and SR 4 south of Baker. It was originally apart of SR 189. Photo taken 05/02/09.

Okaloosa County 85A

Two segments of County Road 85A remain in service within Okaloosa County. The northern most branch follows an old portion of SR 85 along 2nd Avenue for 1.26 miles within the city of Laurel Hill. An unsigned CR 85A follows Bill Lundy Road northwest 4.14 miles, from SR 85 near Garden City, to Clear Springs.

A 4.43-mile stretch of Okaloosa County 85A, from the Alabama state line east on New Ebenezer Road to 3rd Avenue in Laurel Hill, was removed from the system after 2010. Cinco Bayou and Fort Walton Beach was home to another CR 85A along Yacht Club Road, between SR 189 (Beal Parkway) and Ferry Road. Signage for the west end remained in place to 2013.

County Road 85A - Laurel Hill

County Road 85A East
County Road 85A (2nd Avenue) and SR 85 converge as SR 85 arcs eastward to overtake the east end of 2nd Avenue to Svea. A keys shield, date stamped 09-17-68, is posted for the junction. Photo taken 03/26/13.
2013 construction along SR 85 included a slight realignment of 2nd Avenue so that the road ends at more of a 90-degree angle. A trailblazer for SR 85 points to the left, though it used to point right when CR 85A defaulted onto SR 85 north. Photo taken 03/26/13.
County Road 85A West
2nd Avenue navigates across the Laurel Hill street grid to SR 85. A vintage shield assembly, date stamped 05-23-68, precedes the end point. Photo taken 03/26/13.
A second keys shield, also from 05-23-68, appears at 2nd Avenue and SR 85 in Laurel Hill. 2nd Avenue continues beyond the end of CR 85A a few more blocks while SR 85 curves southwest to Almarante, Garden City and Crestview. Photo taken 03/26/13.

Former County Road 85A - New Ebenezer Road / 3rd Avenue

An end of county maintenance sign is posted along New Ebenezer Road eastbound as the former CR 85A crosses the Laurel Hill city line. Photo taken 09/19/09.
County Road 85A turned east from New Ebenezer Road onto a three block stretch of 3rd Avenue within the city of Laurel Hill. An old keys shield for SR 85 resides just ahead of 3rd Street, which connects with SR 85 south. Photo taken 03/26/13.

Former County Road 85A - Yacht Club Road

The original west end of County Road 85A in Fort Walton Beach, where Yacht Club Road intersects Beal Parkway (SR 189) and Alabama Avenue west. Photo taken 04/26/10.

Okaloosa County 180

County Road 180 winds 7.44 miles west from Florida 189 to the Alabama state line in northern Okaloosa County. County Road 51 (Blackwater Road) extends north from the CR 180 end to CR 4 near Bradley in Escambia County, Alabama.

County Road 180 East
Okaloosa County Road 180 meanders east and then south before turning east again and ending at SR 189 opposite L.G. Russell Road. An erroneous CR 189 shield was posted ahead of the end until mid-2009. Photo taken 03/09/09.
A county-installed SR 189 shield replaced the CR 189 marker posted at the end of CR 180. SR 189 travels north to become Alabama 137 en route to U.S. 29 and south to Baker and SR 4. Photo taken 09/19/09.
County Road 180 West
The lone pentagon posted for County Road 180 west stands on the curve leading north from SR 189 at Escambia Farms. Photo taken 09/19/09.

Okaloosa County 188

County Road 188 forms an S-shaped route in the Crestview area, from U.S. 90 to the west and Florida 85 at Garden City to the north. A separate State Road 188 serves the Fort Walton Beach area along Racetrack Road as well.

The 12.39-mile route of CR 188 encircles suburban areas through northwest Crestview along Old Bethel Road. Crossing Florida 85 (Ferdon Boulevard), CR 188 becomes Airport Road east to Bob Sikes Airport (CEW). Curving northeast from the airport, County Road 188 intersects Poverty Creek Road before swinging northwest via Garden City Road to Georgia Avenue and Main Street in the unincorporated community of Garden City.

County Road 188 East
Approaching SR 85 (Ferdon Boulevard) along County Road 188 (Old Bethel Road) east in north Crestview. SR 85 constitutes both the main north-south route through the city of Crestview and Okaloosa County. Photo taken 04/30/11.
SR 85 leads south to Downtown Crestview and north to Auburn, Garden City and Laurel Hill. Photo taken 05/02/09.
County Road 188 reassurance marker posted as Airport Boulevard leaves Ferdon Boulevard. Pentagons for CR 188 are only posted along the route at SR 85. Photo taken 05/02/09.

The segment of County Road 189 southward from Holt to Interstate 10 was truncated 0.802 miles northward in 2011, from Whippoorwill Drive to the diamond interchange (Exit 45).

County Road 393 North
Okaloosa County Road 393 begins and leads north from U.S. 90 at Deerland. Photo taken 12/01/08.
County Road 393 South
Error SR 90 shield posted ahead of the south end of Okaloosa County Road 393 at Deerland. This unusual style of Florida state road shield is found only in Okaloosa and Walton County. Photo taken 12/01/08.

Other Okaloosa County Roads

Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard southbound at Hurlburt Road by Eglin Air Force Base. Hurlburt Road travels east to the intersection of SR 189 (Beal Parkway) and SR 188 (Racetrack Road) east. Photo taken 12/01/08.
Hill Avenue southbound at the roundabout with Hollywood Boulevard on the Ft. Walton Beach and Mary Esther city lines. Hollywood Boulevard east to Doolittle Boulevard south provides a connection to U.S. 98 (Miracle Strip Parkway). Photo taken 12/01/08.

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